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Sociology Topic: - The Extended Family.

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Ghazala Butt

Sociology Project


Topic: - The Extended Family

Aim: -

My aim is to carry out my research at my college, to find out how many students live with their extended family. I will be comparing two different age groups. The first age group shall be students of the age group 21 and under and the second age group shall be of 22 and over.

Hypothesis: -

I predict that the students of the age group 21 and under will be more likely to live with their extended family.

Introduction: -

My project is a comparative study of two different age groups and the extended family.

I will be looking at two different age groups because this way I will be able to compare the results. The age groups will be 21 and under and 22 and over. I chose these two groups because after I had done some research I had found data, which was based around these two age groups.

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A questionnaire will be used that is suitable for both age groups. I shall then be making 5 copies of my questionnaire and handing them out to people to see whether or not my pilot study is successful or not. A pilot study is trial of the methodology that shall be used to see whether or not it is successful. I shall know whether or not it is successful once I have collected the questionnaire back and seen if anything was left blank and I would ask the students if they would add anything to the questionnaire. I have decided to use a pilot study for the reason to see if my questionnaire is understandable. I would then modify the questionnaire. Once, the changes are in place, I would then make 30 copies of my questionnaire and then hand them out to a variety of different people and not just people who ‘hang out’ in one particular place. This will be done to get fair results.

Primary Data: -

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Textbooks by other sociologists – books written by sociologists related to the family i.e. Sociology in Practice.

There are many advantages of carrying out research through textbooks and these are, views of sociologists can be collected and compared easily, data may have graphs to show the results, which would help in analysing the data.

There are many disadvantages of carrying out research through textbooks and these are, it can be time consuming, data is not always reliable as it is usually the views of other sociologists.

Internet – information about the family that has been collected beforehand by various different people and is open to the public to view.

There are many advantages of using the Internet and these are, information can be collected very easily and quickly,

There are many disadvantages of using the Internet and these are, information may not always be truthful, data can vary from country to country, difficult to understand at times.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Statistics section.

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