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´╗┐KENYA METHODIST UNIVERSITY NAIROBI CITY CAMPUS COURSE TITTLE: REPORTING BUSINESS COURSE CODE: BACJ 249 TASK: INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT PRESENTED TO: MR JULIUS BOSIRE PRESENTED BY: MARTIN OKONJI REGISTRATION NO: COM-1-3962-3/2011 SUBMISSION DATE: 10/5/2012 QUESTION: DISCUSS THE TEN TIPS OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC NEWS WRITING AND REPORTING BY PAUL HEMP. BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC NEWS WRITING TIPS BY TO PAUL HEMP Paul Hemp is an experienced and innovative writer, editor and communications executive. Currently he is the director of Global Thought Leadership at HCL Technologies. In his book, Ten Practical Tips for Business and Economic Reporting in Developing Economy, Mr. Paul Hemp talks about the ten Hemp rules. These rules are aimed at making business and economic stories, understandable and interesting. According to Hemp, The basic problem with business and economic news is that they are complicated and boring. Complicated news bores people. A journalist must make it understandable and interesting. He adds that the three rules of making stories understandable are explain, explain and explain. ...read more.


Without defining terms, the story is meaningless to educated readers who do not know the concepts used. For example inter- bank interest rates. They are rates at which banks lend money to and among themselves; they are usually a fundamental factor taken into consideration by banks in arriving at final interest rates on loans to their customers Compare statistics As a good Business journalist, you should be able to explain why statistics are important, make comparisons of current year against previous year, and find the story. For example a business story could read "Kenya Airways is currently running at a loss of Ksh 800 million a year, its managing director Titus Naikuni announced yesterday." Without knowing what Kenya Airways? past losses or profits were, its revenue, who is funding the loss, whether it is likely to continue and for how long it has been making a loss, the reader or listener is entitled to ask, ?So what? ...read more.


You need to ask yourself, does the news story affect people positively? Does the news story affect people negatively? Show the significance of business news It is important to show significance of any news item as a reporter. This shows what impact the, story has on people and their surroundings. Therefore a Business reporter must show the importance of the business news to readers or audience and why the business news is worthy of note Get the other side to a business story Getting the other side to a business story brings an atmosphere of objectivity and fairness in a story. When a Business reporter gets the other side to a business story it shows creativity on the reporter?s side and that he or she does actually think outside the box in terms the stories they are disseminating. Getting the other to a business story side also breaks monotony for those reporters who are used to reporting from a particular side of a story. Conclusion The ten Hemp rules are important for any business news reporter if at all the reporter is seeking to make a story understandable, interesting, and informative. ...read more.

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