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University Degree: Computer Science

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  1. Compression and Decompression for Multimedia System.

    audio compression. You achieve compression by removing predictable, redundant, or predetermined information from a signal. The compression function is called "encoding," and the decompression function is called "decoding." After encoding, the compressed information transmits to a receiver or a storage device. The decoder reconstructs the signal at the receiver or playback station. Afterwards, we are going to talk about the audio compression in detail. For audio compression, it can be one of two categories, lossless or lossy. Lossless compression algorithms return audio data that is identical to the original audio information.

    • Word count: 3431
  2. Analysing the usability of existing systems, and Designing an interactive system with a user-centred design process.

    Stage 3: Design From previous stage, produce a design for your proposed website. Produce a storyboard for the website. Stage 4: Evaluation by user observation Prototype the design in the previous stage, and test it, and record the observations. These are the four steps I am going to report on, with a conclusion to follow, to evaluate my User Centred Design process. Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) This task analysis gives a description of the sort of tasks that workers in a cinema undertake, when a customer comes into book a ticket. This HTA describes the existing system before starting on a new system to replace it.

    • Word count: 5787
  3. Java Network Programming UsingSmtp – Report/Overview.

    The MX (Mail eXchanger) is what records the name and prioritises the mail servers that are accepting mail for a domain. Even though the SMTP protocol is well set, there can be a few errors. For example; the message length can cause problems. In some situations where the messages are exceeding 64kb, for example cannot be handled by the SMTP protocol. Timeouts can also cause a problem. If there are different timeouts for each of the client and the server, then one could give up while the other one is still busy; terminating the connection without warning.

    • Word count: 3872
  4. Firstly, this document aims to identify the surveillance objectives of EVI applications and related these objectives to Lyon's (2002) distinction of 'categorical seduction' and 'categorical suspicion'.

    I will use EVI as an example of surveillance and discuss the ethical perspective outlined by Ayers. Electronic Vehicle Identification As mentioned, one new technology in particular, which gives rise to new surveillance opportunities is a vehicle tracking technology known as Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI). EVI can suitably be defined as: "an electronic device that allows the unique remote and reliable communications of a vehicle's identifying parameters". ii EVI is an enabler of various applications and is not an application in itself.

    • Word count: 3057
  5. To what extent has the German electoral system shaped its party system and the development of the ma

    There are two important exceptions to this simple model which must be noted. The first is that a party which wins more seats by the majority voting system than it would normally be allowed its proportion of the vote is allowed to keep these seats. In this case the Bundestag is simply expanded, as occurred in 1994, with 16 seats being added to make the size of the Bundestag 672 seats. This clause was not particularly important until 1990, not seeing use in many elections, but since then has been a regular feature.

    • Word count: 4366
  6. Simplistic analysis of data collected from children's non-verbal responses as well as from their spoken words.

    Although the data collected can be most accurately described as being qualitative, there were also a surprising amount of quantitative measures within them. These arose from the counting and comparing of the comments of individual children in order to make certain generalised statements or from yes/no answers to closed questions. These will be reported on accordingly. I had been warned by tutors that data may feel out of control and that it was all part of the process, but I still felt unprepared for the feeling of total panic after I had printed out the full set of data.

    • Word count: 6128
  7. This research project is being conducted to formulate an answer or theory to the question, 'why do individuals use complementary therapy for the maintenance of health?'

    The subject (interviewee) This research project is to use a single-case study. Bell (1997) discusses case studies stating that they are a "follow up to put flesh on the bones of a survey. They can precede a survey and be used as a means of identifying key issues which merit further investigation". The survey that was partaken previous to this research project was in the form of a questionnaire. This questionnaire aided in identifying some issues that need to be developed further. These issues are to be discussed and developed through the interview of a single person whom is a sample representative of the population that have received complimentary therapies to maintain health.

    • Word count: 3161
  8. Modulation.A modulation is a process by which an information signal is converted to a sinusoid waveform for digital communication, such a sinusoid of duration T is referred to as a digital symbol.

    cos[?0 + ?(t)] Where A(t) is the time-varying amplitude, ?0 is the radian frequency of the carrier and O(t) is the phase, When the frequency, f, is used instead of ?, the relationship between them is ?+2?f The basic digital modulation/demodulation types as follows: o Phase Shift Keying (PSK) o Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) o Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) o Hybrids Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) is generally the combination of ASK and PSK (APK). The general expression in equation 1.2 illustrates the indexing of both the signal amplitude term and the phase term. si (t) = 2Ei (t) cos[?0 + ??(t)] 0 < t < T (1.2)

    • Word count: 4381
  9. A major objective in developing a database it to enables many users to access shared data concurrently.

    That is to say, it must be kept in a consistent state. Second, concurrent data access by multiple users must be optimised with the highest possible performance to provide maximum productivity for all users of the system. In this report we will be discussing multi-user issues in databases including transaction management, recovery, locking, time stamping, concurrency control and indexes. 2.0 Transactions Transactions are fundamental to the idea of controlled concurrent access to multi-user systems. A Transaction is a logical unit of a database processing that includes one or more database access operations.

    • Word count: 6104
  10. The purpose of this project is to discuss the issues associated with the deployment of a secure, WAP-based, transactional banking system, and to build a solution with these issues in mind.

    Systems Methodology 38 3.1.2 Rich Pictures 40 3.1.3 Conceptual Model 42 3.1.4 Agree on Changes 43 3.1.5 Action 43 3.2 RAD 45 3.2.1 Definition 45 3.2.2 Principles Behind The Definition 45 3.2.3 Problems Addressed By RAD 46 3.2.4 Bad Reasons For Using RAD 46 3.2.5 Good Reasons For Using RAD 46 3.2.6 Schedule Versus Economy Versus Product Quality 46 3.2.7 Abbreviated History of RAD 47 3.2.8 Characteristics of RAD 47 3.2.9 RAD Uses Iterative, Evolutionary Prototyping 48 3.2.10 When RAD Works And When It Doesn't RAD Tends To Work 49 3.2.11 When RAD Tends To Fail 49 3.2.12 Evaluation of

    • Word count: 21083
  11. Computer Aided Machining

    This will be removed from the operator (thereby reducing more non-productive time) and handed to an unbiased quality controller. * The complexity of work is always being increased, as designers want more and more out of technology. This will demand the capabilities of a CAD/CAM system. N.B. The complexity is not necessarily beyond the current operator's skills but would require extensive time programming. * It will provide the ability to receive work "online" from outside customers, internal drawing offices, etc. This will reduce planning, management and programming time. * It will present a far more up-to-date workshop to present to potential new customers.

    • Word count: 7148
  12. In this report, we explain and discuss the issues that would have to be taken into consideration if an automated robotic de-mining system was to be built.

    We then discuss search and destroy strategies, based on some of the principles of Artificial Intelligence, as well as issues that would have to be considered if an aerial robot fleet were being used. Finally, we attempt to assess our design proposals, by assessing its strengths and shortcomings. Introduction "Of all the tasks involved in setting a nation on a new road to peace and prosperity, perhaps none has the immediate urgency of mine clearance... No attempt to resolve a sense of community and security can succeed without effective landmine removal."

    • Word count: 7699
  13. Traffic Light Simulation and Machine Code Program.

    MOV BL,02 ; SENDS VALUE 02 to BL. CALL 60 ; CALLS SUBROUTINE 60 (DELAY SUBROUTINE) ; GREEN / RED MOV AL,30 ; Copy 110000 into the AL register. OUT 01 ; Send AL to Port One (The traffic lights). MOV BL,1E ; SENDS VALUE 1E to BL (30 SECONDS). CALL 60 ; CALLS SUBROUTINE 60 (DELAY SUBROUTINE) ; AMBER - RED MOV AL,50 ; Copy 00000000 into the AL register. OUT 01 ; Send AL to Port One (The traffic lights). MOV BL,02 ; SENDS VALUE 02 to BL. CALL 60 ; CALLS SUBROUTINE 60 (DELAY SUBROUTINE)

    • Word count: 5561
  14. Silica Aerogels.

    production, for time/pressure and time/temperature graphs are given depicting process conditions for the 'supercritical drying' stage of manufacturing, and chemical reactants, equations and instructions for producing the silica aerogel are also displayed. However, much of the other articles I researched detailing modern production methods rely on this article(almost all of them quote it as a reference), and I did get the gist of what happens in the process by omitting specific names of catalysts, reactants ,etc. in my reading. http://eande.lbl.gov/ECS/Aerogels/sahist.htm "A Brief History of Silica Aerogels" In this article, most of the details given about Kistler(the man who discovered aerogels)

    • Word count: 4212
  15. Relacje mi&ecirc;dzy egzekutyw&sup1; a legislatyw&sup1; w Szwajcarii.

    Izby maja w tym momencie mozliwosc odrzucenia, przyjecia badz wystosowania kontrprojektu. W�wczas projekt/projekty poddawane sa pod glos narodu(referendum podw�jne)4. Przy omawianiu zmian konstytucyjnych wspomnialem juz o referendum, kt�rego formy i rola w parlamentaryzmie szwajcarskim jest olbrzymia. Ta wlasnie forma demokracji bezposredniej rozwinela sie bardzo w Szwajcarii i obecnie zadna wazniejsza dla sprawy panstwa decyzja nie moze zapasc bez woli narodu. Wplywa ono na prace parlamentu, kt�ry znajac opinie duzych partii i organizacji spolecznych bieze je skrupulatnie pod uwage, zeby przygotowany projekt ustawy nie powodowal ogloszenia referendum. Konstytucje kantonalne takze przewiduja referenda czesto obowiazkowe. Rozr�znia sie referendum obowiazkowe i nieobowiazkowe. Referendum obowiazkowe przeprowadza sie wtedy, gdy dokonuje sie jakichkolwiek zmian w konstytucji.

    • Word count: 3419
  16. Executive Support Systems: Organizational Decisions Tool.

    Introduction The survival of an organization relies heavily on the decisions made by top executives that could result in either success or failure. Over the years, many organizations has implemented a concept, that was introduced in the early 1980's, to assist top-level executives with their decision making process; that concept is known today as Executive Support Systems. Executive Support Systems (ESS) is an information system at the strategic level of an organization designed to address unstructured decisions making through advanced graphics and communications (Laudon & Laudon, 2002, 420).

    • Word count: 3848
  17. Is The UK's Plurality Electoral System Fair.

    In 1979, 203 candidates were elected with less than half the vote.3 Nationally, 1931 was the last occasion that an elected Government received over 50% of votes and in 1974, Labour were elected with just over 39% of the popular vote.4 The system lacks proportionality with no direct link between the votes cast for a party and the seats won. In the 1997 general election, the Labour Party, with around 44% of the votes, won 418 seats, 64% of the total.5 This is undemocratic, in that the minority who vote for the winning party impose their wishes on the majority

    • Word count: 3040
  18. Cisco Systems - Using the Web for internal efficiency.

    All flight expenses are monitored by management for all employees but the employees are given the freedom to judge the urgency and need to travel based on their analysis of the situation or problem faced by the client. This way, while the flexibility exists, there is always some amount of control exercised so that staff do not misuse their flexibility and the company can still provide consistent service. One possible measure for this variable could be to see if staff exceed a certain set quota of flight travel set using historic data.

    • Word count: 3303
  19. Risk Management and Assessment for IT Projects.

    Risk assessment can take place at any stage and during any time of the project lifecycle, though the sooner the better. In this paper risk management and assessment in the early stages of IT projects will be discussed, along with methodologies on project management that will help ensure that a project start off with a reasonable chance of being successful. Emphasis will be on the TenStep methodology. 1. Introduction Organizations are making large investments in Information Technology. Many factors affect the successful achievement of projects, and to be considered successful, project objectives and specifications must be achieved on time and on budget, also projects should meet Stakeholders expectations and realize measurable benefits.

    • Word count: 3790
  20. Advanced Databases

    i.e. the where clause is determined by any primary keys the table may have. If the update query is successful, the data in the rowData vector is also updated so that if the user moves between rows the updated value is displayed. If the update query is not successful a message box is displayed and the text field data is reverted back to its original value. Finally the update method makes the update button inactive. 1.2 Testing I fully tested my modifications. I opened all the tables in the manufacturing database and tried to update any non-primary key fields.

    • Word count: 4719
  21. The purpose of this assignment is to research about Electronic data interchange and needs to discuss about development, advantages and disadvantages and future of EDI (electronic data interchange)

    Someone at company 2 manually enters the P.O. into an order entry system. The order is processed, the item(s) shipped, and 2's accounts receivable system prints an invoice. The invoice is mailed to 1, where it is manually entered into 1's accounts payable for processing. Multiply this by hundreds or thousands of orders and a significant amount of printing, mailing and manual entry takes place. (5) 2.0 Definition of Electronic data interchange (EDI) EDI is the computer-to-computer interchange of strictly formatted messages that represent documents other than monetary instruments.

    • Word count: 6339
  22. CAM, which stands for Computer aided manufacture, is used extensively within companies as a stand-alone system from CAD Computer Aided Design.

    In large production companies it is sometimes possible to find large cells of similar CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines whose tooling is supplied automatically via a magazine, which is loaded by operators in the tool setting room/department. These tools are then delivered to the machines for use in the machining process. Information needs to travel with each individual tool identifying what the tool is and what location it needs to be in on the CNC's tool turret. It may also be necessary for the tool offset to travel with the tool as well.

    • Word count: 3768
  23. Analyse the pressures that have confronted the 'German model' of industrial relations in the past 20 years. Has the model been weakened?

    However, in the 1990's the German model of labour relations, and especially the sectoral system of collective bargaining has come under a great deal of pressure. Together with heightened international competition, global shifts in production, the problems of German unification and high unemployment the general consensus regarding the advantages of the current system has weakened. Employers demand for more decentralisation and more differentiation in the sectoral agreements, in order to provide a greater scope for company level flexibility and company specific solutions, have led to erosion tendencies in the German model.

    • Word count: 3102
  24. My aim is to develop and provide a proposal to the Surgery of a new web based information system.

    What is not to be done? * Over complicated. * High budget. * No banners should be included. * No automated appointments form should be included. Project Constraints: * Cost, low budget (The NHS does not have much money). * Mandatory equipment, Server is required, and a few computers and cables, including printers. * Not everyone needs to be trained to use the site, it is really common sense. Preliminary Ideas: Create a user-friendly site, with limited graphics, which will allow the user to find out information on the surgery, and be able to book online for an appointment.

    • Word count: 8786
  25. This project intends to clarify the encapsulation process and the tunnelling protocol technologies used in VPN by illustrating the different concepts using Macromedia Flash.

    An outgrowth of Internet technology and thinking, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are transforming the daily method of doing business faster than any other technology. VPN uses the Internet as the transport backbone to establish secure links with business partners, extend communications to regional and isolated offices, and significantly decrease the cost of communications for an increasingly mobile workforce. The project focuses on today's VPN technology and its tunnelling protocols. The foundation provided by this study is used to illustrate the above-mentioned topics in a pedagogical way for a final year Computer Science student.

    • Word count: 15506

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