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Analyse the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of 'Saving Private Ryan' both shocking and realistic, and say how effective you find it as an introduction to the film?

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GCSE Media Essay Analyse the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of 'Saving Private Ryan' both shocking and realistic, and say how effective you find it as an introduction to the film? The touching emotional 'Saving Private Ryan' was directed by the world famous Steven Spielberg, who has directed many great films such as: the abominable Schindlers list the tension filled Jaws and the exciting Raiders of the lost ark, 'Saving Private Ryan' was a joint production between Paramount and DreamWorks a company that George Lucas owns. (Who happens to be another award winning director) 'Saving Private Ryan' has many known actors that include: the double award winning Tom Hanks / Captain John Miller, Tom Sizemore / Sergeant Horvath, Matt Damon / Private James Ryan to name but a few. The actual film was actually set in Normandy and that's where it was filmed the rush up the beach was filmed where the real rush happened a mere 54 years before. Spielberg says in an interview not long after the film was released "I was looking for realism all the time" and if you watch the film then you can see he obviously achieved. Before any actors appear on the screen with an America flag on it but the colour sucked out of it so before anything happens you can see that this film isn't going to be patriotic by that I mean the Americans aren't going to defeat everyone without losing anyone but what really happens. ...read more.


We can see the fear in a blooded soldiers eyes and that's not good for the morale for the troops because when the Captains scared your all dead unless he pulls it together. The colour of this scene is mainly dull and grainy to give the effect of a bad day in an almost impossible situation. When the camera comes out for a panning shot of all of the soldiers of the Higgins craft shows fear and unity between comrades by showing one green (new recruit) vomiting it starts off a chain reaction of a few others throwing up because of the unstoppable fear looming over them like a black rain cloud over the rays of the sun. When the Captain and Sergeant start to bark out orders they are hard to hear because of the overwhelming sound of the sea. Some soldiers believe that God will help them to overcome their fear by using rosary beads and crucifix chains. There are close ups of many of the young, thin, green soldiers all worried about what they are going to face. As soon as the door comes down there is absolute instant chaos and the first few rows drop dead as a wall of lead just rips through them when the Germans open fire. Captain Miller who has been made an officer because of his ability to think on his feet gets up and barks orders to get over the side to escape the bullets. ...read more.


The opening battle sequence prepared the audience for what followed well because the shocking realism of the opening battle really shows you what you should expect from the rest of the film because if the first bit of the film was detestable for you then you know what's coming. I did find the opening battle scene both shocking and realistic because of the amount of work and heart went into making this film realistic apparently it was so realistic that war veterans had to be escorted out of the area while watching it because it brought back memories and this helps me to realise what war looked like but "nobody could ever know what it felt like, never in a million years" quote Tom Hanks and this says that the D-Day landings will be a moment in history that can never happen again. I liked the film 'Saving Private Ryan' because of the lengths Spielberg went to, to make this the great film that it is today. The professional stunt work that he employed the fact that he set it on sight in Normandy the fact that he sent the actors to train with an ex war soldier Captain Dale Dye for a couple of days I mean the lengths a director goes to, to make their films the greatest they can be and with Spielberg that seems to be every single one because he in my opinion is the greatest director of his time. ...read more.

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