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    Still Frame Analysis : American Gangster. The dominant in this frame is Denzel Washington. The eye is attracted to his character first as he is centered on the screen and is in sharper focus

    5 star(s)

    An almost flawless analysis, that shows an admirable grasp of the technical language of film studies.

    5 stars…

    • Essay length: 929 words
    • Submitted: 26/09/2011
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 10/09/2013
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Unpicking the monstrous: A Psychoanalytic and Marxist analysis of Alien.

    5 star(s)

    This conclusion does not really resolve the conflict between the two analytical approaches, but is otherwise very detailed and insightful.

    The resolution, by the way, is very simple: the…

    • Essay length: 3702 words
    • Submitted: 25/07/2009
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 10/09/2013
  3. Marked by a teacher

    How does the usage of cinematography and editing in Michael Haneke's "Code Unknown" reinforce the lack of communication between characters?

    4 star(s)

    A few instances of poor grammar, and a few instances of repetition, but on the whole a very insightful and well written piece of analysis. The essay lacks insight…

    • Essay length: 1745 words
    • Submitted: 26/10/2011
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 15/08/2013
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Cinema of Attractions and it relation to the perceived audience of early cinema. Early film makers used the new technology of cinema to display a variety of attractions to audiences in a style coined by Tom Gunning as cinema of attractions.

    4 star(s)

    The conclusion is weak in comparison to the rest of the essay, which is a detailed, well researched and relatively insightful analysis of the cultural context of the cinema of…

    • Essay length: 1911 words
    • Submitted: 17/08/2011
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 15/08/2013
  5. Marked by a teacher

    Billy Elliot - Billys struggle against gender roles discussed.

    4 star(s)

    The basic idea, to compare and contrast the two narrative threads, is brilliant, but the author has mistaken a superficial (and ironic) similarity in the narrative arcs of the two…

    • Essay length: 529 words
    • Submitted: 19/06/2006
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 15/08/2013
  6. Marked by a teacher

    Conflicts exist between different ideas and theories of realism. Describe and explain these conflicts.

    4 star(s)

    It is a pity the author did not make reference to Baudrillard's theory of the 4 orders of simulation, because he accounts very well for the simulacric effect of even…

    • Essay length: 1700 words
    • Submitted: 19/06/2006
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 10/09/2013
  7. Marked by a teacher

    Film Studies essay - Gladiator.

    4 star(s)

    I think this is a concluding paragraph worthy of an undergraduate essay, if only for the profundity of the observation that the director manufactures acceptance of tragedy in the audience…

    • Essay length: 2298 words
    • Submitted: 12/02/2004
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 10/09/2013
  8. Marked by a teacher

    Discuss the film narrative in the City of God

    3 star(s)

    It is good that this controversy has been noted, but more is required: some reflection upon the difference between realism and reality, or the wider debate about the representation of…

    • Essay length: 1363 words
    • Submitted: 06/05/2008
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 10/09/2013
  9. Marked by a teacher

    Mise-en-scene. The film I have chosen to analyse for this assignment is 'Shaun of the Dead', the 2004 summer blockbuster from Simon Pegg

    3 star(s)

    This is a very weak conclusion to an otherwise pretty good analysis of the way that elements of the mise en scene contribute to the audience's understanding of onscreen events.

    • Essay length: 1515 words
    • Submitted: 06/03/2007
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 10/09/2013
  10. Marked by a teacher

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    3 star(s)

    Summative Comment: The notion that Bowman's entry into the infinite is a psychosexual metaphor for insemination (and therefore the apothoesis of the competition that acts as the centrifuge for…

    • Essay length: 999 words
    • Submitted: 19/06/2006
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Govinda Dickman 19/06/2013

"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind."

-Jim Morrison

If you have a flock of followers on Twitter, and you read every blog and newspaper you can get your hands on, chances are you're a good candidate for a university degree in media studies. Media studies degrees are staggeringly diverse,encompassing everything from electronic media and film to journalism and public relations. But no matter which specialty you choose, you'll get a firm grounding in the production and reception of media content, and you'll learn how the industry functions.

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Those media studies students that don't enter the media industry can continue on to further studies in the same field or a related field like management studies and pursuecareers in consulting, marketing and business.


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