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To evaluate customer loyalty toward e-CRM on Dusit.com website in Thailand

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To evaluate customer loyalty toward e-CRM on Dusit.com website in Thailand Nowadays, the internet is one of the great functions which effects society and customer behavior has changed track to respond to customer satisfaction. So, many businesses in the global market have to develop themselves and build competitive advantages from the internet and technology to increase service marketing. Every business seeks for an implement to understand their customer satisfaction in order to gain more customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are base factors of completing succession especially in hospitality industry. Most hotels and resorts are using e-CRM as a marketing strategy. Visitors can assess a company's website, check room rates, make or cancel a reservation. In addition, e-CRM on the internet has provided alternative channels to contact to the hotel such as e-mail, fax, toll-free number, postal address, call-back button and other functions for instance: site tour, site map, electronic bulletin board, product highlights, affinity program, and FAQs (Feinberg and Kadam, 2002). To fulfill and improve their customers' satisfaction and loyalty, they have to disscuss some questions such as how can they improve their customer service. Are customers satisfied with company instruments? Can e-CRM increase customer loyalty to use their products and services? The main objective of this study is to understand what the research is, what the social research is and concern which science, what philosophies in the social research are, methodologies, method or approach, benefits and limits of each philosophy and methodology, types of data which concerns the research, and approaches to evaluate customer loyalty toward e-CRM on Dusit.com website in Thailand. Researchers describe a concept of research in many ways. Sekaran (1992:4) mentioned research as "a systematic and organized effort to investigate a specific problem that needs a solution" (cited in Finn et al., 2000: 2). In the same way, research is methodical collection and interpretation of information to find things out with clear purpose (Saunder, 2003: 3). ...read more.


Then, the center of loyalty is what effects to people feeling and their behaviour? of doing. In the same way, Griffin (2002: 32) defined a loyal customer as "a person who makes regular repeat purchases, purchases across product and service lines, refers others, and demonstrates immunity to the pull of the competition" and neither creating nor maintaining customer loyalty is easy for businesses. In the business world, many companies struggle for long time in order to gain their customer loyalty. Customer relationship management (CRM) known as being strategies is a part of service marketing approach, which increases customer relationships and provides long-term benefits for businesses. Feinberg and Kadom (2002) stated e-CRM as a place providing CRM functions on the internet trough the web site. E-CRM also is "the use of Web browsers, the Internet, and other electronic touchpoints (e-mails, POS terminals, call centers, and direct sales) to manage customer relationships" (Turban et al., 2005). According to Feinberg and Kadom (2002) they identified features of e-CRM in 36 areas, the main part of e-CRM such as personalized web pages, FAQs, e-mail and automated response, chat rooms, call centers, and troubleshooting tools. The Dusit group has used the internet as an access in order to provide wide information for visitors. In overview, The Dusit group has been developing its properties by using knowledge management with innovation and service quality. As a result, the local company has been promoted to one of the international chain hotels. In recent years, there have been many branches that have launched out to a hospitality market mainly in Thailand and Asia. The Dusit group has luxury hotels and resorts not only in all Thailand's major destinations such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket but also has overseas properties such in Dubai, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. The vision of Dusit group is 'bringing world-class standards of comfort and convenience under the authentic service quality of the Thai Hospitality'. ...read more.


Many researchers use 'the methodological triangulation' combining of different methods in order to 'crosscheck' the validity of data. Clark et al., 2002:39 defined the term triangulation as "the use of more than one research method to examine a particular phenomenon may improve understanding of that phenomenon and each technique may reveal facts of phenomenon that would not be yield by the use of alternative methods". For example of this paper, focus group can be used to check the validity of on line questionnaires helped with sampling to provide the limited scope of the population. Another way, using ethnography with interviewing or content and semiological analysis could produce more authentic data of individual. In practice, both quantitative and qualitative methods have different strengths and weakness depended on aims of the research. Begley (1996) mentioned hence, combining between qualitative approaches or between quantitative and qualitative approaches aims researcher to reduce failure, produce more advantages, and replace each weakness of each method (cited in Gray, 2004). In conclusion, the issue of "to evaluate customer loyalty toward e-CRM" is more valuable when supported by qualitative methods. This topic is directly concerned with finding the attitude, value, and belief of select a group. However, it also slightly relies on measuring quality of validity and reality in numeral and systematic analysis. Then, content and semiological analyses are applied techniques which allow researcher in order to obtain more efficient data. Various qualitative methods used in this paper are suitable in each case. In the real world of research, there is no best type of doing research (O' Leary, 2004). A researcher can use triangulation as a combinable method supporting or combining between quantitative and qualitative methods to gain a balance of use-based data. In deed, the most important outcome of the use of research project is it depends on the researcher's aim or objective, determining which method is more appropriate and able to adopt in research topic on own judgement (Buchanan 1980 cited in Mark et al., 2002) and "all methods must be opened, consistently applied and replicable by other's (Oakley, 1999: 252 cited in Gray, 2004). ...read more.

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