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Personal Essay | How has a place influenced you?

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´╗┐Emma Rappoldt 0107892 English 1000 G ESSAY #2 November 1, 2012 Emma Rappoldt 0107892 Section G ?Describe a place you have lived in or visited that has influenced you. Be as analytical as you can.? I was born in Oromocto, New Brunswick during a blustering snowstorm in 1993. Late November was always cold there, but when I was seven in 2000, I welcomed the move to Halifax, Nova Scotia, hoping for a more forgiving climate. Even when I was seven, the climate and feel of New Brunswick seemed foreign, and I felt out of place. Moving to Nova Scotia, unfortunately, left me with the same feeling. I longed for a place with distinctive weather, far from the dull and constant grey clouds in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I wanted to see beautiful ancient architecture, homes with shutters painted by hand, and front doors made of real wood. I wanted to wake up and look out an old fashioned window to see a building a hundred years old, being pelted with endless blankets of rain. But the harsh reality of a double paned, new glass window showed an asphalt street lined with eerily similar houses and fake looking green grass. ...read more.


It was given to me as a gift from my grandmother, found in my deceased grandfather?s possessions, and looking for a faithful and permanent home. It had deep scratches that looked like cuts on its face. The red paint smeared across it still resembles blood to me, caused by these deep cuts, and I can only fathom the real blood involved with the construction and destruction of the Berlin Wall It was hard to imagine how far this small piece had travelled, and whose hands had protected it so that it could rest on this windowsill. It was the most historic, and realistic artifact there, since the Great Wall of China that lay next to it seemed much less than great, and the delicate tulips on its other side were plastic and miniature as well. The tulips also came from my grandmother, but in a different, and much less formal way. When I received the tulips, they were duct-taped to a post card from Holland, painted with soft pastel petals and elegant green stems. But since then, the paint has chipped off and worn away over the years. ...read more.


It was an item with an unknown history that I was responsible for and set out to retrieve. I like to think that someday I will find the story behind the small horse, or see the beautiful tulip fields. I would love nothing more than to walk the Great Wall of China, or see where my small part of Berlin originally belonged. I still wake up in the morning and see those rainbow colors strewn across my bedroom walls, and think about when I was seven, and how simple these pieces were. I looked at them without focusing on the backdrop through the window. But that miserable backdrop was always the same, and it will most likely remain that way, filled with eerily similar houses and fake looking green grass. The world that rests outside that window has no history, and no meaning, but the trinkets tell different stories of far off places, beautiful gardens, and daring adventures. I am inspired by these trinkets to find a new place, and discover a new world for myself, outside of the hopelessly unforgiving climate of Nova Scotia. I want to experience more than the feeling of isolation that the view outside of this window portrays for me today. ...read more.

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