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E-commerce change management

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Effective Change Management for Software Delivery Authors: Bianca van der Zwaan & Mandy de Cocq van Delwijnen E-Commerce: Change Management Teacher: Mr. Schols October 2007 Table of contents Page Management summary 3 Core business Borland 4 1 The external change, problems and opportunities 5 2 Recognition of the need for change 6 3 Start of change process 7 4 Diagnosis 8 5 Prepare and plan for implementation 10 6 Implement change 11 7 Review and consolidation 13 Work cited list 14 Management summary The goal of this report is to analyze a change management process of an existing e-commerce company. "Change management should be seen as a process for managing all changes to the project, including assets and its outcomes". (Solving the problem...") The IT company which we have researched is company "A" of the management report of Borland 'the open ALM company'. Two students of the International Business and Management study made this report within the E-Commerce class. The information that is used in this report is from the internet and from the book of John Hayes called "The Theory and Practice of Change Management". By analysing Company A the seven step model of Hayes and Hyde from 1998 of the book is used. This model presents a theoretical framework for thinking about the management of change and to define the whole change management process. ...read more.


To arrive to that point, they should integrate assets, changes, and project- and portfolio management. To illustrate this, they should include all the activities which are part of the original plan and all the activities which are the result of re-planning when changes were made. This is called the 'integrated approach' and it characterizes a major difference from the usual view of the project, change, and asset management. Company A knew what had to be done to successfully change their strategy to create a more integrated change management. Firstly, all the activities performed on project assets should be linked to the planned activities and the project structure. Secondly, the need for changes, regardless of the source or reason, should be managed in a adequate way. Therefore project plans should be updated accordingly and there should be regular evaluations about the development of the existing plan. "Change management should be seen as a process for managing all changes to the project, including assets and its outcomes." ("Solving the Problem...") 4) Diagnosis Review the present state As discussed before Company A was doing a good job with change management on a project by project basis. Their weak point was that it did not make a clear link to the asset(s) being changed. Furthermore they did not make connections to the project and portfolio management processes for managing change and task implementation. ...read more.


They have to organise all these changes and link them with each other. This same routine need to be followed when dealing with resource assignments, work estimations, actual process updates, and metrics like defect rates and state aging. This will make company A more effective and it will prevent them from making the same mistake twice. These steps will also be monitored by the change control board. When problems occur they will be noticed in an early stage and therefore also dealt with in a early stage.("Integrate portfolio...") 7) Review and consolidation As mentioned in the previous chapter, during the whole process of change every step is closely monitored and reviewed by the change control board. When problems seem to occur the change control board will take immediate action to protect the company from failing. Since the change control board will monitor every step, the problems will be detected in a early stage. By this way of working these beginner problems will not lead to big problems within the change management process. When company A is finished implementing all these changes it will have accomplished more efficiency and they will prevent themselves for making the effort and making mistakes more than once. However, company A has to keep in mind that changes will never stop and while implementing the changes discussed in the report, the need for other changes already arise. ...read more.

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