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The Treasury department is the financial hub of the government of ST. Vincent and the Grenadines. A partial Wide Area Network is in place and this links the major government departments to the treasury so they can perform online transaction processing. T

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TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 Overview of the firm 2 Current Business Issues 3 Statement and discussion of the problems under study 3 Goals and objectives of the study 4 METHODOLOGY 4 FINDINGS 6 RECOMMENDATIONS 8 BUSINESS CONTINUITY DISCLOSURE 10 INTRODUCTION Overview of the firm The Treasury department is the financial hub of the government of ST. Vincent and the Grenadines. Its responsibilities include 1. Ensuring that proper and adequate accounting systems are established and maintained in every Department of Government 2. Receipts of Government Revenues. 3. Disbursement from consolidated fund of amount duly authorized. 4. Custody of Government Cash and Securities. 5. Maintenance of Accounts of all appropriations and Revenue Receipts. 6. Preparation of the Public Accounts of the State as required by Law. 7. Investigation of losses and irregularities in financial administration 8. Providing Treasury Services in out districts 9. To enhance and modernize the Treasury Accounting Systems. All financial transactions of the government are conducted through the treasury. A partial Wide Area Network is in place and this links the major government departments to the treasury so they can perform online transaction processing. This network is using a combination of high speed (1 Gbps) ...read more.


The ISP provider supplies the frame relay thus if the service provider is down then the users on frame relay will not have access to the system. There are no spare for the resources therefore if any equipment goes bad there is no replacement, an order has to placed for one, if none is available locally then you might have to wait at least a day or two to get one from a neighboring Island or the USA. The system is mainly used for the Smartstream application. Users do not have access to the internet therefore that eliminates some external risks. There is a nightly backup of all Smartstream databases and a monthly full backup of SVGDL580 server and the treasury server. The monthly backup is to tape which is stored offsite. The nightly backup is to the development server and the next day it is back up to tapes which are kept at the office in an ordinary filing cabinet. If the office is destroyed there will not be an up to date back up since the nightly backups are stored onsite, in this case you might have to go back to a backup that is a month old. ...read more.


The disaster recovery plan includes the following: * Identification of mission critical systems * Backup facilities and arrangements, data recovery. * Alternate communication between Treasury and the various accounts units of the Ministries of Government and sub treasuries and customers. * Alternate physical site location * Customers access to receiving their wages, other allowances or any monies due to them by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This plan is reviewed on a regular basis to modify it for any changes our operations or changes in laws and government regulations. The plan is also periodically tested to ensure that it will operate and operates successfully in the event of a disaster. It is virtually impossible to plan for every possible disaster however we are confident that the major threats faced by the department have been addressed in the plan. However there is a possibility that due to our dependence on other third parties that we could be adversely affected after a disaster. The plan is subject to change and changes will be reflected in an updated notice to all our customers. This notice will be posted on the governments' website www.svg.sv. You may obtain a written copy of this disclosure by sending a written request to the Accountant General, Treasury Department, Kingstown, St. Vincent. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 11 ...read more.

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