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University Degree: Computer Science

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  1. Assess the strengths and weaknessess of the procedures for choosing candidates for the presidency.

    `Before evaluating the present system, it is perhaps useful to briefly consider the nature of the previous arrangements from which it evolved. Ragsdale identifies four distinct phases in the history of the development of presidential nominations procedures (1993, pp94-97). From 1800 to 1824, the congressional caucus system operated in which members of Congress from the two main parties met to select their candidates. This placed the nomination in the hands of the party elite who did not necessarily take account of the preferences of rank-and-file members.

    • Word count: 2642
  2. Compression and Decompression for Multimedia Systems.

    If the machine that the converting does not have a math co processor it would take a very long time to complete a conversion, or in most cases be impossible to complete in real time. LPC is very sensitive to high frequencies and clipping caused by a microphone with an input level set to high, this is even more apparent when a person with a high frequency voice uses the compression as LPC removes a lot of the high frequency data, making their message (in the case of voice mail)

    • Word count: 870
  3. To what extent has the German electoral system shaped its party system and the development of the ma

    There are two important exceptions to this simple model which must be noted. The first is that a party which wins more seats by the majority voting system than it would normally be allowed its proportion of the vote is allowed to keep these seats. In this case the Bundestag is simply expanded, as occurred in 1994, with 16 seats being added to make the size of the Bundestag 672 seats. This clause was not particularly important until 1990, not seeing use in many elections, but since then has been a regular feature.

    • Word count: 4366
  4. For this assignment I will be producing an outline design for the user interface, for an application for a garden advice system The Outline design of the system is very important.

    The diagram below shows how the screen should look similar to, it has all the main areas that they can go to via the buttons. All the customer has to do is simply select the button of the area that they want go to within the system. This would then take the users any other different areas that they want to look at e.g. the Plant types, this would then take them to into the specific area. The user interface would compromise of a VDU, Keyboard, 9 Input buttons (GARDEN LAYOUTS / PLANT TYPES / PLANT DISEASES / SOIL TYPES / QUESTIONS / NEXT / BACK / PRINT / EXIT ).

    • Word count: 753
  5. Do Studies of Visual Illusion Demonstrate the Importance of Conceptually Driven Processes?

    Conceptually driven processing uses many types of information to interpret what is being observed. One such thing is context. A good study which helps demonstrate the role of conceptually driven processes uses context. Mandler and Parker (1976) showed participants a picture of a living room. Later on the same participants were asked to reconstruct the picture they had seen earlier but were now scrambled. This was an easy task to perform. However, Mandler and Parker (1976) also asked to participants to reconstruct the scrambled picture having not seen the earlier unscrambled image. Even though they had not seen the original image they all managed to reconstruct the picture correctly.

    • Word count: 1405
  6. 3D Gait Analysis (GA).

    Based on this univariate analysis, the first conclusions are drown. These univariate results are then synthesized to arrive at the global conclusions. This method, although effective, is not easy to understand and the results are not immediate, in particular for people who don't work every day with GA and don't have a lot of experience with GA. For this reason, there is a clinical need to identify a single and concise index that is easy to use and to understand, but still preserves the efficacy and precision of locomotor pattern analysis and treatment evaluation.

    • Word count: 1174
  7. Power Source.

    But with the introduction of backup batteries, this has greatly increased the areas now available to solar power. Solar power was also seen as an alternative during the energy crises of the 1970's (Oil Supply Crises) hence this promoted the need to find alternative power supplies. The Chernobyl accident in particular brought home to Europeans the need for cleaner and safer forms of energy. Solar panels are probably the most benign method of power generation known. They are silent, produce no emissions, and use no fuel other than sunlight.

    • Word count: 1389
  8. This public relations report deal with Kitchen on Wheels, that , as its name says deals in the food industry. It offers a service to the community by bringing them their lunch. The slogan of the company goes like: We bring Your Lunch Pail" to date.

    > Company's Background > Problem Identification > Objectives > Have a strategic plan for the company > Form a public relations committee > Turn the data into a public relations plan > Networking > Outreach > Media > Union > Little Things > Facilities > Calender > Budget > Evaluation Company's Background Following the last poll on: "Public Attitudes Towards Growing Food and Beverages companies", Kitchen on Wheels have always been rated around the 60 to 70 percent. The company never crossed the limit of 68 % concerning their popularity.

    • Word count: 2124
  9. Secondary Sources for Geographical Information.

    The books which are in the national library must all be viewed inside the building; no books are allowed to be loaned. The National library of Wales also contains all the journals which have been published in the United Kingdom, which makes it a very valuable resource. The books and journals in the library contain all kinds of different facts and data, ranging from the population change in Aberystwyth over time to the river heights along Rheidol during periods of flooding.

    • Word count: 968
  10. Discuss the basic ( computer ) architecture and operation of the micro-simulator that you have been using in the practical work.

    into BL CALL 80 ; Call Subroutine 80 (delay routine) ; AMBER / RED MOV AL,50 ; Copy 10100000 into the AL register. OUT 01 ; Send AL to Port One (The traffic lights). MOV BL,02 ; Moves value ( 2 ) into BL CALL 80 ; Call Subroutine 80 (delay routine) ; RED / RED MOV AL,90 ; Copy 01010000 into the AL register. OUT 01 ; Send AL to Port One (The traffic lights). MOV BL,01 ; Moves value ( 1 ) into BL CALL 80 ; Call Subroutine 80 (delay routine)

    • Word count: 1267
  11. This report outlines the features of HCI and the associated functions of the surrounding peripherals of a system.

    The User By user, we may mean an individual user, a group of users working together, or even a series of users in an organisation, each involved with some part of the job or development. The user is whoever is trying to get the job done using the technology. An appreciation of the way people's sensory systems (sight, hearing, touch) relay information is vital to designing a first-class product. For example, display layouts should accommodate the fact that people can be sidetracked by the smallest movement in the outer (peripheral)

    • Word count: 2641
  12. Simplistic analysis of data collected from children's non-verbal responses as well as from their spoken words.

    Although the data collected can be most accurately described as being qualitative, there were also a surprising amount of quantitative measures within them. These arose from the counting and comparing of the comments of individual children in order to make certain generalised statements or from yes/no answers to closed questions. These will be reported on accordingly. I had been warned by tutors that data may feel out of control and that it was all part of the process, but I still felt unprepared for the feeling of total panic after I had printed out the full set of data.

    • Word count: 6128
  13. The standard PC parallel interface and the sequence of events of the transmission of data:

    Data Address Control The data bus is the most important bus as it is used to transfer information (data) from the processor to memory and vice versa. This data may be machine code instructions, ASCII codes, graphics data, etc. Since the required data may need to be read from or written to any memory location, the processor must have a way of selecting which memory location is required. This means that each memory location must have a unique number, which is called an address.

    • Word count: 369
  14. State two advantages and two disadvantages of a layered operating system.

    Turnaround time: - is the time taken between the submission and complete execution of a process, which includes the actual running time and waiting time for accessing the resources Throughput: - is the amount of work, in other words, the rate of completion of processes a computer can carry out in a certain time (a unit time). Throughput basically defines the degree of performance of a computer/system Processor utilisation: - indicates the percentage of time the CPU is busy running a process, apart from waiting time for Input/Output b.

    • Word count: 907
  15. The origins, applications and current research trends in Cheminformatics.

    The information retrieval in Chemistry used a nomenclature and organisation that is easily recognised by the user for investigations. This offered a new highly specialized scientific environment for information retrieval in Cyberspace. So basically Cheminformatics helps chemists investigate new problems and organize and analyze scientific data to develop novel compounds, materials, and processes through the application of information technology. The data can be accessed via printed sources or in computer form (which can be accessed via databases or via the web).

    • Word count: 2952
  16. This research project is being conducted to formulate an answer or theory to the question, 'why do individuals use complementary therapy for the maintenance of health?'

    The subject (interviewee) This research project is to use a single-case study. Bell (1997) discusses case studies stating that they are a "follow up to put flesh on the bones of a survey. They can precede a survey and be used as a means of identifying key issues which merit further investigation". The survey that was partaken previous to this research project was in the form of a questionnaire. This questionnaire aided in identifying some issues that need to be developed further. These issues are to be discussed and developed through the interview of a single person whom is a sample representative of the population that have received complimentary therapies to maintain health.

    • Word count: 3161
  17. Which properties of HTTP waste bandwidth? What is the additional problem using HTTP/1.0 together with TCP? How does HTTP/1.1 improve the situation?

    A client may send multiple requests at the beginning of a session, and the server can send all responses in the same order. * Caching enhancements: A cache may now also store cacheable responses. The correctness of cached entries has been enhanced. A special tag allows for the identification of content and helps to determine if two different URIs map to the same content. Several more tag determines if content is cacheable. * Bandwidth optimisation: HTTP/1.1 supports not only compression, but also the negotiation of compression parameters and different compression styles.

    • Word count: 2734
  18. An exploratory market research on the traffic problems of Auckland CBD and surrounding suburbs.

    And I have found out that the public transportation if improved can ease the traffic problem. Problem identification: Increasing people are complaining to the city council about Auckland's traffic. The problem we should be solving is how we can minimize the complaints from the road users. This can be divided into several problems. First of all, the traffic problem is partially caused by the incompetent road system. However, the council does not have enough money to fix the whole road system in Auckland.

    • Word count: 2011
  19. Are Your Offline and Online Campaigns Co-ordinated?

    Find that scary? I hope not! After all it was quite easy to include it in all your campaigns! But there's more to it then that. If you are including your email address then people are going to visit your website. Just as you tell people to call a 1800 number you are inviting them to your website. But are your offline and online campaigns co-ordinated? Your prospects will expect to see a mirror image of your offline image online. If you're sending out direct mail (and including your web address)

    • Word count: 502
  20. Modulation.A modulation is a process by which an information signal is converted to a sinusoid waveform for digital communication, such a sinusoid of duration T is referred to as a digital symbol.

    cos[?0 + ?(t)] Where A(t) is the time-varying amplitude, ?0 is the radian frequency of the carrier and O(t) is the phase, When the frequency, f, is used instead of ?, the relationship between them is ?+2?f The basic digital modulation/demodulation types as follows: o Phase Shift Keying (PSK) o Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) o Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) o Hybrids Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) is generally the combination of ASK and PSK (APK). The general expression in equation 1.2 illustrates the indexing of both the signal amplitude term and the phase term. si (t) = 2Ei (t) cos[?0 + ??(t)] 0 < t < T (1.2)

    • Word count: 4381
  21. Batch processing Vs. Multiprogramming.

    data to be processed in a batch that may only be processed once every hour, great for the staff who like coffee and cigarette breaks and bad for the employee (you) who's still paying them while they do this. The way in which batch processing works in this company is that all the employees will complete the work they have to do and then need to have the data or design processed, tested or compiled. In order for this to be done they have to currently submit their data to another department that will feed the data into a machine that is making a long list of jobs that need to be processed.

    • Word count: 1619
  22. A major objective in developing a database it to enables many users to access shared data concurrently.

    That is to say, it must be kept in a consistent state. Second, concurrent data access by multiple users must be optimised with the highest possible performance to provide maximum productivity for all users of the system. In this report we will be discussing multi-user issues in databases including transaction management, recovery, locking, time stamping, concurrency control and indexes. 2.0 Transactions Transactions are fundamental to the idea of controlled concurrent access to multi-user systems. A Transaction is a logical unit of a database processing that includes one or more database access operations.

    • Word count: 6104
  23. Assembly Program.

    I will show you how I got to the final piece of code through various stages. Diagram of 8051 Microcontroller This is a diagram of the 8051 microcontroller that we are using for the robot. You can see the various connections that are going to be made to the controller. The two stepper motors are connected to various pins from P1.0 to P1.7, each pin is connected to a different coil on the stepper motor. Each pin is connected to different coils so we can energise each one at different times, which will move the motor.

    • Word count: 1779
  24. The purpose of this project is to discuss the issues associated with the deployment of a secure, WAP-based, transactional banking system, and to build a solution with these issues in mind.

    Systems Methodology 38 3.1.2 Rich Pictures 40 3.1.3 Conceptual Model 42 3.1.4 Agree on Changes 43 3.1.5 Action 43 3.2 RAD 45 3.2.1 Definition 45 3.2.2 Principles Behind The Definition 45 3.2.3 Problems Addressed By RAD 46 3.2.4 Bad Reasons For Using RAD 46 3.2.5 Good Reasons For Using RAD 46 3.2.6 Schedule Versus Economy Versus Product Quality 46 3.2.7 Abbreviated History of RAD 47 3.2.8 Characteristics of RAD 47 3.2.9 RAD Uses Iterative, Evolutionary Prototyping 48 3.2.10 When RAD Works And When It Doesn't RAD Tends To Work 49 3.2.11 When RAD Tends To Fail 49 3.2.12 Evaluation of

    • Word count: 21083
  25. The application of the metaphors 'machine', 'organism', and 'culture' to the organisation of the medical centre.

    This is the decision that the practice needs to make. There are many different ways of looking at an organisation, for example you can look at their formal organisational structure, working culture and or business activities However it can be very difficult and long winded to describe an organisation in this way. This is where the use of metaphors come in. A metaphor is "a figure of speech in which one 'thing' [organisation] is described in terms of another" for example an employee can be described as another "cog in the machine", as you may have seen on the Royal Navy's TV advertisements.

    • Word count: 1551

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