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The marketing research process.

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Part-one Marketing Group Project brief * Introduction Marketing research is very important for an organization in terms of satisfying consumers, obtaining more market share and achieving profit maximization. Especially, when an organization breaks into an industry as a new entrant, marketing research is vital for it (related to our group project). Before establishing detailed policies to survive and make profit, firms and organizations must obtain enough relevant information about their segmented market and targeted customers. How to collect this sort of information effectively, correctly and efficiently? Marketing research plays a considerably important role in this term. There are 4 main steps in the whole marketing research process. Firstly, problem and research objectives should be defined clearly; secondly, effective research plan for collecting information should be developed properly; thirdly, final plans for collecting and analyzing need to be implemented carefully; finally, research findings should be interpreted and reported carefully and objectively. Throughout the whole marketing research process, different methods can be used to implement the research. Methods used in the marketing research can be classified into quantitative method and qualitative methods. Of course, sometimes, mixed methodology can be used in order to overcome some shortcomings which might arise when using quantitative and qualitative methods independently. Questionnaires and interviews are used all the time when organizations and firms do marketing research colleting important information and data. When should people use the former and when should people use the latter? In order to find the more effective and efficient method to do marketing research, people should always pay full attention to their own advantages and disadvantages. Only in this way can useful and correct be collected. These methods mentioned above mainly apply to the primary data collection. Obvious, apart from primary data and information, organizations and firms also need secondary data and information. Therefore, relevant secondary data and information should be collected in proper ways. * Main body Interview Interview is considered as one of the most useful instruments for doing marketing research collecting important data and information. ...read more.


Focus Group As part of our primary research package that we plan to carry out, we have decided to conduct a Focus Group. The focus group will help us to understand, confirm and expand on out secondary data research. It is the type of primary research where we can experience our target market's insights and opinions first hand and in-depth. According to numerous textbooks, including 'Market Research' by Alvin C. Burns and Ronald F. Bush, there are a number of benefits to holding a focus group. One primary benefit is the ability to generate new and fresh ideas. These ideas can then bounce off other participants and result in a 'snowballing effect' which can give some very in-depth ideas. Our moderator (provisionally Simon) will hopefully move the debate into areas which are beneficial to our pre decided objectives. Focus Groups tend to be versatile and large amounts of topics can be covered in a relatively short amount of time. Participants who tend to be quiet or passive can be coerced by the moderator into participating and 'airing' their potentially useful or stimulating ideas. However, Focus Groups do have some drawbacks, including the amount of sheer work that must go into planning and conducting one. It can also be difficult to pick a group that accurately represents our target audience. We hope to limit this problem's effect by having a researched selection technique. Also, people may interpret the results of the focus groups in different ways, and this is why we plan to use an assistant moderator (provisionally Nicky) to interpret from another viewpoint. These adjustments will increase the validity of our results. We plan to use 8-12 people as suggested in D. Morgan's Focus Group Kit, of course depending on availability and suitability. These candidates will be as close as possible to the ideal target market and will most likely come from a Club/Pub based society. ...read more.


To make effective and efficient use of secondary data & information and the methods of collecting secondary data is to make effective and efficient use of our relatively limited financial resources. _____________________________________________________________________ * Conclusion To sum up, marketing research is very important for firms and organizations in different market structures, such as Perfectly Completive Market, Oligopoly and Monopoly. The main purpose of doing marketing research is to collect enough useful market information and data. There are different instruments for implementing marketing research, and firms and organizations should always choose the possible most effective and efficient instruments to do marketing research obtaining relevant data and information according to different situations and environments. As stated above, instruments like Interview, Focus Group and Questionnaire all have their own advantages and disadvantage when used to do marketing research in practice. Form example, interviews are normally used to collect more qualitative data and information, while questionnaire are more suitable to be used to obtain more quantitative data and information. Also, interviews are normally more expensive for firms and organizations to use than postal questionnaires. This fact suggests that firms and organizations also need to consider their own financial status carefully before taking further action to do marketing research. Apart from the instruments for collecting primary data and information, theory and application of secondary data collection are also needed to be paid attention to be firms and organization when doing marketing research. As mentioned above, secondary data and information has its advantages and shortcomings. For example, secondary information is relatively easy for firms and organizations to collect, compared to primary data. However, Secondary data is less reliable than primary data in a way. In a word, marketing research are vital for firms and organization in different marketing structures and business cycles, and different instruments can be used in practice to implement the marketing research, but they should be used correctly and cleverly in different situations and environments. Only in this way can firms and organizations obtain valuable data and information effectively and efficiently. 1 Tutorial Group: Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm Tutorial Group: Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm ...read more.

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