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BIM and Facility Management

Extracts from this document...




Table of Contents

Chapter 1Facility Management        

1.1        Introduction        

1.2        What is Facility Management        

1.3        Responsibilities of the Facility manager        

1.4        Practical Facility Management        

Chapter 2CAFM        

2.1        Introduction        

2.2        What is CAFM        

2.3        How to implement a CAFM        

2.4        Modules of a CAFM        

2.5        Information in the CAFM        

2.6        Information enquiries        

2.7        KPI’s        

2.8        Example of a CAFM programm        



Chapter 1        Facility Management

1.1        Introduction

To understand what CAFM (Computer aided Facility Management) is it’s necessary to know what FM (Facility Management) is. This chapter will explain what FM is, what the responsibilities of a Facility Manager are and will show how a Facility Management department looks like inside a company.

1.2        What is Facility Management

A definition provided by the IFMA (The International Facility Management Association) is:

"A profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.” [1]

A definition from the Dutch professor Regterschot:

“Facility management is integrated managing (planning and monitoring) realize of housing, the services and the resources, which must contribute to an effective, efficient, flexible and creative realization of the aims of an organization in changing surroundings.”[2]

In both definitions we see that facility  management is divided into 3 parts; place (housing), process (services) and technology (resources).

1.3        Responsibilities of the Facility manager

As we saw in the previous part, facility management is divided into 3 parts; Accommodation, services and equipment’s. To get an overview of all the responsibilities of the Facility Manager we made a schema.
We divided the facilities management into the three parts and put all the responsibilities of the Facility Manager underneath it.


1.4        Practical Facility Management

It is the role of a Facility Manager to ensure that everything is available and operating properly for building occupants to do their work. The facility manager generally has the most influence upon the quality of life within a facility.

...read more.


[5]The big advantages of vector graphics are that they can be scaled without loss of image quality and the much smaller file size per image.

A special feature of data containment in CAFM systems is the possibility to link graphical and alphanumerical data. With that it is possible, that rooms and inventory is captured in the database and are at the same time connected to symbols and polygons in the drawing.

With that feature a two-way access to the data is achieved. A simple click on a symbol is enough to retrieve information from the database and vice versa databank enquiries can be visualized in a graphic.

The extend of those connections has to be assessed very critically since the work-load for inserting the data and data management is quite considerable and there is no guaranty that the links can be imported in a different system once it comes to a system change.

Graphical and alphanumerical data form the so called stock data. Next to those a CAFM system also contains process data.


2.5.2        How to capture data for the database

Quality and quantity of the information captured in the start-up phase of the CAFM implementation has huge influence for perhaps centuries of facility management. Only if you posses current data about your real estate you truly got it under control. The acquisition of data is the first step to a successful setup of a CAFM system.

  • it’s a huge challenge and can be a knock-out
  • comes with high costs and need of manpower
  • requires qualified personnel and is often done by external service providers
  • relies on a precise master plan

Depending on the age of a building and the former management, two ways of gathering information are possible.

  • measuring of the object by hand or laser technology
  • necessary, in case no plans available, or plans not up to date
  • useful when next to the building geometry also other information should be gathered (e.g. HVAC)
  • digitalization of existing plans
  • possible if plans are available in sufficient quality
  • can be done manually or automatically by software

To transform a pixel graphic into an intelligent and structured CAD format with layers it takes a sophisticated scanning program that is able to convert lines into vectors and indentifies circles, letters or even complex shapes like doors or walls which are of interest for a facility manager.

If that is not possible because the bitmap is to poor in quality it can still be used to apply a hybrid procedure. The image is then used as a background to lay polygons on top.

2.6        Information enquiries

The content of a database can be analyzed in various ways, depending on the needs of the users.

  • Query
  • simple list
  • database search
  • filtering of data
  • Report
  • pre-defined
  • often saved for fast access
  • summary with fixed structure and content
  • Graphical overviews
  • dashboard function
  • in diagrams
  • in images via links
...read more.


The CAFM concentrates all the information in one database so that it is not spread in parts inside the company. Everybody with the required log-in has access to the program at anytime.

The CAFM helps planning into the future with providing the managers with KPI answers like maintenance costs per m2, facility costs per working space etc. So the managers have an overview of how the KPI´s are doing and can plan progress actions.

CAFM can be integrated into other MIS like; SAP, Oracle

To save time and money and to retrieve useful information out of the database the company must invest time and money in the program and keep the information complete and up to date.

A CAFM costs a lot of money and will take some time to be completely implemented in a company. Once the program runs and every employee works properly with it, the entire company will benefit from it.



  • Dewulf, G., Successful corporate real estate strategies, (2000), Arko Publishers, Nieuwegein
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  • May, M., IT im  Facility Management erfolgreich einsetzen, (2006), Springer-verlag, Berlin heidelberg


  • http://www.ifma.org/what_is_fm/fm_acronyms.cfm (14/01/2010)
  • http://www.ifma.org/what_is_fm/fm_definitions.cfm (14/01/2010)


  • Einführung eines CAFM-Systems by GEFMA (GEFMA 420) issue 2007

Page |

[1]http://www.ifma.org/what_is_fm/fm_definitions.cfm (14/01/2010)

[2] Translated definition from the book: Regterschot, L.J.,Facility management, Het professioneel besturen van de kantoorhuisvesting, 1988

[3] This schema is made by ourselves but based on the definitions.

[4]http://www.ifma.org/what_is_fm/fm_acronyms.cfm (14/01/2010)

[5]GEFMA 430 : 2007

[6] Schema comes from the Dutch book: Het ondernemingsplan en de balanced scorecard.

[7] Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound

...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Information Systems section.

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