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Thomas Hardy - cronological record of his life and times.

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  • Essay length: 1311 words
  • Submitted: 06/07/2004
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University Degree Thomas Hardy

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1840 June 2. Thomas Hardy born in a cottage in Higher Bockhampton, Dorset, near the regional market town of Dorchester.

Eldest of four children of Thomas Hardy and Jemima Hand. To read Hardy's poem "Domicilium".

1848 Begins school in Stinsford.

1850-1856 Continues schooling in Dorchester.

1856 Hardy witnesses the hanging of Martha Browne for the murder of her


1856-1860 Articled to Dorchester architect John Hicks, Hardy later becomes

his assistant.

1857 Meets and begins friendship with Horace Moule, son of Henry Moule,

vicar of Fordington. Moule becomes Hardy's intellectual mentor, and encourages

his study of Latin and Greek.

1862 Moves to London to work for architect Arthur Blomfield.

1865 Hardy's first publication, "How I Built Myself a House", appears in

Chambers's Journal. Begins to write poetry.

1867 Returns to Dorset and works for Hicks on church restoration.

1868 Completes his first novel, The Poor Man and the Lady, and submits it to Alexander Macmillan. Novel is rejected by

Macmillan, who suggests that Hardy try Chapman and Hall.

1869 Chapman and Halls' reader, George Meredith, rejects novel, and suggests Hardy write a story

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