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University Degree: Computer Science

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  1. CONTENTS 1 Overview of Http Protocol 2 HTTP Package 2 (WWW) World Wide Web 3 Designing Http client

    * Below I have inserted an example of the HTTP 1.0 exchange and findings:- GET / HTTP/1.0 > > < HTTP/1.0 200 OK < Date: MON, 19 APR 2004 20:18:59 GMT < Server: Apache/1.0.0 < Content-type: text/html < Content-length: 1579 < Last-modified: Mon, 22 MAR 2004 22:23:34 GMT < < HTML document In addition to the GET requests, clients can also send HEAD and POST requests, of which Posts are the most important. Posts are used for HTML forms and other operations that require the client to transmit a block of data to the server.

    • Word count: 2918
  2. The OSI Reference Model, in its simplest terms is a seven layered design designed to make software development, product evolution, modular engineering and multi vendor interoperability easier

    Report "The real key to OSI is not the details of functions at each layer, but rather an understanding of why the layers have been separated as they have been; those layers represent sets of consistent concepts and functions related to data handling. The various layers treat data very differently (different interpretations). It is important to differentiate between network-oriented functions, and those associated with a GUI or other user interface". John Drabik, Arcturus Networks Apr 15, 2003 Layers & Protocols The OSI Reference model is a set of seven layers that define the different stages that Date (know as Data Encapsulation)

    • Word count: 2004
  3. Heuristic evaluation is a discount usability engineering method for quick, cheap and easy evaluation of a user interface design

    A study into the questioned issue conducted by Desurvire et al, an evaluator from the University of Colorado, compared the effectiveness of experimental usability testing and heuristic evaluations in identifying violations of usability guidelines. Detailed laboratory testing carried out by Heather Desurvire found 6 of the 10 guidelines of a user interface were violated, whereas the heuristic evaluation method only identified one violation with the interface. Desurvire et al compared the results of three different types of evaluation techniques to laboratory testing results.

    • Word count: 1637
  4. Is the storage of data in holograms more secure than the optical disc storage using interference patterns?

    One-sided disk b. Both-sided disk. Depending on the type of the disk, capacity of data storage on disk varies. The following table gives a brief idea about the storage capacity of both the types of HD DVD: - Physical size Single layer capacity Dual layer capacity 12 cm, single sided 15 GB 30 GB 12 cm, double sided 30 GB 60 GB Working of HD DVD: - HD DVD uses a blue-violet 405 nm laser to read information from the disc (DVDs use red 650 nm lasers). The shorter wavelength reduces diffraction and maintains a smaller spot size of the laser.

    • Word count: 2342
  5. Asynchronous And Synchronous Communication

    Asynchronous data transmission is fine if the volume of data to be transferred is low. However, owing to the high overhead incurred, transferring large volume of data asynchronously is very slow. Also the lack of timing information sent with data the data restricts asynchronously transmission to low data rates. Asynchronous character representation Star bit 1 bit 7-bit ASCII character Parity bit 1 bit Stop bit 1 bit Synchronous Communication Synchronous data transmission is used to overcome these limitations. With synchronous transmission, rather than sending individual characters, a block of characters is sent.

    • Word count: 801
  6. Some of these calculations can be complex and errors arise. In order to aid efficiency and ultimately save time, the owner of the company would like an automated system whereby quotes can be issued to clients via a PC system through a printed quote.

    The invoice will also contain the company logo and it will be signed by a member of staff for verification purposes. 1.3. End User Requirements The following criteria need to be met in order for the quotation system to fulfil the end user requirements: i. User must be able to move freely between worksheets. ii. To issue an accurate insurance quote. This involves details such as customer gender, age and car model all being correct e.g. All the factors that influence the price of a quote.

    • Word count: 4902
  7. Secure Shell technology, SSH Communications Security has been involved in research and development in cryptography since 1995.

    Encoding the contents of the message in such a way that hides its contents from outsiders is called encryption. The encrypted message is called ciphertext. The process of retrieving the plaintext from the ciphertext is called decryption. Encryption and decryption usually make use of a key, and the coding method is such that decryption can be performed only by knowing the proper key. Cryptography is the art or science of mathematical techniques related to such aspects of data security as confidentiality, or keeping secret the content of information from unauthorized parties; data integrity, or detecting the unauthorized alteration of data; authentication, or identifying either entities or data origins; non-repudiation, or preventing an entity from denying previous commitments or actions.

    • Word count: 4202
  8. So in order to understand what the main areas where organisation should be aware of securing data, we should understand the terminologies like footprinting, scanning and enumeration

    Although many computer enthusiasts still ascribe to this definition, the everyday usage of the word has changed significantly. Today, "hacking" generally refers to individuals who break into computer systems or use their programming skills or expert knowledge to act maliciously. (Traditional hackers-the good kind-prefer to use the term "cracker" to refer to these individuals.) Some of the most common types of hacking include: * Breaking into computer networks; * Bypassing passwords or copy protection in computer software; * Defacing and/or damaging Internet web sites; * Causing a denial of service attack on a web site or network (preventing legitimate users from accessing a web site); * Stealing valuable information such as passwords and credit card data.

    • Word count: 15506
  9. 'Four Hour Format' Recruitment System

    1: Generate leads for position a. Develop job description and/or ad to include: i. Roles, responsibilities, tasks, duties ii. Skills required iii. Hours expected iv. Pay range b. Identify lead sources i. Look within company first and ask if team if they know anyone who may be appropriate ii. Post sign in your door/window iii. Post ad in local and daily papers iv. Post ad in trade/industry publications v. Post ad in local houses of worship vi. Email/mail/fax ad to customer database, vendors, personal/business colleague database vii. Fax job description to employment/temp agencies 1. Identify (10 to 20) agencies 2. Complete their contract if required 3. Call back the day after JD is faxed to ask for CV's viii.

    • Word count: 1087
  10. Code model and the inferential model

    Example: Mary is angry with Peter and she doesn't want to talk to him. When he tries to engage her in conversation, she might: 1. stare ostentatiously at the ceiling. 2. open a newspaper and start to read it. 3. look angrily at Peter and clamp her mouth shut. 4. look angrily at Peter, put a finger to her lips and whisper `Shh`. 5. say `I m deaf and dumb`. 6. say `I won't talk to you`. * What do Mary's actions communicate to Peter? * Which, if any, of Mary's actions encode some part of her meaning?

    • Word count: 914
  11. Avon, which began its operations in 1886, is a global manufacturer and marketer of beauty and related products. Avon's products fall into three product categories: Beauty, which accounted for 63% of revenues in 2001

    There are no listed toxic substances handled at this site in excess of the threshold quantity. PART 2 : INTRODUCTION History of Avon Avon started out as the California Perfume Company when founder, Mr. David McConnell, 28 of New York, NY, USA discovered that the rose oil perfumes he was giving away were the reason people were buying his books. He named the company Avon in 1939 in tribute to his favorite playwright, William Shakespeare and Stratford on Avon. Mrs.

    • Word count: 13456
  12. Ethical Decision-Making

    needs; * supports both interdependent and sequential decisions; * supports all three phases of the Simon problem solving process: intelligence, design and choice; * supports a variety of decision styles and processes which could occur among a group of managers; * is adaptable and flexible to changes in both the organization and its environment; * is easy to use and modify; * improves the effectiveness of decision making and problem solving, not only the efficiency; * allows humans to control the computer support and does not try to control the human problem solving and decision making; * supports an evolutionary

    • Word count: 2118
  13. JAVA RMI Introduction Design Implementation Testing

    > The Stub serializing the parameters to skeleton, the skeleton invoking the remote method and serializing the result back to the stub. Stub and Skeleton: > A client invokes a remote method; the call is first forwarded to stub. > The stub is responsible for sending the remote call over to the server-side skeleton > The stub opening a socket to the remote server, marshalling the object parameters and forwarding the data stream to the skeleton. > A skeleton contains a method that receives the remote calls, unmarshalls the parameters, and invokes the actual remote object implementation.

    • Word count: 1314
  14. Summarise and Describe the changes to Wellums Creek over the past 50

    It is elevated 110metres above mean sea level (Ramasinghe et al., 2004). AIMS This study involves the use of the Internet to assess changes in the morphology and wave conditions at Palm Beach, Sydney, NSW. The specific aims are to: > Identify daily morphologic beach states for a complete and consecutive month long period; > Identify daily hydrodynamic conditions for the same month long period; > Relate changes in beach state morphology to variations in wave conditions. METHOD Argus time-exposure video images of Palm Beach were accessed via the Coastal Imaging Lab (2005)

    • Word count: 1779
  15. NCC International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies

    Some robots are designed to gather content for indexing into search databases, and other robots are designed to do link checking, HTML validation, and other tasks. Web-wide search engines, such as Go Network, AltaVista and HotBot use robots because web pages were accessed remotely. How Robots Follow Links to Find Pages ? Robots.txt With the use of indexing technique, Robots should also check a special file in the root of each server called robots.txt, a plain text file (not HTML).

    • Word count: 3602
  16. Evaluate the relative merits of the different electoral systems that operate in Britain, the North of Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

    The electoral system that operates in Britain today is First Past the Post (FPTP). This current system is used for electing MP's to the House of Commons. "There are 659 separate constituencies across the UK each electing one single Member of Parliament". (www.electoral-reform.org.uk) This form of voting is usually very simple as each voter only has to place one cross on the ballot paper. First Past the Post is also very cheap and efficient. The task of counting votes is very quick allowing the new elected government to take over power almost immediately. This also allows for the disruption to political life of the nation to be short.

    • Word count: 1586
  17. Distributed Computing

    Migratable applications - Parallel applications that can be stopped at any point of execution and can be restarted on processors in a different site, cluster or domain. Reconfigurable or malleable and migratable applications provide added functionality and flexibility to the scheduling and resource management systems for distributed computing. In order to achieve starting and stopping of the parallel applications, the state of the applications have to be checkpointed. Some scholars (Elonazhy; Plank) have surveyed several checkpointing strategies for sequential and parallel applications.

    • Word count: 3655
  18. A review of methods and techniques available for evaluating human computer interfaces

    Henderson, Podd, Smith and Varela-Alvarez (1995) and Johnson (1989) also reported that poor interface design could increase mistakes, user frustration, result in poor system performance, employee dissatisfaction, high staff turnover, absenteeism and tardiness. Adhering to interface design principles recommended in HCI research and literature can help to reduce the severity and incidence of the negative effects of poor interface design. One important step in the recommended design principles of the HCI is evaluation. Evaluation of the HCI as a part of design will allow the designer to see how the product interacts with its users.

    • Word count: 3436
  19. Contents Page

    The other group member including me had our critical analysis of the problems and the opinions that we had in a professional and relevant manner. The shop needs to update its manual stock handling system to the automated one, which we have suggested. In that relation, we suggest to employ a system analyst to explore in depth of the feasibility of our proposed solution. Once the new system has been approved and proved to be quite functional regarding the business nature, it can be launched immediately after the proper training to the employees of the new system.

    • Word count: 2065
  20. Detail the networking structure and components the CK games case study.

    The main advantages of the star topology that I have chosen are that it is easy to install and wire up, if one of the computers on network fail it will not bring the whole network down with it and finally it would be easy to add more computers to the network provided that there is enough room to accommodate them. There are a couple of possible flaws associated with the star system which are as follows, a lot of cabling is required, however the price of cable nowadays is cheap enough to not make this an issue.

    • Word count: 1997
  21. Heuristic evaluation was used by Jakob Nielsen in 1990 to describe a type of inspection method [5], for identifying usability problems of computer software

    The results from an heuristic evaluation can be tabulated or incorporated into a report for a client. It is fairly cheap to perform and has been branded a Discount Usability Engineering method - a method that is cheap, quick and easy to use [4]. Although the method is generally associated with evaluating software, and, in particular, software interfaces, it can be applied to the evaluation of any artifact. In a general way, it has been used for many centuries as any criteria-based evaluation can be seen to be a form of heuristic evaluation.

    • Word count: 2830
  22. The hospital today is striving to achieve the best handling of patients' historical records as well as the common problem how to provide the best medical care to thousands of patients that receive care from multiple physicians

    Other problems are as followings: * Physicians and staff have to wait for the delivery of patient's record. * The hospital operated with paper only. Dictated documents and lab results often took weeks to reach the patient's chart. * The paper filing process was not conductive to ensure that most recent information was available. * Many of historical data regarding to service involved can be lost. * The work flow resulted in manual process lead to frequent inefficiencies, such as delays in returning patient phone calls , scheduling appointed to re-diagnose or follow up their symptom.

    • Word count: 738
  23. The Vulnerability of Computerised Accounting Information Systems to Computer Crime

    Due to computerised systems the modern era people can obtain comprehensive information allied to anything only at the 'click of a mouse'. With the advent of information systems, it has become easier and faster to stock-in and keep posted alarmingly sizeable amount of statistics / data. But these systems on the other hand have made it easier and quicker for criminals to commit fraud. When the need for computer security is ignored, an open invitation is given to criminals - these destructive minded criminals take advantage of any opportunity to defraud - a company, company's clients and individuals.

    • Word count: 1766
  24. All the requirements of the A. A. Builder Company must be looked at, and a suitable network design must be proposed with detailed explanation as to the chosen solutions. To advise the company as to the possible way

    Builder network, as they rely solely on normal modes of communication, i.e., telephone, fax, etc. The diagram below shows the actual layout of the network: Fig.1 Current Design of the A. A. Builder Network 4. ANALYSIS OF THE PRESENT SCENARIO: The current A. A. Builder Company network consists of three different components, the Main Site, the Design Office and the Subsidiary Firms. Each of which will be analysed in this section, and the requirements of the company will also be looked at.

    • Word count: 1788
  25. The Importance of Standards and Protocols in the Development of the World Wide Web

    Those roles are called standards and protocols, which regulate and standarize the information flow from and into the nodes and hubs of all networks in the internet. Such a huge task, isn't it? Main Body: The Internet base protocols and systems were mainly devised in the 1970s and 1980s. Many were established initially as a means to connect mainframe computer systems for timesharing purposes. The system introduced for this fairly trivial purpose has expanded to become a global multimedia information and communications system, connecting PCs, phones, and tens of millions rather than the few devices foreseen by the original inventors.

    • Word count: 1427

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