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Information Systems and Business Processes

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Information Systems and Business Processes

Information Systems and Business Processes

Brianna Bridges

CIS 205 University of Phoenix

        Supporting Business Processes

Information systems are necessary for supporting business operations in a company or organization. Choosing the proper information system is paramount for an organization to be successful, and can mean the difference between failure and achievement.  There are a variety of requirements for every organization that can contrast to a vast extent, depending on the size and nature of the business.  Even within the same organization, different departments may have different information system needs.   Everything from client/customer information to human resources documents requires information systems to handle them.  Without information systems to store and process the range of tasks of a business, day-to-day operations would suffer significantly, and productivity would drop dramatically.  These days, almost every department of any corporation, has system users that need information, and efficient access to that information in order to carry out their duties. Because of the many needs and requirements within different departments of a company, organizations are apt to have several information systems operating simultaneously for maximum impact.

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The use of an Internet-based system to keep track of time spent on any project through use of job numbers has its strengths and weaknesses.  Efficiency has been the first and foremost reason that we use software based on the Internet, and has increased productivity for associates working outside our headquarters, in addition to all the remotely located associates. Allowing project leaders to track and manage client budgets for each project at any time, and anywhere has led to smoother end of the month billing to each of our clients, and more accurate data.  The more accurate the time and project data is, the more accurate our billing goes, and because we are a client-based business, we need every hour and every dollar we spend to be accounted for so that we can recoup our costs and be paid fairly for our work.  The software we use has also allowed us to account for time and work spent on clients that we have not yet acquired, so

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Internet connectivity issues will always slow down productivity in an advertising agency, as we use it for many other functions, such as research, media outlet material uploading, website maintenance, etc.  This is a problem that any business can run into and cannot usually control.  I do not see this as a significant problem at all, and the inherent strengths of the system far outweigh the weaknesses.  For our agency, I think this system is as effective as possible for our needs and requirements.  We just implemented this a year ago, and I see no room for improvement as of yet.  Everyone seems to love the ease of use and the faster pace of the system processes.  It has brought us nothing but success in all departments and perhaps one day it can be employed to encompass even more of individual departmental procedures.  Whether simple or complex, information systems have become a permanent fixture of the corporate world for businesses both large and small, and remain an integral part of running an organization successfully.


Stair, R. M., & Reynolds, G. W. (2006). Fundamentals of Information Systems. : Thomson Course Technology.

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