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University Degree: Computer Science

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  1. Evaluation of our Decision Support System.

    For example where to place its first nodes? What to offer? All these questions need answering and to aid decision making DSS's can be used (Turban & Aranson 1998). 1.2-Definition Throughout the years many theorists have defined DSS's. Watson et al. (1997, p263) defines DSS's as an "interactive system that provides the user with easy access to decision models and data in order to support semi structured and unstructured decision-making tasks". 1.5-Elements There are four elements of a DSS (Appendix 1).

    • Word count: 3482
  2. The marketing research process.

    Interviews are used very frequently by firms and organizations in different industries to do research and obtain relevant data and information, which can help them to break into, survive and make substantial profit. Interviews provide very different data from observations: they allow the evaluation team to capture the perspectives of project participants, staff, and others associated with the project. In the hypothetical example, interviews with project staff can provide information on the early stages of the implementation and problems encountered.

    • Word count: 3542
  3. Wireless LANs, WLANs are now deployed at great pace both on company premises and in public hot spots.

    However, enabling users to be genuinely mobile in their work requires more than a wireless connection. Distributed system services are needed to support the locating of people, equipment and software objects, and, especially for mobile multimedia applications, network transport protocols which can adapt to a wide range of networking conditions must be developed. The evolution of IEEE 802.11-based Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) and the development of mobile devices like laptops have changed the usage of Ethernet networks. Previously, computers were used to connect to an organization's network statically.

    • Word count: 15538
  4. Database projects in MS Access.

    The solution is likely to involve the appropriate use of a range of advanced features and functionalities. It is possible that these may be provided by a suite of generic application software (e.g. MS Office). To obtain high marks it is expected that the candidate's solution must accommodate the system's information flow and data dynamics. There is likely to be some consideration of initialising the system, clearing down data from the previous use, processing data, transferring data such as logging transactions and archiving data.

    • Word count: 10992
  5. Development of Taxonomic Tool.

    Note: This part presents the development of the standalone application of TaxTool. Indeed, the final goal for the interface is to be integrating into Netscape through an applet but for testing, it's easiest to have a simple java application without applet communication. The first thing to do has been to establish the base of the interface. How is the user is going to see data of the taxonomy, how can he trigger action? Thus, the following part describes the components chosen for the interface, the reasons why, and the way to construct them.

    • Word count: 3428
  6. Analyze Asian Point Quests' facility to gain knowledge on its operation.

    In line with Asian Point Quest objective to be 'The One-Stop Solution Provider and Consultant' for enterprise and e-commerce requirements, our services include networking infrastructure, hardware, application software as well as Internet/ Intranet solutions. Selection of 5 Topics and Justification The analysis in this report will focus on 5 areas of study, namely: Module 3: Human Resource Management Module 4: Project Management Module 5: Processing Module 6: Performance Module 7: Security The reason for selecting these modules is that the data facility under study is crucial for the smooth conduct of the organization's business activities.

    • Word count: 16782
  7. Computer science - Personal Data Manipulation

    Each one object of them is "included" as an attribute to the corresponding Node. Of course we could have the same attributes in each Node as well with the methods but then we lose the true meaning of modularity. Static character arrays are used for all attributes since the domain names as long with the usernames and the passwords do not have spaces by default. The sizes cannot be changed dynamically because some method is not implemented although it's feasible. The constructor of this class does not do anything because of when a new object is instantiated the new values for its attributes are received as parameters in the responsible method of the liked

    • Word count: 4248
  8. "Information wants to be free". Discuss the arguments for and against this proposition (widely circulated on the internet and often attributed to Steward Brand, author of The Media Lab, 1987).

    p.202 Stewart Brand, author of the book "The media Lab: Inventing the future at MIT" discovered a trend. In particular an economic trend caused by communicational and technological progress. Brand noticed that an individual's access to information is easier than it was in the past, thus consumer's choice concerning information sources increases. At the same time the cost needed in order to obtain information is declining to a level that can easily purchased by consumers. In other words Internet has caused availability of information without a cost. Furthermore the majority of information found on the internet is becoming a surplus.

    • Word count: 4544
  9. Creating a new system for a freelance architect who designs private homes for clients.

    End-User End user Requirements The main aims for my system as desired by the end-user are to do the following: * Reduce the amount of paper work required by Mr. O'Riordan, this will be done by: * Having a system that can calculate costing forecasts. * Being able to produce and address an invoice. * Have the ability to save all the records of a client to be used at a later date. * The saved records must be simply to retrieve.

    • Word count: 6479
  10. Specification and Analysis - The aim of this section is to investigate the user's requirements and draw up a set of working objectives.

    At present these orders are recorded manually on a carbon pad and then passed on to the warehouse for processing. If ordered items are in stock the warehouse will process the order and complete an invoice and delivery note using a word processing package - total values are calculated by hand. One copy is despatched to the customer and another sent to the Accounts department. The system generally works well but as this side of the business has expanded Mrs.

    • Word count: 6395
  11. Network operating report - Windows XP Vs Windows NT Server

    on the partition that will contain the system files Networking Network adapter card Display Video display adapter and monitor with Video Graphics Adapter (VGA) resolution or higher Other drives CD-ROM drive, 12X or faster recommended (not required for installing Windows XP over a network) Accessories Keyboard and mouse or other pointing device Microsoft Management Consoles One of the primary administrative tools that you use to manage Windows XP is the Microsoft Management Console. The MMC provides a standardized method to create, save, and open administrative tools, which are called consoles.

    • Word count: 9003
  12. Develop a Puzzle Website for users of three different age groups, Kids, Teenagers and Adults.

    Then we have implemented links along the side to perform the basic functions of the site. After logging in, the different user selects whichever option they want and are then taken to the main logged in page. A record is kept in the database of all the users currently registered to the site. The users have the option to send an e-mail to us or they can post a message on our bulletin board. An administrator would be able monitor the game-rooms and in the event of a breach of regulations, effectively disallow that particular user from using it again.

    • Word count: 7894
  13. This assignment investigates and reports on the following issues: Principal layers in a computer, Principal of the Von Neumann cycle, Difficulties of Assembly languages, GUI's and Multi-user Operating systems, and Business Problems

    Hardware is used for the digital logic layer and software for the levels above it. This is because the lowest machine layers are used to execute programs so they need to be fast and hardware is faster than software. All of the higher layers are likely to be changed more often so software is used as it is easier to change than hardware. As you move up the layers from the highest to the lowest interpreters are used to translate from the machine layer to the digital logic layer. In modern day computers the interpreter that's used is designed by Von Neumann and it's called the Von Neumann architecture.

    • Word count: 4677
  14. Web Transactions

    The advantages of the Web as a database platform include DBMS advantages, simplicity, platform independence, GUI, standardization, cross-platform support, transparent network access, and scalable deployment. The disadvantages include reliability, poor security, cost, poor scalability, limited functionality of HTML, statelessness, bandwidth, performance, and immaturity. The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a specification for transferring information between a Web server and a CGI script. It is a popular technique for integrating databases into the Web. Fast CGI overcomes most of the problems suffered by CGI and includes the best features of CGI and server APIs.

    • Word count: 5184
  15. Requirements Investigation for an Interface for Csound

    One of the fields that computer has made a huge impact on is music. The compositional process used to mean sitting in front of a piano for days before getting a piece and only find out it didn't sound right after gathering an entire orchestra to perform it. With a powerful computer and the right synthesis software, composers now can compose even without musical instruments. Considering computers are now more affordable, electronic composition is therefore a convenient and economical way to make music.

    • Word count: 18786
  16. Problems in requirements modelling

    Approaches 47 5.5.5 Cognitive approaches 48 5.6 Expressive Power Goal-based Approaches 48 Goal-Directed Strategy 48 5.6.2 Knowledge Acquisition: 52 5.7 Background Reading 53 5.7.1 Advantages of Background Reading 53 5.7.2 Disadvantages 54 5.8 Interviews 54 5.8.1 Types of interviews 54 5.8.2 Interviewing essentials 54 5.8.3 Interview Steps 54 5.8..4 Opening and closing and Following Up the interview 55 5.8.5 Conducting the Interview: Five Easy Steps 55 5.8.6 Advantages 56 5.8.7 Appropriate Situations 56 5.8.8 Disadvantages (Goguen and Linde, 1993, p154.

    • Word count: 28820

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