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romeo and julliet

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Romeo and Juliet "Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast (Act 2 scenes 3). Some argue that Romeos acts impulsively. With specific reference to Act 1 i, Act 3 iii and Act 5 iii, consider Shakespeares portrayal of Romeo. How does his character change throughout the play?" Romeo and Juliet a tragedy, set in the Italian city of Verona includes many shocking events, such as suicide, murder and forbidden love. The play is about two death marked lovers coming from different families with ancient feuds. The Elizabethan audience would be shocked and disgusted at Romeo and Juliet behaviour as they were very religious when this was first perfomed-1594. They had different views on how woman could behave. When Juliet first refuses to marry Paris it is deemed very rude, because the Elizabethans believed in fate and those taking fate into there own hands were defying god. ...read more.


It shows how he doesn't really know where he is. In act 3 scene 3 Romeos behaviour is considered, melodramatic, self obsessed and he is feeling sorry for himself. His use of exaggeration in language does match the seriousness of his situation 'Hadst thou no poison mixed, no sharp- ground knife, no sudden mean death though ne'er so mean' this shows how Romeo thinks a mean death would be better. Shakespeare using directions also to show how Romeo can be melodramatic-'He flings himself down on the floor'. Friar Lawrence is very annoyed with Romeo because he feels Romeo should be grateful for his life 'art thou a man? Thy form cries out thou art: Thy tears are womanish - thy wild acts denote the unreasonable fury of a beast' This show how Friar Lawrence thinks Romeo is acting womanish and is a danger to himself. The Elizabethan audience would be distraught at Romeos behaviour and language 'Hang up philosophy' this shows how doesn't care about what has he has been bought up to believe. ...read more.


Take thou that. Live and be prosperous- and farewell good fellow'. This is when Balthasar has already agreed to leave but Romeo still gives him money. Despite the changes in Romeos character, you could argue that he plays no part in his death. The prologue warns us about the 'star crossed lovers'. Romeos and Juliet's fate was predestined in the stars~ their love is 'death marked'. I think the play is very well structured everything links and works to together I think that is why it is so popular. My personal view on Romeo and Juliet is that I think they did rush into it but as it makes the play works its great. I think ending on this play is very effective if had been anything different I don't think it would have had such a good response. The play fits in with the genre tragedy well and a happier ending would have been less effective and not a very entertaining ending. By Leah Coope 10 P ...read more.

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