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University Degree: Information Systems

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  1. The case study I have chosen is Northwestern Business College. Northwestern Business College is a small private 2-year college with three campuses in Chicago, Bridgeview, and Naperville. The goal of this study is to identify software and hardware that wil

    Also, the company is vulnerable to viruses/worms/trojan horses, unauthorized sniffing of network traffic, and denial of service attacks. The goal of this study is to identify software and hardware that will reduce single points of failure, reduce network threats, and improve the availability of critical information systems. 2 Methodology To analyze the problems identified I used the following steps: * Diagram the environment. * Identify single points of failure and services/application affected by them. * Define critical functions/services. * Identify threats The following assumptions are made by this case study: * The estimated annual cost of downtime is $16,826,600.66 (1,919.57/hour).

    • Word count: 1942
  2. CW2 Quality Function Deployment CW2

    (Source; System requirements analysis By Jeffrey O. Grady) The process of Requirements Analysis is important to a software project because if there is not enough attention given to this process, the system may not deliver on what it was expected to do. It would also be a waste of money and resources to spend money on a system that does not meet the requirements of an organisation. The initial steps of the Requirements Analysis are to define a high level view of how the proposed system meets the business functionality requirements.

    • Word count: 1443
  3. Defining the scope of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) in a company

    The expressions came from ISO 27001. "The principle behind ISMS is that an organisation should design, implement and maintain a clear set of policies, processes and systems to manage risks to its information assets, therefore ensuring acceptable levels of information security risk." ISMS should be competent in the future and should adapt to changes whether they are internal or external and therefore should integrate the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle method which will keep it up to date. PLAN Establish ISMS policy, objectives, processes in the organisation to manage risks and improve security.

    • Word count: 1601
  4. Information Systems and Business Processes

    An information system is used to store information that a company needs to run its daily processes, and saves time through the use of technology, making any organization more efficient and productive. By using a combination of resources, both human and technical, it produces data and information required to support organizational procedures and help users make intelligent decisions based on that information. Not only does an information system store and display information for its user, but also helps to generate as well as send and receive data.

    • Word count: 1134
  5. IT policy

    2.2 Security: i) Don't attempt to gain unauthorized access to information or facilities. The Computer Misuse Act 1990 makes it a criminal offence to obtain unauthorized access to any computer (including workstations and PCs) or to modify its contents. If you don't have access to information resources you feel you need, contact your IT Support person or provider. ii) Don't disclose personal system passwords or other security details to other staff, volunteers or external agents and don't use anyone else's login; this compromises the security of XYZ. If someone else gets to know your password, ensure you change it or get IT Support to help you.

    • Word count: 1014
  6. Bond Pricing Application

    Kervin and Mohamed have more programming experience so the programming portion was mostly theirs. Although all members contributed to the overall project, I was left to do the written portion. This overview is to provide descriptions and explanations for the various inputs required when evaluating pricing and returns associated with bonds. Typically, a bond pricing calculator is utilized to solve for the bond's yield to maturity which considers the coupon rate, the time to maturity, the issue and settlement date, and assumes that interest payments are reinvested at the bond's coupon rate.

    • Word count: 1313
  7. Businees Informations Needs

    Operations Marketing To compare and contrast the different functional areas I have first looked at the responsibilities of each of the functional areas. Research and Development- The main task of this functional area is to develop new goods or services and update old or current goods or services. Their main tasks include technological development, scientific research and performance testing on all goods and services that the company provides. They are linked with the finance department for the money side of things, HR to make sure they are covered by health and safety regulations and ICT as a lot of their information is stored, sent and received digitally,.

    • Word count: 1878
  8. Web Development

    Each subject then follows through a chain of pages with all the information laid out as a text. Message board page The message board page is laid as a table form, and then forms are placed in two cells which allow the users to enter their details and sign in or register to become a member. Teachers' page This page is also laid out as a table. It has links of all the subjects. Each subject or link then follows through a chain of pages with images and detailed information laid out as a text. The Web Site is well designed, and easy to browse.

    • Word count: 1582

    I then clicked the start button then the File > Open command to load the example file (04INCJMP.ASM). Then clicked the assemble button to assemble the program which converts it to a machine code and the resulting code is shown in the List File window. The programme has register content and memory content in a separate pop-up window. STAGE 1 To start the 02TLIGHT.ASM file was loaded, then the programme was enacted to see how the sequence at which the lights comes on and goes off.

    • Word count: 1196
  10. Project proposal "Designing a simple Integrated Network for a Secondary School"

    With this, you can see how inconvenient it is for them to share information, and as well how outdated most of the schools in Nigeria are. Aims The aim of this project is to design an entirely new network for this medium sized secondary school. The network decided was an integrated one that comprises of internetworking and interoperability. For the Internetworking, this will involve the physical and logical connection of networking components. Variety of components are selected and implemented to link subnetworks to form an internet.

    • Word count: 1835
  11. Availability of electronic information

    The regions that had the highest access to the internet were the South West and London both with 61%. The regions with the lowest access levels were Yorkshire and the Humber, the North East and Northern Ireland all with 52%. 84% of households in the UK with access to the internet had a broadband connection in 2007 and increase from the previous year's figure of 69%. London was again the area with the highest level of broadband internet access and internet access (60%). Northern Ireland remained the area with the lowest level with broadband and internet access (40%) This graph shows the percentage of households in the UK that has access to the internet.

    • Word count: 1410

    All products maintained on the Order Entry system are given a Catalogue Number and these are identical to the same names obtained by shoppers, wishing to place an order from the Argos catalogue on display. Each order processed for any customer is given an Order Number and the Order Number, together with the products and quantities on the order is supplied as a nightly update by the Order Entry module to the Accounts Receivable module. * Inventory, as the name implies, is the module responsible for keeping a list of all the products in stock for Argos.

    • Word count: 1758
  13. This report will cover the aspects of applying the principles illustrated in Ciscos Gigabit Ethernet Campus Design whitepaper to the network in Middlesex University. There will also be discussions focusing upon the chosen WAN technology

    example of how clients (PC's) are connected to a hub Gigabit campus switches offer users the chance to build an extremely high performance networks, high reliability and with the ability to make self-management implementations makes it easy to manage and maintain. A hierarchical design known, as Multilayer design will be the conceptual approach we shall take for the Middlesex University Network. A typical hierarchical network design includes three layers: > Core Layer > Distribution Layer > Access Layer Starting with the Core Layer, this is a high speed switching the backbone which is designed to switch packets with minimum latency.

    • Word count: 1214
  14. What are the legal requirements for ensuring information security relating to business organizations? How can these legal requirements for ensuring information security be met in typical modern companies? Explain your answers with reference to practical examples from your own knowledge and experience wherever possible.

    Generally all jurisdictions make provision for protection of data,[10] etc. and then provide for offenses.[11] Steps to be taken to meet these legal requirements The first step is for the company to determine what the general and specific legal requirements are for its sector and for its jurisdiction[12]. For example the compliance requirements for a company in the health sector or financial sector in the United States or Europe may be different for each of those companies. The company then reduces it into a policy framework that is implementable within the company.

    • Word count: 1086
  15. IT Project - Over the last month we have researched and planned how Bear Bar can make the jump into the information age

    We will install one computer system at each of the company owned studios, one for each senior manager and will have one extra as a backup. We also decided to purchase a higher end computer for Mariam that would support digital media and graphics, as well as a color printer for her. We will need to begin purchasing these system and getting them installed in each location as this is a precursor to all the other steps we will need to take.

    • Word count: 1436

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