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Original Writing: Dystopia

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Hope? He laid there, cold and confused. His long brown hair matted to the split ends that had become stiff and frozen with a white crisp layer all over. Disgraceful cloths covered his body, all one colour now but before his joyful and vivid personality shined through. Although his trainers were on, his feet touched the ground when he walked. So many years of walking on hard ground had slowly worn them away. An odious cent lingered in the small room, some from the boy and some from the feces that covered the stone floor. The room sat bare, nothing but the boy had been inside. No windows, no door just a simple abundant hole present in the room. Although the hole was so big, nothing but the boy passed through. The hole led into a tunnel that became progressively smaller, the boy did not have to struggle however he was so minutely thin now. ...read more.


He instantaneously finished the job; making enough room to get his head up to land. A rush of energy stimulated his body; he laid on the cold, padded land taking time to recover. The body desolate in a wide open space. His teeth cracked together, shivers spread throughout his body. Lethargically he took to his feet. Eyes adjusted the sun so strong yet not a significant amount of radiation reached the planet to make it feel appreciably warm. That time had passed. The snow covered everything. Vegetation was so spare and living things were a distant memory of the past. The boy often thought he would die and that would be the end of the human race. Isolated, barren unoccupied land had only one landmark left; this was how the boy found his way back to the vile room he ventured from. The water source the boy used was the confluence of two rivers, he had used it for all his life until this happened. ...read more.


Jeopardy hit the boy when he looked around the withdrawn space, he realised he would never see the light of day again. He felt his soul leaving his body. He fell to the floor taking an enormous breath as he did. He had difficulty breathing out as his tongue was in the way. Coughing vibrated the room, he was choking and no one could help. The boy's spine crippled and toes curled in as he tried to gain oxygen. The struggling commenced for what seemed like many minutes for the boy but in reality only one minute. Finally his heart ceased along with the pain of life had condemned on the boy. That was the end of life on Earth. No other organism was alive. The temperature continued to minify as did the hope of the planet. Continual winter made the world hellish for another three billion years until the sun could no longer be seen and the land was in complete darkness. There was no longer any hope. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dystopia ...read more.

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