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Project proposal "Designing a simple Integrated Network for a Secondary School"

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YAYALE NABEEL AHMED                                                                    M00027576

Designing a simple Integrated Network for a Secondary School

Yayale Nabeel Ahmed

MDX 08

Key words

Internetworking, interoperability, email, database, servers, workstations, connectivity, Internet

Problem definition

Currently, up to 60 to 70 percent of schools in Nigeria are not computerised, so I have been authorized by a proprietor of a medium sized secondary school to setup an entirely new network from scratch for his school. The scale of the school currently is about 50 to 65 staffs and about 500 students who are dependent on the small number of computers. Because their computers are not networked, they both don’t have the resources needed to keep pace and updated with technology, Internet based learning materials, communication between staffs and students.

The only 11 computers the school have currently get access to the Internet using dial up connection, this as a result give them relatively slow connection and most of the time no connection. The administrative department include; the principals office, vice principal, finance office, admission office, reception. The faculty department composes of the staff room. The student department includes the physics lab, computer lab, chemistry lab and biology lab respectively. These entire departments don’t have any option of sharing information but to move up and down from one room to another physically. With this, you can see how inconvenient it is for them to share information, and as well how outdated most of the schools in Nigeria are.


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Tutorials will be made to staffs and students in creating awareness of how to use the new network.

Evidence of requirement

Thinking about what to do a project about can be stressful. I came up with some things to do the project on initially but found out it is not the best in my concentration. So, I finally reflected back in Nigeria what are the problems we have concerning IT, I realized that our schools are really lacking behind in technology related to IT.

Then I decided that creating and designing a network for a school would not be a bad idea. Thought of how to start that, I then contacted my Dad for possible advice. He later hooked me up with a brother of his who recently opened a secondary school. I was quite pleased because it came a little easier. I spoke with the proprietor who is my uncle explaining to him my condition.

Because he has little or no knowledge of IT, he briefed me on how the school is, that is the scale of the school, the IT resources they have functioning. He then invited me to come during the Christmas break to make some observations on how the school looks. Going to the school will be important for me because I will actually see what they have currently and how to change it entirely.

An official letter of acceptance will also be sent to me showing I am authorized to set them the network. I can make that available to you as soon as it arrives. I asked him about the finances, but he assured me that it would not be a problem.

Context description

  1. Networking is a standard practice that has been going on for a while now. As networking is not a new thing to us, I can say it is to people that are not aware of it. As for me, it is new in the context that I will be actually designing and implementing one myself for the first time. And whom I am designing it for is going to be there first network as well.
  1. By now and at this level I can say I have some appreciated knowledge regarding networking. This is because my program of study is computer networks and I have progressed up to the final level of the course. I have been acquiring knowledge right from foundation level at Middlesex University concerning computer networks. I am aware of what hardware and softwares are available that will enable complete the project successfully. As a matter of fact, I still am acquiring knowledge regarding the project from current modules I am studying in the university.

Research method

The research method I intend to use in this project is making use of packet tracer, it will help me familiarise myself more with networking. I will invite some network analysts to come check the network and give me possible solutions and advices on how to improve the network in the near future.

Brief product description

Your new network has been finally setup. Things you can now do with the computers are:

  • You can select any printer within the school to output your documents regardless of your location within the premises.
  • You can retrieve data from any database, example, from finance office to confirm if a student hasn’t got any outstanding fees to pay.
  • You all have your new school email and you can send emails within or outside the school.
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The staffs will also find it easier in delivering their teaching more efficiently. Communication will flow never like before once completed.

Students and staffs who have maybe never used a computer will have the necessary help. This can help them know how it works and how they can get the most of the new network effectively.

I will create an easy to understand tutorial to train staffs and students on how to benefit the most out of it. Special training will be given to some staffs that can have more privileges in accessing the network.


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Information Systems section.

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