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Othello, the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare.

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  • Essay length: 670 words
  • Submitted: 17/09/2004
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University Degree Othello

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Othello, the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare

Kind of Play

- Verse drama - a dramatic/theatrical work (written predominantly in verse but prose features too)

- Shakespeare and his contemporaries tried to imitate Greek and Roman drama. This was a period of time when there was a great interest in the classical civilizations of the west, particularly ancient Greece and Rome. During this period termed as the Renaissance, there was a great revival in learning and flowering of the arts and music.

- There is an audible distinction between both prose and verse and the audience of Shakespeare's times would have had easily differentiated them.

- Verse was generally used by aristocrats, nobles and people of the higher class. Verse was also used for elevated subject matter.

- On the other hand prose was generally used by the people of the lower class and for low subject matters.

- Othello is a tragedy (see notes for tragedy). A tragic hero in a tragic play is noble by birth and noble by nature, but as the play progresses the tragic hero must proceed from a high point to a low

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