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Industrial Data Management Technologies

Extracts from this document...


Industrial Data Management Technologies


Laxcon Construction Ltd is a pioneer in construction, a firm that is built on solid foundation and enduring values. Laxcon is a part of distinguished Laxmanbhai construction group came in to existence in Kenya in 1950. Renowned for its reliability, exclusive workmanship and high standards, it has been associated with diversified contraction, construction management and design builder services. Its focuses on business principals that are client driven and strive and deliver.  


  • To set benchmarks in the world of construction management and design in terms of quality, technology, deliverance and costomer satisfaction.
  • To explore tremendous capabilities in order to surge new avenues of development and management.
  • To fuse experience and technology to display creativity and innovation.
  • To create, build, design with perfection, each time and every time.


  • Building refurbishment
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Health care
  • Leisure
  • Public buildings
  • Residential
  • Structural repairs

This is the company having 25 to 30 employees in the department. Laxcon Ltd is a basically construction company is having many departments. We have visited the head office of the Laxcon Ltd and try to search out the problems and current systems of the company by              asking the many questions to the Manager and  the working employees.

I have selected Human Resource Department because this department (Payroll, Leave Packages, loan) because this department is responsible to looking after the salary payments, giving the loan to employees, handling the leave packages and bonus which is giving to employees by the company to motivate them. I fill that a company has good manage computerized system but I fill some changes should be there.


        Here, while working in this project work, I have got the ideas about how to do team work, how to perform as a member of the team.

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Bank account ID    (PK)image11.png

Bank ID                (FK)image12.png

Bank Branch Name

Account Name

Employee NI ID    (FK)image13.png

Sort code

Type of Account


Loan Detail ID      (PK)

Loan ID                (FK)

Loan Amount

Loan Period

Load Issue Date


Self Assessment:  Stag- 2

        This is initially my second stage of the course work. In the first stage I have learnt how to distribute the individual work in the team, how I can be the active member of my team. I have got the idea about the EER and UML diagrams and the normalization. I have learnt how I can represent the data in good manner.

        This is my second stage of the course work. I have all the idea about my previous work and I have to implement the concept to make the web application. I have used ASP.net web matrix to create my web application. I have used Microsoft Access in my back hand. I have learnt how can I create the web sites using the proper database management system.

        In the beginning, I felt it is really hard and the complex task to me because I am very new with the web application and I have never work on such kind of web server script languages. But I have got good and clear concept from my professor Dr. Nawaz Khan and even he has given such knowledge of working with ASP.Net.

        Finally, if I do self assessment of my self after finishing this course work, I can say I have got good enough knowledge of the web application. I have got good knowledge about how can I get the good future aspect in the IT company because I learn so many things which I can apply in the real field.

Self Reflection:

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4).        Microsoft Web Matrix Tutorials


Reflective learning journal of stage1 and stage 2:-  

This course work was initially of two stages. In the first stage the I have gathered all the information from the company and initialize my entities, made relationship between them and draw the 3rd normalize EER diagram, UML Diagram. From the my point of view I have learnt from the stage1 is how to gathered the information from the company how to divide information in the entities. How to normalize the entities in to easier way, so that becomes very to understand. I have faced many difficulties but the reading material, lecture slides, and group work took off my all the errors and difficulties.

In the stage two, it was so difficult for me to develop the web based application, because I have never worked on such web server based languages. I have faced many difficulties and still I am confused in some functions. But after reading the books and lecture slides I have sort out many of the difficulties. Initially finishing the stage two I have learnt that how can we create the web server based application, and what are the usages of it, how can apply several functionality in the to the application and even how can we make it in more attractive way. Web based application now very widely used by the any organization, so this mechanism works in the real word that I came to know from the initially task2. Further more I have learnt what are the security measures should I provide to my web server and why it is needed. And many more useful things I have learnt from this module’s coerce work. I have taken lots of help from the group members and even from the internet web sites and books too. Initially I fill I concentrate more on this work then I could make this in better way.

...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Computer Science section.

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