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Shakespeare the legend lives on

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  • Essay length: 1353 words
  • Submitted: 19/06/2006
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University Degree Othello

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Shakespeare stands out alone, both in his own age when so many were drawn to the form and circumstances were favourable to this kind genius, and in all English literature, as the one great and genuine dramatic poet.

----- Sri Aurobindo

Centuries have passed after his death, but there is none to outweigh Shakespeare in his genius. This is certainly an astonishing fact. A person with fourteen years of formal education and with no academic ambition creating an epoch is a rare phenomenon. Shakespeare is one such person. Is Shakespeare an enigma? How was it possible for him to scale great heights with no academic back up? These queries have always been lingering in my mind. My queries found reply in Sri Aurobindo's writings. I am compelled to incorporate some of his ideas in this paper because I accede whole heartedly to his estimation of the great literary figure.

The age to which Shakespeare belonged called the Elizabethan Age/Shakespearean Age is termed The Golden Age of English Literature .It is so called because rapid literary advancements took place during this period .Sri Aurobindo points out that

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