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1. Introduction The evolution of user-friendly computing technology has been greatly fuelled by the invention of the graphical-user-interface (GUI) and also Microsoft Windows in 1990. An even greater boost was observed in 1994 with the invention of the World-Wide-Web (www) that compose the internet by Tim Berners-Lee and his team of scientists (WCO, 2003). Nowadays, individuals and companies are trying to benefit the most out of the computing technology, implementing in all aspects of work from production to monitoring of sale etc. This is especially in managing the most precious assets of the company, i.e employees, where the human resource manager would have to look into the human resource planning, staffing, performance evaluation, training and development, compensation and benefits as well as labour relations/safety and health training of the employee. With the great step forward by technology, training of the employee has taken a drastic turn, in which a suffix "e" is added to make e-training. 2. So what is E-training? Let's look at the suffix "e". It stands for many things, only one of which is electronic. The suffix is added to show that it is done electronically. Mail has been around for centuries but now there is e-mail which is electronic mail so are e-books and of course e-training. But what is the actual definition of e-training? "E-Training is training that involves interaction between a learner and a computer. It may use text, graphics, narration, sound effects, music, video, and animation to enhance the learning experience." ...read more.


training which would often cost them a lump sum of money (Sczempka, 2003). Thus the only way around the cost benefit of e-training is to forgo all training which is definitely an awful idea. 4.3 Consistency E-training is consistent and current. There are few or no bad training experiences with e-learning because it is delivered in a consistent way. The is because e-training has the capacity to provide employees with an ongoing continuous set of learning, knowledge, and performance experiences, rather than a one-shot event of learning (Piskurich, 2003). The employee thus, would be able to pace the learning according to his ability. This lack of excessive pressure to keep up with the rest of the class would enable greater absorption of content. In addition, the employee is able to check back on any parts that he/she miss out without the feeling of being dim-witted since its done in confidential. This would boost positive attitude towards the lesson plan and hence increase interest in the course. Training kits and tools can be updated easily since the web can be totally revamped rapidly and development time from concept to delivery can be shortened. This update would ensure that all employees are kept posted of the latest change that they need to know and understand. 4.4 Other Benefits E-training are able to cross the language barrier when educating a global workforce or being able to offer just-in-time learning in that worker's native language resulting in greater knowledge retention. Through e-training, the employees would also gain more knowledge in operating the computers which is what most companies want, computer-efficient employees. ...read more.


In a way it's good since there is increase level of interactivity and there is someone approachable for any enquiry, but it occurs at the expenses of our 'napping' time. Technology has been used to extend that even firing range took place in an air-conditioner stimulation room before proceeding with actual ammunitions. This e-training has greatly minimized manpower insufficiency for the army and improve the quality of training for me, the trainee. The illustration used in e-training also shows a clearer picture of the trajectory of the rounds and the impact of the various factors, enabling greater understanding of the study course. Distribution of CD-ROM at the end of the course also enable me to conduct my own refresher course a in our luxury time. Moreover, a link to MINDEF website (www.miw.gov.sg) is given. Any new updates are made online and can be downloaded anytime. MIW also provide learning through games, following the steps of United States Army, which enable me to play yet renew my knowledge on movement tactics. 8. Conclusion Due to the great improvement in technology, e-training has become common in businesses. The availability of e-training, because of their immense flexibility, lowered cost and consistency is the top choice for human resource manager when training of staffs comes into the mind. This is especially seen in big International Corporation as they can cut costs through use of e-conferences and internet training. The government sector is one of the earliest adopters of e-training due to the huge numbers of people it hires. The e-training which I went through is really helpful and enable a greater understanding of the course. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 8 ...read more.

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