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Develop a Puzzle Website for users of three different age groups, Kids, Teenagers and Adults.

Extracts from this document...



1. Introduction

2. What was planned verses what was achieved.

3. Problems encountered.

3.1 Project Room

3.2 Zip Drives

3.3 Time Scheduling and Overrunning Tasks

3.4 Technical Problems        

4. What has been learned?

4.1 Technologies learned

4.2 Time Allocation  

5. What would you do differently?

5.1 The Use of JSP’s

What are JSP’s?

How are JSP’s (servlets) useful?

        5.2 Configuring of our own Client/Server Architecture

5.3 Flexibility

5.4 Better Time Scheduling

5.5 Website Design Aspects

6. Changes to the project since the design report.

6.1 Interface Changes

6.2 Games

6.3 Tools and Techniques

7. A technical description of the implementation.

7.1 Database Design

7.2 Website Design          

7.3 Connectivity between Database and Website

7.4 Games Implementation

7.5 Testing the System

7.6 Usability Test Results

8. Possible future enhancements.

8.1 Electronic Mail Service

8.2 Flash Macromedia

8.3 Instant Messaging Service  

8.4 Tracking of Games

9. Project Schedule

10. Conclusion

11. Acknowledgements

12. References

1. Introduction

        For our final year project in Commercial Software Development we thought it would be a challenging idea to develop a Puzzle Website for users of three different age groups, Kids, Teenagers and Adults.  This is to allow our users not to get bored with our website.  The more puzzling the better is our motto. Basically the aim of our project is to develop a website where you can get away from the stress and strain of school, college or work, play on-line and send us your suggestions and comments and you can even post up your own puzzle on our bulletin board. The main idea for the project came from a conversation we had one day bemoaning the lack of interesting sites or things to do on the Internet.

        Once you type in the URL of our site you enter the home page, which is just a basic explanation page of some of the games that we have in our game rooms. Then we have implemented links along the side to perform the basic functions of the site.

...read more.


        As opposed to placing our project on a free web server such as Brinkster we would attempt to implement Client/Server architecture.

         To implement this we would need the use of two PC's one as the client requesting services from the server where all the requested services are running. We would build our project on a Windows machine with this machine acting as the server. We would then need the use of a client computer.

        To establish a connection between the client and server machines we needed both machines to have network cards that would connect both machines using two UTP device cables. This would establish a connection. Next we would have to configure the IP addresses of the client and server. Once these are configured both machines would be able to talk to each other.  

5.3 Flexibility

        We could install any software we liked on our own server and even run any heavy-duty programs we needed. As we would be the server administrators, we could do pretty much anything we liked.

5.4 Better Time Scheduling

        We think the first thing to do would be to visualise how we could do the project, as we wasted a lot of time in the early stages trying to decide what to do our project on, producing two feasibility studies before deciding what to do. Maybe it would have been useful to us if we had of had our feasibility study completed before we came back to college. Consequently this would have given us valuable research time, as this is vital in producing an efficient system.

        Also another aspect that we felt we could of

...read more.


        But in saying that, we are happy at the way that this project has turned out. Obviously given more time we would have done a lot more, and possibly have made it a commercial product. The project is an aspect of the course we as a team enjoyed the most and felt it was a great way of using a wide range of modern technologies, which will hopefully stand to us in our future careers in the industry.

11. Acknowledgements

        We like the take this opportunity to thank Mary Power, our project supervisor, for her continuous help throughout the year. And members of our class for participating in our system test and for relaying back vital information on the system.

        And we would also like to thank everyone at ASP Forums (www.aspforums.com) and ASP Forums Zone (http://asp.forumszone.com) for their willingness to help us our with code problems.

12. References

Website Researched

























...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Computer Science section.

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