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Web Development

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Web Development (review)



The Web Site ‘www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/’ is educational site.

The site uses orange, yellow, beige and blue throughout.

The main purpose of the site is to allow users (children and adults) to revise a specific subject or choose from a variety of subjects. The site also provides an extra activity such as quizzes and links for teachers to help and support the students’ learning programme.

The site also has a message board where students can register to become a member and share their coursework problems with other student members.

In my view, the site has no secondary purpose though; it has something else that makes revision more fun for children. It has educational games in English, maths and science (core subjects), where children can play and revise at the same time.

Revision page

The FrontPage or revision page of the site is laid out as a table. And in the centre of the table, it has a heading and links of all the subjects which allows the user to select a subject. Each subject then follows through a chain of pages with all the information laid out as a text.

Message board page

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Do it online

This page is again laid out as a table. It gives the user an opportunity to use online services such as applying for a Citizenship or a UK visa. It allows the user to download and print forms from other government sites.


This page is also laid out as a table. It has links of parliament and government departments’ news, and public safety news. Then those news links follow other pages laid out as a text using different font sizes and images.

Directgov web site is well constructed. It is very simple to browse and uncomplicated.

It offers all public services in one place, which is very helpful.



The web site ‘www.ryanair.com’ is a commercial site.

The site uses the company colours which are navy blue, yellow, white and orange.

The main purpose of the website is to allow users to book and pay for flights online.

The site has lots of secondary purposes of letting the users’ book, and pay for; car hire, hotels, airport transfers, tours and trips, credit card, foreign currency, and travel, life and home insurance.

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The campaigning page is laid out as a table. In one cell a FORM allows the user to sign up as a campaigner and register his personal details so that the user can register all his protests online.

Training courses, conferences and seminars

These pages are laid out as a table, then follows through a chain of pages with details of different courses and prices, conference dates and training venues.


The bookshop page is laid out in table form. A FORM is placed in one of the cells of the table which allows the user to enter the title of the book and then to search it. The other cells in the table give details and image of the book, and then guide the user to buy and complete the transaction online.


The donations page again is laid out as a table with different heading and options whether to donate online or to set a direct debit. Each option follows another page laid out as a table. A FORM is placed in one of the cells which allows the user to enter his/her personal details.

The lay out of the website has the true expression for the organisation, is easy accessible and understandable.

Fatma ahmed


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Information Systems section.

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