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internal and external program interfaces

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Design of external and internal program interfaces

The layout of the system is as follows.


On the login screen there will be a space for which the user can enter their username and password. This is required in order to enter the system. When the box is clicked on by the user using the mouse, a flashing cursor will appear to show that it is really to type. This ensures that the user is aware of what is happening and makes it user friendly. The screen is uncluttered and has a login and cancel bottom to assist the user in the login of the system. This is shown to the right hand side.


Once a login sequence has been completed and accepted by the system which matches it to a database that contains the correct usernames and passwords, the system then connects to the next screen where the bookings of shows can take place. From there on in, all the screens will look the same with just different instructions. This is to ensure consistency within the application as so not to confuse or distract the user. The logo will appear in the top right hand corner and the management button just below it.

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Once the show has been selected than the following page will appear with the name of the show on the title to ensure that the user knows they selected the correct thing. A calendar will appear which is user friendly as it is visual and is color co-ordinated. This means that if the date is red, it has been booked up; if the date is green, there are free seats; and if the date is white then the show is not available on these dates. Visual displays of information are easier on the eye and this will convery information to the user quickly and efficiently. image03.png

Once the date has been picked, which is availabe, the user will select the next button as before. The title of the show will once again appear as the title and underneath it the date selected for the show will be shown in a highlighted box. Underneath this another drop down menu will be used in order for the staff member to select a time for the show that they require for this customer. If this time is not available, then an error message will appear and the user will be asked to choose another time.

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Finally, when the manager logs in, they have a special section whereby they have extra details which are not visible to the employees. A drop down menu is shown and the options for the manager are:

  • Search show by A-Z
  • Search show by date
  • Search show by title
  • Mailing list
  • Accounts
  • Create special offers

The mailing list will link to an external database which contains all details of the customers. The manager may use this for sending special offers to clients or for contacting them if shows are cancelled. The accounts section will help the manager with the more financial side of the business, by allowing him to view sales for that month and previous months in order to compare. He may use these statistics to cancel certain shows, or to add more of others which are sold out and proving very popular. The manager is also responsible for creating special offers and the distribution of these to the customers. image08.png

The overall system is very user friendly. It uses a graphical user interface approach with using the mouse to select things and icons to represent selections. Once one part is finished, it goes onto another window, which avoids clutter and allows the user to view a screen which has the same layout which just a different question. Each page gives sufficient details on how to answer the question and a help button is there is help is required.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Computer Science section.

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