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In this essay I am going to point out several differences and similarities on a few issues concerning the novels, As I Lay Dying and The Invisible Man.

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In this essay I am going to point out several differences and similarities on a few issues concerning the novels, As I Lay Dying and The Invisible Man. The three ideas that I will be concentrating on include, the setting used, portrayal of the female characters, and, probably most importantly, the authors personal background. The personal background of the author is the key factor in both character development and interaction, within these two novels. In Faulkner's novel, As I lay Dying, the story took place in a rural farming community. The mode of transportation consisted of a horse-drawn wagon on unpaved roads. took place with horse drawn wagons on unpaved roads. Small bridges connected the towns together and became difficult to pass when heavy rains occurred. The journey was slow and treacherous Faulkner portrays a series of loose associations that are good adaptations of human responsibility. ...read more.


The dreams of these characters seem to be more down to earth, the desire to get new teeth or own a gramophone or just get rid of an unwanted pregnancy displays the simplicity of life that these characters are living. He wants the reader to see his story from several viewpoints as evidence by his inclusion of 15 characters. . Faulkner attempted to stay away form the literary spotlight and his life as greatly affected by his family. He describes his heritage in many of his literary characters again alluding to the close relationship with his family. The structure of the novel is powerful and innovative perhaps giving us insight to the powerful effects of his family in his life. He depicts women as real, knowledgeable, and simple. They represent their own place in society, Dewey Dell simple but makes mistakes as evidence in her affair with a pastor and then the unending search for an abortion. ...read more.


The work ethic similar to Puritanism as witnessed in the climax of the betrayal of the characters pursuit of happiness at Liberty paints. The experiences of the god of the people in the form of the brotherhood brand of socialism that is extreme and opportunistic descendent of the populist era that attempted to Americanize foreigners and blacks in the same manner as some people run around trying to put dogs and cats in skirts and pants because their indecency is an unnatural state. He wanted the reader to experience his story from a single viewpoint. This story took place, most of the time, in the urban center of New York City. This changed the tone of the novel because of the dramatic increase of population and in-turn criminal activity. Neighbors kept more to themselves, people were more adapt at changing jobs. Ellison was born in Oklahoma city and got his writing experience while working for the Federal Writer's project. ...read more.

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