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Who Was the Most Responsible For Thomas A Beckets murder?

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WHO WAS THE MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR THOMAS A BECKETS MURDER? Introduction Thomas Becket was born in London on the 21st December Probably in 1118, and he was murdered on 29th December 1170, but was made a saint in February 1173. His wealthy, Norman parents wanted him to join the church as being a pope was a very important job or rather the thing to do in those days. He was hated by many people because of the things he had done to the bishops and all the arguments he had had with the king, over who was in charge of the Church and the church hated him. I don't really think anyone was 100% responsible for Thomas Becket's murder as every one had a little bit of responsibility. The knights were very responsible for Thomas Becket's murder because they did actually kill him, and if they had not have been so jealous, wanting all the attention, they might not have been so keen to kill him. ...read more.


The people he argued with on the other hand took the easy way out of all this and killed the man for standing up for what he believed in. these are my thoughts at the beginning of my essay I wonder what they will be at the end. The bishops had every right to hate Thomas Becket because he had excommunicated them from the church, just because when henry ii and Thomas Becket argued the bishops took henry ii's side. (Excommunicated from a church is a dreadful thing because in medieval times if you were excommunicated it would mean you were not accepted by god in heaven). The knights thought they had every right to kill thomas as that is what they thought henry ii wanted, but, as a matter of fact the king did not actually say "knights go and kill thomas a Becket" King henry ii also had every right to kill Thomas Becket because Thomas Becket wanted to control the church and so did he. ...read more.


Every body had some responsibility and some more than others did, but they all had a part to play in the death of Thomas a Becket. This is going to show you who I thought was most responsible and who I thought was least responsible in order: The knights 50% The bishops 27% King henry ii 13% Thomas Becket 10% This is the order I think the responsibility should have been in because the knights did actually kill him, but only because the bishops had mentioned and hinted that the king would have a better life if Thomas was dead. The king got angry when he heard that the bishops had been excommunicated from the church just as any one would be, but as a king I think he should keep his opinions to him self, because people like the knights might want to suck up, but get the wrong impression and think they were doing the king a favor might just go and kill some one. Well these are my thoughts, I wonder what yours are now you have read this essay??? ...read more.

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