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University Degree: Computer Science

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  1. The modernization of contemporary China began in 1978, immediately after the catastrophe of the Cultural Revolution.

    While this policy at that time was considered as "revisionist" and "capitalist", the main features of his policy was retained by Deng Xiaoping at the Third Plenum of the Eleventh Central Committee as the base stone for the nowadays responsibility system.4 The Party has approved a number of methods which could be used under the responsibility system. "Baochan Daohu" ("to fix farm output quota for each household") is one of these methods, which permits a township to make land available to each household, usually a family, in accordance with its labor capacity.5 The production team and the household signs a contract fixing the quota the household is obligated to fulfill.

    • Word count: 3349
  2. What are Computer Viruses & what types of viruses are there?

    Macro viruses infect such programs as spreadsheet and word processing files. They are dangerous because once the file is shared the virus is also shared. Also, these viruses can be spread to different platforms such as from Microsoft Windows to Macintosh operating systems which make these viruses more harmful. 1 More recently, e-mail viruses have become popular. Worms such as the "Melissa virus" have been a threat in recent years where the worm would affix itself to a Word Document and then the virus would create an email and send it to the first fifty people of the user's e-mail address book.

    • Word count: 5840
  3. An Assessment on the Impact of Theories of Constraints to Seagate Technology.

    I would also like to thank Eamon my Manager, who provided me with enough time to conduct this research. To my parents, who have waited long and patiently for this day. Thanks to my role models, brother Shane and sister Michelle. I would like to thank my wife Shauna, whose cups of tea and renowned toast have provided me with the energy to burn late into the night. I would especially like to thank her for putting up with my frustrations and providing me with her full support.

    • Word count: 10034
  4. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology is rapidly becoming a crucial component of computer networks and has developed extremely during the past few years.

    CONCLUSION 43 7.1 CRITICAL EVALUATION 44 7.2 FUTURE DEVELOPMENT 44 REFERENCES 45 INTERNET 45 BOOKS 50 APPENDIX A - DEFINITION OF TERMS 52 APPENDIX B - 4TH FLOOR PLAN-DRAWING 57 APPENDIX C - PORTSMOUTH UNIVERSITY-WIRELESS LAPTOP PROJECT 59 Abstract In May 1991, a group led by Victor Hayes submitted a Project Authorisation Request (PAR) to IEEE to initiate the 802.11 working group. Hayes became chairman of the working group and led the standards effort to its completion in June 1997.

    • Word count: 15634
  5. This paper will propose a testing strategy for Internet E-Commerce applications and assess its strengths and weaknesses. The testing strategy mainly focuses on the testing of the web components

    Internet applications are software programs or applications that receive input and deliver output through the web, usually in the form of HTML or XML. Web applications are dynamic, interactive, often serve as the front end of complicated applications which often involve database at the back-end. With the rapid development of web technologies such as CGI, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET and Microsoft.NET, internet applications are become more and more complicated. The repercussions of having a poorly operating website are staggering, and even affect the brick and mortar stores that the websites are enabling online.

    • Word count: 13329
  6. There are no established methods for the systematic generation of test cases. Thus, at this paper, we will analyze, evaluate and recommend the strategy of automatic generation test cases method under different scenarios based on UML models.

    The distinction of unit, component, and system testing, specifying the level at which testing occurs, 3) Tests classified by their aim, as distinguished by statistical, reliability-oriented testing vs. testing aimed primarily at fault detection. In this paper, we will analyze, evaluate and recommend the strategy of automatic generation test cases method under different scenarios. We propose three approaches: Use Case, State Chart & Collaboration Diagram model. The method for generating test cases based on UML models is described in below section. These approaches focus on state-based, interactive rather than data-processing systems. We expect it will able to be applicable to large and complex systems.

    • Word count: 6456
  7. Developing a Workflow Application: Clinical Data Management

    In Phase IV trials, post marketing studies delineate additional information including the drug's risks, benefits, and optimal use. Bridging the gap between drug candidates and affordable new drugs is becoming a serious challenge. Reducing the cycle time will decrease the cost thereby making the drug affordable. Process Description The Clinical Trial Data Management contains several sub processes that provide the framework for how clinical trial data is gathered, entered, reviewed, and stored by a pharmaceutical company throughout the lifecycle of a clinical trial up until the time the data has been formally submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

    • Word count: 4258
  8. This study of 'Human Behaviour' explores different channels of HCI and in identifying 'what actually makes an effective interface' exploration into different types of interfaces was required.

    Requesting user feedback and actually discovering there preferences allowed me to model an interface around there requirements. Humans need not entirely have to adjust for the computer system, but rather the design of an interface be modelled around the user. By embracing this idea, the aim was to create a two-way communicative system between users and their requirements and the designers of the system. Incidentally I discovered that not only did users receive a more complete and accurate interface module, but designers also had a more precise idea of how to implement a more resourceful system.

    • Word count: 3794
  9. Information Management for microarray experimental data

    It also allows the researchers to look at many genes at once and determine which genes are expressed in a particular cell type. There are two major application forms for microarray technology: identification of sequence (gene/gene mutation) and determination of expression level (abundance) of genes. These forms will lead to new insight into fundamental biological problems such as gene discovery, gene regulation, disease diagnosis, as well as drug discovery and toxicology (Altruis, 2002; Muhlrad, 2001). An experiment, typically, requires tens or hundreds of microarrays, where a single microarray will generate between 100,000 and a million pieces of data (Murphy, 2002).

    • Word count: 3769
  10. Dimensional Modeling

    External and modeled data do not exist in the operational environment. Strategic data is usually comprised of internal and external data. Levels of Analysis There are many levels of reporting and analysis that range from fairly structured to quite unstructured (figure 2) Levels of Reporting and Analysis Characteristics of Analytical Data (figure 2) Analytical data has its own characteristics. It is management-oriented, historical, query-oriented and integrated. Management-oriented. Analytical data focuses on management measures. To do this, it often uses different grains of data, such as transactions, periodic snapshots and summaries.

    • Word count: 3431
  11. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

    In other words, make them talk to each other. As we know today, TCP/IP has been widely used by the Internet community to transmit data between them. One of the reasons for this huge success is its ability to deliver basic services such as file transfer, e-mail and remote logons across networks. This helps the Internet community by offering the freedom of these options to communicate efficiently and effectively. Besides the growth of the Internet, large corporation are using the TCP/IP protocol to connect their huge Local Area Networks together to ensure the integrity of data transmission and ability to communicate between inter-departments.

    • Word count: 4643
  12. What is research?

    F: Systematic investigation to establish facts, an attempt to find out in a systematically and scientific manner. Research can therefore be seen to play host-range to an adverbial domain which includes the following synonyms or related terms and procedures (therefore also similar modes of praxis): A: Consumer research, census, inquiry, market survey, opinion research, poll, public opinion research, statistical study. B: Management study, operational research. C: Analysis, delving, experimentation, exploration, fact-finding, fishing expedition, groundwork, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, investigation, legwork, probe, probing, quest, scrutiny, study. D: assay, audit, battery, blue book, breakdown, canvass, catechism, checking, checkup, cross-examination, diagnosis, dissection, exam, experiment, exploration, final, grilling, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, inspection, interrogation, investigation, legwork, make-up, observation, once-over, oral, perlustration, perusal, probe, quest, questioning, questionnaire, quiz, raid, reconnaissance, review, scan, scrutiny, search, study, survey, the eye, third degree, trial, tryout, view, written.

    • Word count: 12023
  13. Virtual Instrumentation Design Task of a pressure meter and a spectrum analyser

    The instrumentation amplifier itself consists of two stages, namely: * Input Buffer Stage (741 op-amps) * Differential Amplifier (Texas Instruments INA 106) The INA 106A differential amplifier consists of precision op-amp and resistors which are laser trimmed for accurate gain and common mode rejection. Its gain is fixed at G=10 and this was confirmed during the laboratory exercise. 2. Method The laboratory work was carried out as described in the handout "Virtual Instrumentation Design Task of a Pressure Meter and a Spectrum Analyser ", and the supplementary worksheet.

    • Word count: 4670
  14. Bluetooth

    and voice communication * Offers the possibility of ad hoc networks and delivers the ultimate synchronicity between all your personal devices History: Harald Bluetooth was a viking and King of Denmark between 940 and 981. One of his skills was getting people to talk to each other, and during his rule Denmark and Norway were christianized and united. Today, Bluetooth wireless technology enables devices to talk to each other, but this time by means of a low-cost short-range radio link.

    • Word count: 4106
  15. Project management and risk assessment

    This document highlights common areas of failing and suggests techniques used to help overcome potential project risks. PART A: PROJECT FAILURE AND RISK ASSESSMENT IT projects fail when they do not meet the following criteria for success: * It is delivered on time. * It is on or under budget. * The system works as required. Only a few projects achieve all three. Many more are delivered which fail on one or more of these criteria, and a substantial number are cancelled having failed badly.

    • Word count: 3493
  16. Project Management in the Business Environment

    In addition to cost savings, services will be more efficient and effective. Streamlining and simplifying the business process will alleviate unnecessary edits and validations. Standardizing data architectures and core processes will ensure that only DoD approved data and equipment will be used in all business activity (DFAS ePortal, personal communication, August 6, 2004). Strengthening internal controls will improve audit trails and cross-disbursing detail. The system will capture the original users identification code used to input data. The audit trail will also identify the user who modifies data within the system any time.

    • Word count: 3993
  17. OMC-R and CBSC ATP Overview

    Determining when the test has completed To determine when the test is over, execute an LS command and look for the tst_system.out file. If the file exists, the test has completed. If the file does not exist, the test has not completed. After the tst_system test script is executed, control is returned to the operator. The test is run in the background so the terminal is not "hung up" waiting for the test to complete. The full test takes about 1.75 hours to complete. The terminal will not indicate that the test is running or when the test is over.

    • Word count: 8275
  18. Effects of organisational culture on a large scale IT introduction effort: A case study of the Norwegian army's EDBLF project

    The technology in question was to be distributed to 130 units and would affect 2000 employees. The adoption of the new information technology was to be done through an organisational development process, the idea behind being that changes in job procedures and thus changing the organisation should be done prior to the introduction of the information technology. 1.1 Theoretical Concepts Within organisational theory literature there are diverging views regarding organisational development. Authors like Ebeltoft have argued that,'organisational development should encompass the whole organisation, it is questionable, he says, if educating managers or introducing new production technology, contribute to development of the organisation' (Ebeltoft, 1975 as cited in Flaa et al 1995).

    • Word count: 5951
  19. Introducing new technology.

    If a good system is developed with poor user support, and too little consideration of the working environment, it can be rendered unusable. With careful planning, potential problems with staff can be pre-empted before they arise, to make the introduction of the system a positive experience for all concerned. Users will require support both from within their organisation and from the supplier, not just during the installation process but for a continuing period as they encounter new problems and grow with the system.

    • Word count: 7375
  20. Web-to-Database Interfacing Technologies

    This not only gives all of the existing applications a common, modern look and feel but also can deploy them on corporate Intranets, the public Internet, and newer Extranets. Taking simple data from a database and placing it on the Web is a relatively simple task. However, in most cases, the corporate data is maintained in a variety of sources, including legacy, relational, and object databases. It is much more complicated when these diverse data sources must be queried or updated.

    • Word count: 3719
  21. Security in a computing world.

    First starting from the TCP/IP because almost every network is built on this technology and without knowing TCP/IP one could not understand how to secure and prevent from those deadly attacks made by so called black hat Hacker and Cracker. TCP is a connection-oriented, end-to-end reliable protocol designed to fit into a layered hierarchy of protocols which support multi-network applications. The TCP provides for reliable inter-process communication between pairs of processes in host computers attached to distinct but interconnected computer communication networks.

    • Word count: 24218
  22. This report is based on a case study to solve a large organisation's payment system.

    It can control employees' performance and behaviours. Performance-related pay links pay with performance, which is much better than traditional automatic incremental salary scales, because performance-related pay can encourage employee to work hard, be responsible and improve their work effectively. Employees will realise that better performance, which will improve income. Bowen (2000) states many people do not want to fellow behind the others, especially their pay which relate to their quality of life. Hence, employees will start to think how to improve their work speed and quality. It also encourages them to learn as much as they can continuously.

    • Word count: 3029
  23. Create an online catalogue system that specialises in children's toys and enables users to search for specific products.

    * To implement further categories on the web site so that different types of products can be sold. 1.5 Report Structure The report consists of the following chapters and each has been summarised as below. Chapter 2 This chapter discusses the use of product life cycle models and they can be applied to the project, in order to identify the process of creating the whole system. Chapter 3 The chapter aims to identify the user and the scope of the system as well as discussing the techniques employed to conduct the requirements phase.

    • Word count: 4455
  24. In order to determine the effectiveness of auditing programs in promoting energy savings, the NSW Department of Energy has carried out a project in which they ran a regression model on a small number of households.

    However, comparing the two is not a straight forward process of using (conventional) R2. �R2 of intercept-presented model vs. R2 of non-constant model For both types of the regressions (with and without intercept), R2 is like a test of a restriction that �2=0. Yet, under regression with intercept, the test compares how much better Y does than Y-bar while under non-constant model, R2 implies how much better Yhat does than 0. This is because under non-constant model, the regression line is forced to pass through the origin. Therefore, the two types of R2 show different characteristics that may cause problems in comparing between the models using R2.

    • Word count: 3724
  25. ERP Implementation (Stirling Motors).

    1.1.1 Project Scope The project is restricted to the departments mentioned above at the Oxford site but will include establishing a network connection to Sterling Motor's head office mainframe. Scope includes analysis of requirements, review and update of infrastructure and hardware as necessary, system design and build, system testing, implementation and user training. 1.2 Initial Project co-ordination Project failure often occurs in large organisations because of a lack of senior management support (Naylor 1999); we aim to avoid this potential problem by nominating a suitable project champion from the outset.

    • Word count: 3137

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