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This is a true story based upon my personal experience in my early childhood. I am going to write about someone very dear in my life, who has inspired me from the beginning - my mother

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My Own Experience This is a true story based upon my personal experience in my early childhood. I am going to write about someone very dear in my life, who has inspired me from the beginning - my mother. Born as the eldest child in a family of four in Mauritius and being the first grand child in the family, she spent all of her childhood years with her grand parents. From the day she came out of hospital after her birth, her aunts and uncles dressed and treated her like a fragile china doll despite her own parents living right next door. After successfully completing her 11+ exams with 5 A-grades, she took her first plane journey to England, leaving behind the family she was brought up by, to live with her parents and siblings for the very first time. After taking the entrance exam at Highbury Hill Grammar School in Highbury, she gained a place in year seven where she continued on to complete her A-levels. Additionally here school supported her in improving her English. She left Highbury Hill Grammar with 3 A-levels, gaining all A's in English, French, and Geography. She then went on to pursue a career in meteorology; her ambition was to become a meteorologist. ...read more.


This simply involved him sitting on a chair beside me, waiting for me to fall asleep. This new practice only lasted four days after his departure. I was occasionally treated to him and my mother fighting, in low voices over me, whilst she sat on the bed next to me. The high was soon followed by the low. In July 1997, we were forced out of the house in Ham which we had been staying in. He had sold the house, as he got himself into big debts by living a high life in the fast lane. We were forced to move out within three weeks. Fortunately my naivety did not completely overcome me and I was able to understand some of the on goings. In addition to this, I tried to help my mother as much as I could, without being too much of a hindrance. Even so, I did not want my mother to realise I understood what was happening. I became aware that with her knowing what I understood would have only made her worry about me instead of concentrating on the more important matters. Eventually, we achieved the almost impossible, and we returned to our house in Kingston where the tenants were fortunately, moving out to go abroad. ...read more.


For me, my guardian angel is truly my 'new' dad, and the bond we share is indescribable. Finally, my mother's real struggle and success have taught me many things. One should not take life for granted, they ought to embrace life as it comes and live it to the fullest. Most of all, I admire and respect my mother's strength and will-power. She never allowed her downfall to interfere in my upbringing. She grew stronger every time she hit an obstacle, and her determination to succeed was and still is greater than ever. I pray that her life is always filled with joy and happiness till her last breath. 'My Own Experience' is a conjoined biography and semi-autobiography, which was written in an extempore fashion. It begins with the life and journey of my mother and has been written in the third person. The writing continues on to the memoirs of my early childhood years, starting from when I was five and a half, which has been written in the first person. I think the personal pronoun variation is an effective way of allowing the audience to observe and understand the story from two individuals of separate eras. 'My Own Experience' was written for no particular audience nor aimed at any age range. However an older, more mature reader would understand and appreciate the depth and meaning of this story more than younger, less experienced readers. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Riya Manek - 10O ...read more.

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