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Pullyz Paradise lost - Adam and Eve

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Pullyz PARADISE LOST: Adam and Eve The dramatic characters of Adam and eve have led to a spectrum of opinions, which touch issues regarding the roles of the sexes even today. Milton's dramatization of the biblical eve was interpreted vain, having trivia; characteristics inclined to fall. What was ignored was Milton's assertion of eternal; providence for both man and woman. Virginia Woolf and many other literary women's view are that Milton's verse is a powerful rendering of a culture myth, which is at the heart of west literary patriarchy. Reasons for this are that it is the story of a woman's secondness. her "otherness" which leads to her demonic anger, her fall, her sin, her fall and her exclusion from the garden of god's which for her is the garden of poetry. According to the feminists, milt shows Adam as god's favored creature, and eve as inferior who is satanically inspired. . For most women writers Milton and creature of his literary imagination constitute what 'Gertrude stein' calls patriarchal poetry. Adam and eve are capable of obedience to god; eve prefers to believe the devil. Adam loves his place of eve above his love of god. Of their free will they are disobedient. Eve before the fall is innocent womanhood, and after the fall is guilty womanhood. God is their creaotor and he has forbidden them to eat the fruit. ...read more.


He does suspect ill, and eats anyway, but his devotion to Eve persuades him to set aside his better judgment. Adam is a strong, intelligent, and rational man, God's first human and as perfect as a person can be but Adam's curiosity and hunger for knowledge are his weaknesses. Created to be Adam's mate, Eve is slightly inferior to Adam. She falls in love with her own image reflected in a body of water. Her greatest asset, beauty, produces her greatest weakness, vanity. Satan knows that flattering her on her beauty and godliness will make it easier for him to persuade her to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Eve believes that b eating the fruit; she will reach the revolutionary stage Raphael promised. It is a temptation of ambition and not pride. Man's will is free, is freely obedient to his reason. And his reason is sound but needs to be cautious and alert least she should be taken off guard by something that falsely has the appearance of good. Stanley fish" if the light of reason coincides with the word of god, well and good; if not reason must retire and fall into the resumption of denying or questioning what it cannot explain". Empson- Adam's explanation of reason and will are to be obeyed to eve. Acc to him, it seems to be some kind of explanation for the fall. ...read more.


"Intent now wholly on her taste, naught else Regarded such delight till then as seemed, In fruit she never tasted..."eve seeks knowledge as a means to godhead, but she does not seek knowledge. Hunger is part" in making eve fall through vanity and curiosity for new experience," says Hanford. It is not the loss of companionship that Adam cannot accept, it is the loss of eve certain is my resolution to die; how can I live without thee..."Adam's sin is that he puts his love for eve before his love for god". Adam falls by uxuriousness, and fails to weigh the consequences of disobeying and betraying the Lord. Adam's act is neither noble nor heroic. If seen from another point of view, Adam's weakness leads to his own fall. His love for Eden is above his love for god. Intellectually superior to eve, he abandons reason and rationality and joins Eden in eating "the forbidden fruit". He lacks the excuse of being deceived. Satan did not deceive Adam. He yielded to eve because of his love for her. After the fall, Adam loses some of his mental quickness. The fall robs him of his pure reason and intellect. As John Broadbent puts it" Milton's chief ethical interest was freedom. He wanted to be free of his own appetites, and the appetites of others, especially tyranny. Repeatedly he says you can't have the second freedom without the first; and since the fall that is difficult". ...read more.

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