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University Degree: Computer Science

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  1. The development of Easy office project portfolio management system

    To have detailed each team members' profile for better understanding who is capable to do a project's tasks. 4. To have immediate and fast access to project portfolio management system, as well as all the necessary data about project and team members via Internet Development tools and software: 1. PHP 2. MySQL 3. Apache 4. Adobe Dreamweaver 5. Power Architect 6. Smart Draw Literature review Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) are designed to integrate different data processes as well as sources of a company into one unified application.

    • Word count: 3905
  2. Design a web based online Appointment System for vehicle service centres in town to help with their appointment process

    To design, test and implement a web based online appointment system for car service centres and report the aspects of the project. To write a report detailing and evaluating the design, implementation and testing of the appointment system as a whole, drawing conclusions, and stating the significance of the findings. The evaluation of the system will include its advantages and effectiveness to car service centres. BACKGROUND As I'm a new driver and I recently bought a car, that made me visiting car servicing centres in the town for service the car or tire problems.

    • Word count: 7087
  3. Laser Printer

    A laser printer is a high-speed, high-quality nonimpact printer. Laser printer are available in both black-and-white and colour models. Figure 1 Laser printers are available in both black-and-white and colour models. The objective of this article is to give more knowledge about the functions of laser printers. Details and specifications of these printers will also be provided. Furthermore, it also shows the benefits and disadvantages of this kind of printer, and help users to choose a printer to purchase. 2. Specification Of Laser Printers Laser printers print text and graphics in high-quality resolutions, usually 1200 dpi for black-and-white printers and up to 2400 dpi for colour printers.

    • Word count: 545
  4. System Specification

    User may be elderly and find it hard to remember a long number which has no relevance to them. Each user must have enough computing knowledge to use the internet and load up the webpage or their own or using a provided manual. Task Analysis Important Characteristics of Tasks Performed Users want to use the computer in order to complete their goal which may include: * View balance * View statements * Transfer money * Set up a direct debit/standing order * Cancel direct debit/standing order * Amend direct debits/standing order * Change personal details * Cancel a cheque * Make sure money has been taken * Check where money has gone Users may want to access their account from either a shared or personal computer.

    • Word count: 1918
  5. Interactive Web Apps - Ajax

    Research has been conducted into the benefits and drawbacks of the application. 2. The need for increased responsiveness and interactivity in web applications The technology in this report is based around Ajax and web parts using asp.net components. Ajax is a way of achieving increased responsiveness and using Ajax and web parts is a way of increasing interactivity in web applications. Ajax is a good place to start when looking at increased responsiveness. Ajax is: 'Asynchronous JavaScript and XML' [1] So 'In a nutshell, it is the use of the nonstandard XMLHttpRequest object to communicate with server-side scripts.

    • Word count: 3013
  6. Windows Communication foundatio

    On top of these processes a second WCF has been self hosted to a separate client form which sends back from the database a search function so that a user can see how many times a specific function in the application has been used, such as 'Pythagoras'. This is contained in a gird view. This report helps in explaining the underlying code contained within the software as well as explaining ways in which the application could be hosted using the Microsoft IIS server.

    • Word count: 3730
  7. Intellectual Property

    Within this briefing report there are a number of aspects that will be covered in order to fully explain and outline the relevant points relating to Intellectual Property Law, for which the company can then use and refer to when developing software. These include: - * Explanation of: - Copyright Patent Confidential Information * Diagram of the Civil and Criminal Court (with brief explanation) * A case, with a paraphrased precedent * Final Conclusion Diagrams will be used where necessary so that it makes explanation and understanding much easier, and minimise the risk of misinterpretation.

    • Word count: 2833
  8. BeOS : The Free Multimedia Operating System

    The operating systems were highly specialized and were designed to perform specific tasks on very specific hardware. They were single user and single task operating systems. Memory management was done manually by the user executed programs. The operating system had very less functionality, was not at all user friendly and was not customizable at all. The demand for more powerful systems led to an increase in the customizability of the operating system further increasing the functionality of the system. It was still very user unfriendly and expected the user of the system to understand advanced computer architecture concepts like memory management and allocation, job queuing and scheduling etc.

    • Word count: 1688
  9. Implementation of Path Finding Techniques in Homeland Security Robots

    * Shabbir, for his moral support and belief in me. * My friends, who have encouraged me when I lacked confidence and instilled courage to face the world when I lacked it. Special thanks go to my few select friends who I consider to be my life long mates. * Above all to GOD, who works through me as he does through all of us! Path finding techniques is a vital sub task in mobile robotics that has been subjected to extensive research. Navigation issues also assume a lot of importance in homeland security applications.

    • Word count: 14571
  10. Optimal Path Planning Applied to Ant Foraging

    Ants are generally very efficient in finding food and building a nest just by using simple rules. Ants make use of pheromones, a chemical substance to mark a trail. They roam randomly until they pick up the scent of the pheromone, at which point of time they will decide to either follow the trail or continue to roam randomly. Using these techniques, ants are capable of finding the shortest possible path to the food source quickly. The results of self organisation are global in nature, but come about from interactions based entirely on local information [2]. To achieve this, self-organisation relies on several components: positive feedback, negative feedback, amplification of fluctuations, and multiple interactions [3].

    • Word count: 1199
  11. internal and external program interfaces

    The logo will appear in the top right hand corner and the management button just below it. This will allow only the manager to view information that is suitable for him e.g. sales figures. This will not be allowed to be viewed by staff members by using a hierarchy system of usernames and passwords at the login stage. The first page shows a drop down menu by which the user can select whether they want to search shows by using either by: * A-Z * By date * By show The four buttons on the bottom of the screen as for easy access to certain parts of the system to assist the user.

    • Word count: 1324
  12. The Learning Benefits of Hypermedia Environments.

    Due to those problems many researches suggested that this information technology is an inappropriate support for learning systems. We are going to discuss about adaptive hypermedia and compare them with the usage of hypermedia. Finally we are going to present a learning system designed for financial students as a best practice of designing a learning system trying to avoid the disorientation of hypermedia. Appropriate and careful analysis and design are the unique solution to minimize disorientation. The Learning Benefits of Hypermedia Environments The instructional paradigm is shifting from a teaching environment to a learning environment, with a focus on "practice-centered learning."

    • Word count: 4134
  13. The term Forensic Computing(TM) and its basic principles have been defined by many organisations, including the Australian Institute of Criminology and

    But the officer is prohibited to turn on the machine; this is because when the machine starts up previous information may be over-written. [2, lecture] If the computer is turned on when officers come to seize the equipment then a copy must be made of any running applications to a removable source such as a USB, the machine must then be turned off without saving anything and in the normal way. The data within the computer/ laptop must be preserved by making a hard copy of all the data within the computer, even if this data is not relevant to

    • Word count: 2132
  14. Java-Programmed Library System

    The arrow from Library to BookRecord shows that Library uses objects from the other one, which will be verified throughout the report. Figure 1: The programming environment provided by BlueJ 2. The BookRecord class This class was designed to represent a record of a book. Therefore, we should have attributes such as title, author name, publishing year and number of copies (which we call instance variables or fields). We should have a way to access these fields, so accessor methods were created, in order to retrieve the values represented by these instance variables.

    • Word count: 1499
  15. Voice Activated Phone System - Human Computer Interaction Report

    10 Figure 9 Questions comparing the three systems for Questionnaire 11 Design Introduction Design an interactive system for maintaining and using a cordless phone at home. Assuming one is already in place, a module shall be added to the existing program to create a voice enabling utility. It is geared towards people with disabilities (quadriplegic, visually impaired) or those who just prefer the convenience of hands free phone. The intended user should be someone who is familiar with using a basic telephone and those selected to evaluate the prototypes will fall under this category.

    • Word count: 2923
  16. Random Access Memory

    was introduced in 1970s.Memory refers to the data which computers stored in binary code while random access refers to the PC processor that can access any part of the memory directly. RAM is used for storing data in computers. Unlike hard drive, it does not have read/write head to recall the memory but the data are stored in the form of integrated circuits. Therefore the transfer rate of RAM is faster than hard drive. RAM is used as the primary storage.

    • Word count: 2988
  17. Implementation Issues: Implementation of Enterprise Systems

    Impact and Problem Scope 1.1 Background For some time, the SAP Phase 1 Production site in Stevenage has been carrying significant risk of service and data loss. GSK has experienced poor service reliability with significant risk to data. MRP II provides support to manufacturing processes such as Goods Receipt, Product Movement and Purchasing. These processes can not function with the SAP service, Product Supply lines start to shut down after 2 hours service loss. In the last year there has been an average of 2 critical service failures per month.

    • Word count: 2261
  18. Embodied Gaming

    Sometimes even they offer smart and accurate solutions to problems that sometimes humans may find difficult. By playing video games any person can experience virtual situations and may learn new things, and new skills can then be utilized to perform well in the game. Of course, each game is different and will require different type of skills and a different way of thinking therefore playing a variety of games will be useful for later on and the experience that are gained could potentially be used in real life situations.

    • Word count: 3787
  19. configuring access points

    Addresses Ethernet Local Area Connection 00-16-76-c1-fe-9d Wireless Connection 00-14-6c-2c-bf-f4 Wireless Access Wireless Network Name(SSID) AZ710 Encryption (circle one) WEP 64 WEP Passphrase 22 Key# and key i): 11C5A112ED We can see that the IP addresses have also changed and the gateway IP address is now that of the netgear router. Checking router status: Router status can be referred to view the settings and statistics of the router. If there is any change to be made in particular settings, LAN Port for example, we have to go to the corresponding tab on the left hand side and make the changes.

    • Word count: 1930
  20. site survey

    Experiment A: Chanalyzer After inserting the 'dongle' in the USB port and running the Chanalyzer u will be able to see several access points and channels which match with those found using Netstumbler. Access Points and Channels as seen in Network stumbler Chanalyzer provides three different views to guide us manage issues with Wi-Fi networks: * Spectral View: depicts bandwidth use over time with a graph that plots the time period chosen against the range of frequencies, with each point colour-coded where red is high and blue is low.

    • Word count: 812
  21. NetStumbler or Network Stumbler is a Windows tool that facilitates discovery of Wireless local area networks using the 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g Wireless LAN standards

    A site survey typically includes finding out what existing items (microwave ovens, cordless phones, radio hams) are using the radio frequencies as the wireless LAN. Before installing a wireless LAN a survey should be done and after installation some subsequent surveys should be performed. Hardware such as an RF spectrum analyzer is generally used for a full site survey, but Netstumbler can also be for surveying a site partially. Turn the Auto Reconfigure on, to ensure that as many wireless LANs as possible are detected.

    • Word count: 844
  22. Knowledge Worker Tools

    This author believes that managers must realize that they should support their workers in providing an environment that is susceptible for learning and growing. Ever hear the saying that those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat the past? The most common way to capture and share these new experiences is through documentation. Regan and O'Connor (2002) stated that "documentation is a detailed, written explanation of how a computer program works. It details the programming logic, variables, formulas, processed data (and where it comes from), and any other items pertinent to the creation and use of the program" (p.

    • Word count: 1558
  23. Industrial Data Management Technologies

    I was not having the brief idea about the EER diagrams and UML as well now I am filling that I can do it very easily because the way of I got knowledge of my module and project work by professor. Here in our course work all the team members are have their own entities and tables, but we are using the information of the another group member. Like account department is using the information of the employee table etc.

    • Word count: 5193
  24. CSR Aanlysis

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that created to show the employers' obligation considering the interest of community, customers, employees, shareholders, and ecological arises from their operation (wikipedia). 2. Problem definition and Literature review 2.1 Problem Definition Process In this section, it is to focus on how well background lead into the problem definition and set the context and scope of study. At First, the Authors did so much researches and found that many CSR researches have been conducted in the western countries however limited done in Asia and it is less comparative studies done within Asia context through

    • Word count: 3442
  25. Expert System

    hostile environments * there are considerable advantages in reaching an accurate answer quickly http://library.thinkquest.org/11534/expert.htm How are they different from a conventionally coded system? Expert systems are differ from conventionally coded system because expert system can do lot of things then a normal conventionally coded system. Also a expert system are able to perform more than one tasks at a time but the conventionally coded system does not allow to perform that way they are just using a basic programming language. Describe the architecture/Design of a typical Expert System 2) http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~alison/ai3notes/subsection2_5_2_1.html The above diagram shows the importance of a rule base system.

    • Word count: 659

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