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Hardware and Software Support

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Advertising Agency Hardware and Software Support

Hardware and Software Support  

Brianna Bridges

CIS 205 University of Phoenix

Supporting Multiple Computing Needs

The advertising agency that I work for is a mid-sized full-service, independent integrated marketing services agency founded in 1974, headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin with service offices in Chicago and Lincoln, Nebraska. We recently implemented a corporate intranet in which employees can retrieve information such as agency announcements, newsletters, blog posts, and the company handbook, company code of conduct, and company policies and procedures.  The company intranet is especially valuable for sharing and connecting with the remote offices.  My company provides advertising, public relations, brand management, market research, and relationship marketing services to companies targeting sales to other companies, as we specialize in B2B marketing. We have a variety of different departments that provide these services, all with different hardware and software needs that range from basic computing requirements to higher functioning necessities for day-to-day activities.

 The Microsoft Office Suite was acquired by the agency for associates to organize presentations, and spreadsheets, and perform word processing.

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The agency provides each associate with a computer running Windows XP Professional with Internet access. Most of our PC’s come with CD-ROM drives, or DVD drives to store video, audio, and graphic data, built-in multimedia capabilities, including high-resolution color monitors, and stereo speakers for amplifying audio output.  PCs range from Intel Pentium Four 3.0 GB processors to the very latest processors, depending on the needs of the department. All workstations have optical mice, 100TX network cards or better for data delivery, and possess a minimum of 512 MB RAM, 64 MB or superior video capabilities, 40 gig or better hard drives as well as DVD/CDRW drives with sound and speaker ports.  USB flash drives are used throughout the agency as they are typically removable and rewritable, and a much smaller option than disks to transport files and documents.  Avaya 1692 IP Conference Phones are in five out of our seven total conference rooms that feature up to six different lines that can be on the same

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Hardware and Software Used Sporadically

Additional hardware that is used on a more occasional or individual basis would include scanners, video cameras, laptops and PDA’s.   For our mobile users that travel to tradeshows, client headquarters, and locations to oversee photo and video shoots, various types of Dell laptops are assigned.  Frequent travelers are also assigned agency cell phones, and in the cases of account managers, PDA’s so that they don’t have to go long periods without access to e-mail and documents as we are a client-based business with constant communication needs.  For purposes such as digital and video transcription, we have four transcription devices are used.  Scanners are used to translate printed or written images and information from publications into a digital images that we use to keep track our advertisements, and client’s competitor’s ads.   Without the various software and hardware used, our advertising agency would not be as efficient and successful.


Stair, R. M., & Reynolds, G. W. (2006). Fundamentals of Information Systems. : Thomson Course Technology.

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