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College internet case study

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Internet Facilities at Napier Your Network Each student has their own network account, which is individual to them. Every account requires a User Name and password to be provided before entry to the account is authorised. All students have a separate matriculation number which is allocated on registering to study with the University. The User Name is your matriculation number, a typical user name will look like this - 02001661. Passwords are also individual to the user, your initial password will be the first letter from your Christian name and your date of birth (e310983), however it is recommended to change your password straight away to something you will remember and is personal to you; you will be automatically requested to change your password every 90 days from then on. The Intranet The intranet is a privately maintained computer network that can be accessed only by authorised persons within a company, or in Napier's case, a University1. It is usually made up of numerous interlinked local area networks (LANs) and in addition uses 'hired' lines from the wide area network (WAN). The key principle of an intranet is to convey University information among all the staff and students. The intranet uses TCP/IP, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), amongst other Internet protocols, albeit really just looks like a restricted adaptation of the Internet. ...read more.


As a result of this, you would obviously not be willing to pay extra for such expenses like the dearer high-speed Internet accounts. Dial-up Internet services allow you to connect to the Internet to do research and University work, or to send an email back home at more economical price. Which ISP is the best? There are so many different Internet Service Providers offering connection to the Internet through them. The usual package starts at �17.99 a month and can go up to anything like �35 a month. For �17.99 the major ISP's like AOL, NTL, Virgin and Wanadoo generally offer unlimited time online and downloads, 512kbps (kilo bytes per second download) and 10 x faster. a free modem and free connection is offered by all the ISP's, although NTL, Virgin and Wanadoo only offer this if you order online. When deciding on which ISP to connect to the internet with, I would recommend checking and comparing all their offers first. A good site for researching this is http://www.adslguide.org.uk. This allows you to choose six of your preferred ISP's and the web site compares them on speed, reliability and customer service.3 Applications used Outlook e-mail Napier uses Microsoft Outlook 98 for their e-mail software package. When you try to access your e-mail account you will have to again enter your user name and password for security.4 Just a few of the things this package enables you to do is ...read more.


o Is the information or page complete? o And is the information or page authoritative? Weigh up the motive the person would have had for putting this information on the Internet. If you have discovered a reference via a search engine, you can get hints about what it might contain through its address (URL). For example, if you were searching for information on JANET and you found a URL that was sited on a personal website about a woman; you would recognise this probably would not be about a Joint Academic Network. Lastly to assist you in establishing some background on you web page, there could be a 'home' button on the web page your search engine found which would give you a more information on which to base your judgement of the web sites authenticity. Chatrooms and Newsgroups Personal safety in chatrooms and newsgroups is a serious matter. You should never give your personal details out as these chatrooms and newsgroups are not 100% secure as you do not really know who you are talking to. Never arrange to meet people in person that you only know through a chatroom or newsgroup as they could be lying about who they are and you never properly know their intentions. Chatrooms and newsgroups are meant to be beneficial and fun but only when used in the proper manner. Appendix 1 Appendix 2 SERVICE PROVIDER COMPARISON ISP Colour Codes AOL (UK) BT Broadband & BT Yahoo! ntlworld One.Tel Virgin. ...read more.

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