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University Degree: Electronic Media Studies

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    2001: A Space Odyssey

    3 star(s)

    Another similarity was that both Clarke and Kubrick implied that man were merely infants. The narrator in "The Sentinel" referred to the earth as "our cradle," (241) while in 2001, the main character eats his food through a straw much like an infant does baby food. In outer space, man has left his crib and now, because of gravity, has to re-learn how to walk. This is similar to when a toddler took its first steps. I believe that both Kubrick and Clarke wanted to state that humans were new to space and have much to learn.

    • Word count: 999
  2. Marketing Planner for a festival

    Visitor Profile: � Asian and Arabic women focus � Families with children � Affluent opinion-formers � High disposable income � Enjoy eating and shopping in Dubai � Affluent males Media List for Media partnerships: Media partnerships are being put in place to gain advertising space, editorial, dedicated supplements, to advertise promotional offers and competitions access databases and promote online activity Magazines Social magazines: Ahlan Masala Time Out Dubai Hello Middle East What's On OK Middle East Mondanite UAE Emirates Woman Harpers Bazaar Grazia Viva Aquarius Insider Pehla Al Hasnaa Friday Weekend Tourist Magazines: Connector Discover Dubai Visitor Jumeirah Magazine Out

    • Word count: 644
  3. How has the spread of communications technology affected cultures around the world? Assess the extent to which the Internet is a medium for Western culture alone.

    Nowadays, globalization is a common term, which is used to describe cultures in the world. The meaning of globalization is to bring people of different nations closer through a special medium like the Internet. (Lechner, 2000-2001) Undeniably, the Internet is the most outstanding innovation to provide a platform for self-exploration and social encounter. We can communicate with a person who is in another part of the world in seconds, at the same time, we can get information out of your home country. People can explore other cultures from different ethnicity, share their thoughts together and establish a global friendship easily.

    • Word count: 961
  4. digital divide

    I will also look at the impact of the divide and what it being done to eliminate it. The digital divide in the UK Factors contributing to the divide I am now going to give a range of relevant factors that are contributing to the divide. Socio-economic status ?In socio-economic profile DE the number of those who do not own or have never used a PC is double that of those in profile AB.7?Home internet access ranges from 53% amongst social grades AB down to as little as 12% in groups.

    • Word count: 774
  5. Managerial and Financial Accounting Report

    There are three basic principals of queuing theory which consist of arrivals and inputs to the system, queue discipline, or the waiting line itself, and customer service. Each of these concepts is independent of one another but each is reflective of the results of waiting in lines such as scheduling of customers and the patterns of the influx of customers. Potentially there are a host of factors that can contribute to waiting in lines. The topic of this proposal is a component of waiting in line.

    • Word count: 909
  6. Internet Addiction: A New Epidemic? Jay David Bolter (1991), the author of the article titled, "The Network Culture", insisted

    Bolter may have some good insights towards technology but is too much of a good thing (like the Internet) a bad thing? This paper will analyze the Internet addiction that exists in society. Internet addiction is like any other addiction. It has become a growing concern in past years. This addiction can have a damaging effect on the families, work sites, personal finances, and social relationships of the afflicted (Sandoz, 2004). What has contributed to this addiction? There are many factors to this.

    • Word count: 932
  7. Video games are just one of the many aspects of the media that requires the consumer to be involved mentally and physically (Cefrey

    Ratings 2. Suggestive selling points B. Keep the violence out of reach of children 1. Look for games with strategy and learning 2. Preview the games before being bought V. Conclusion Bauer 1 Effects of Violent Video Games on Children Video games are just one of the many aspects of the media that requires the consumer to be involved mentally and physically (Cefrey). Downsides in this popularity do exist such as delinquency and aggression. An example of such instances could be the Columbine shootings in which the kids who committed the crime were avid players of violent video games (Cesarone).

    • Word count: 810
  8. Often create false expectations. They are misguided or dishonest uses of legitimate argumentative strategies (Hacker 506). Conscious consumers therefore need not feed into false advertisement

    Usually these fallacies go unnoticed because they play into our emotions. SLAM is a magazine geared toward a basketball-oriented audience. They run countless ads in their magazine for products that appeal to student athletes on every level. But there is this particular ad for a shoe ran by Lugz. Lugz are shoes worn for casual off the court uses. In this particular ad they have a hip-hop icon named Baby. Nicked named Birdman, Baby has a reputation for being an in-style flashy high roller. In this ad Baby appears to be sitting his high class office dressed in diamonds from head to toe.

    • Word count: 639
  9. The Internet and the Future of Democracy in China.

    However, with time it will reach the masses of the people and bring about the possibility of democratic debate, which if viewed with an optimist mind it can also change the history of China. The Internet is distinguished to be a truly global medium that is more difficult to control than any other media. It, therefore, provides a public space for debate that is outside the control of the state. In our societies the Internet isn't run by any organization, and it isn't owned by any entity.

    • Word count: 637
  10. The Evils of Technology

    He became so obsessed with creating life, that it clouded his judgment, and took up all of his time and energy. He depends on technology to lead him to success. However, Frankenstein's overconfidence in his abilities causes technology to turn against him. By assuming the role of God, Frankenstein chooses to give life to a monster that is a mirror image of his selfish self and consequently slaughters his family and friends. Dr. Frankenstein's dilemma is that he does not apply his technology to society.

    • Word count: 938
  11. Impact of Computers on Society.

    Since the early days of DOS, kids have been playing fun yet educational games on their home PCs. This was the start of computers being used for educational purposes on home PCs. Today you can buy a whole course on a CD or attend school over the internet in so-called Web "Academies". This has greatly improved the ease of home schooling. With computers, it was much easier to teach yourself. Since the rise of common computer usage, we have created new fields of study.

    • Word count: 882
  12. Introduction to argument against "IT - key to a Brave New World"

    And when we examined how these new changes are affecting the world in general we came to some surprising conclusions. Of which we hope to present over the next 20-30 minutes. My friend here in the blue group have argued that IT is the Key to society by giving examples of how IT has made our lives easier. Well okay let them have these examples. IT has made our day-to-day lives much easier but this still doesn't mean that IT is the Key to a brave new world.

    • Word count: 845
  13. When you are on the Internet, you have no idea who you are really talking to.

    You can see a complete different person than you are really talking to. When you are in a chat room talking to someone who seems to be so perfect, just imagine all the possibilities about this person. The person could say they were a twenty- four-year-old male with blue eyes dark skin etc. This person is really a 39-year-old unemployed man living alone in a singlewide trailer. Not to mention he has no hair and weighs three hundred pounds. There is really no way to tell these things by the way the letters look that comes out of their computer.

    • Word count: 811
  14. Y in Today's Leisure Industry-Fighting for a Piece of the Pie.

    One of the more significant societal influences on these industries has been technology- its developments, its progress, and its impact on the way we live, work and play. While technology has produced countless innovations that have modified our lives, and in turn our time devoted to leisure, it is not only the nature of these innovations that has altered our leisure activities, but also the number and variety of these innovations that have influenced our lives and in effect, the industries themselves.

    • Word count: 701
  15. Digital Television.

    To create a picture on the television, each television receives television signals known as analog signals. This signal is sent from a transmitter to a translator and then onto your television screen. Interference can be a problem with the signals picking up other signals from equipment such as mobile phones. Interference, known as "Ghosting" is caused by the reception of a direct signal into a delayed reflected signal, creating a 'snowy' effect on your screen. A quote from the final report of the Australian Broadcasting Authority Digital Terrestial Television Specialist Group (1998) explains the different types of interference.

    • Word count: 725
  16. Technology has done many wondrous and phenomenal things for society.

    This was a great technological invention that created a new standard of living for human kind. Both the telegram and early telephone had very limited distance for communication. Now, looking back at the inferiority of the telegram and early telephone makes us wonder how our ancestors have lived. This is because the lives of the people living in the modern, industrialized countries are heavily influenced by new and up-to-date forms of communication, such as flamboyant cell phones and fast internet connections. With today's communication and information technologies we are able to do many things that past generations could never dream of.

    • Word count: 711
  17. Discuss the nature of technological determinism.

    "Socio-cultural determinists present technologies and media as entirely subordinate to thier developmental use..." (webref 1) Similarily Voluntarists promote the idea we choose to use these electronic media, they are simply our tools. Chandler discusses this idea of making the tools "neutral" within determinism. He argues all these tools and media lend themselves to the experience they were created for. For example a word processor is designed to aid writing, this fact itself suggests the user selects this tool to write because they relate to it's function. In other words thier ideas about writing may be closley linked to the tool they use, although the tool itself is empty until something is written.

    • Word count: 609
  18. "How will information technology affect my life in the next 15 years?"

    By using this kind of technology, I can communicate with others in a more efficient way. Information technology has become more and more important in the society of the 21st century and there are an increasing number of companies or organizations have computerized its own work practices. In the next 15 year there will be a growing demand for computer expert. That is why for education, it has to match the needs of employment and everyday life in the future. That means that there will be increasing number of I.T. programs in the future and the I.T course may become a compulsory subject in secondary schools or in university.

    • Word count: 617
  19. "A digitally processed photograph can no longer be regarded as evidence of anything external itself." Discuss with reference to Jean Baudrillard and Simulcra.

    Digital images first came about in the late 1980's from the emergence of personal computers. During the last 10 years, the traditional mechanical and chemical process of photography has been overtaken by the introduction of digital cameras and scanners. The ability to digitally enhance and manipulate images is not particularly new. Since the late 1980's early 90's professional graphic designers have been using expensive scanners, high end software and sophisticated imaging workstations. However it is only recently that the power of digital imaging has been affordable and freshly available to the general public, due to the introduction of easy to use editing programs, the drop in price of digital cameras and the widespread use of personal computers.

    • Word count: 735
  20. Workplace Stress Paper.

    and Royal and Sun Alliance (R&SA) reveals that 70% of UK adults have experienced stress in the workplace. Nearly half (49%) of those who experienced stress at work, indicated that it had increased over the last twelve months. (ISMA) In the transfer of technology from manuscript to hard-drive, longer periods are being spent at the computer. Most people now have keyboards on their desks and laptops at home, so they are doing a lot of their own work rather than the way it used to be when they submitted hand-written documents to a typist.

    • Word count: 628
  21. The purpose of this paper is to present the inadequacies of IPv4 and the improvements made by implementing IPv6.

    IPv4 is inefficient. Period. The article on zdnet.co.uk points out that the routers that comprise the internet backbone contain routing tables that maintain over 85,000 routes. This seems to be a glaring inefficiency, almost negating the purpose of routers to provide quick and efficient routes. Among other problems with IPv4, security is an issue. Though there are vendor-specific ways to encrypt data on IPv4, no real standardized solution exists. There is certainly a need for an internet standard to address this issue. With the advent of e-commerce and things of the like, security is an issue not to be taken lightly.

    • Word count: 627
  22. India – a Melee of Paradoxes.

    Let us take our troubles in our stride and realise what it takes to solve the nation's problems, - what we as at the individual level or as a community can do rather than just mere lip service. India in its advancements in all walks of life, be it the cultural and social level, or on the science and technology front, has gone through a turbulent evolution. Looking at the political perspective, India had to face the hardships and uncertainty of war with her neighbour Pakistan, both countries nascent and alive with the dreams and hopes of their children.

    • Word count: 538
  23. Why did stalemate develop on the western front?

    the generals trying to fend off stalemate.The idea was to get around your enemy to attack from the weaker areas (the side and behind). The problem was the fast way of getting troops around the enemy using trains was available to the enemy as well because the gages on the trains were the same for both sides. This contributed a lot to stalemate because every time you transported your troops towards the sea to try and get around the enemy they were blocked by forces, which had used trains to get there as well.

    • Word count: 683
  24. Biomedical Technology

    * What are the effects of the development? * Is it beneficial and not harming? These questions are and should be geared toward every issue that arises before an opinion is made. For example, consider animal testing. Is it fair to all? Not exactly, but then again animals don't really have a say. What are the effects of the development? It could possibly cure the diseases that we thought could never be solved. Is it beneficial and not harming? It has been beneficial, but it also has harmed. Therefore, I think the ethics of biomedical technology needs to be determined on the individual issues and not the whole biomedical area.

    • Word count: 698
  25. Digital Divide

    Why the Digital Divide Exists The digital divide comes from the normally slow diffusion of new technologies. It is the natural and expected result of wealthier people and countries experimenting with and adopting technologies because they have disposable income. Such "divides" have occurred with every major technology including car, radio, television, and telephone. Over time, the divide closes as the technology becomes less expensive and more tested. A map of Internet users and innovators quickly reveals a stark global North-South divide.

    • Word count: 510

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    "In conclusion, the degree of social power wielded by media technology is dependent on many factors, the audience itself being chief amongst these. The influence it has over its' audience depends on both their social background and experience; how the audience uses the media; and of course the content of the media itself. The same program or report will have different effects on some than on others. The different types of media will also have varying degrees of effectiveness. Some individuals or groups have a greater degree of control over media technology than others. This will inevitably influence the effectiveness of media technology as a tool of social power: A man who owns an on-line journal will have much less social influence than a man who owns a television network. It is impossible to measure the effects of media technology, but it would be fair to say that the media will at sometimes affect our actions and opinions. It would also be fair to say that some are more vulnerable to the influence of media than others. (Frank Webster) Theories of the information society. 1995. (Robin Roy, Nigel Cross) Technology and society. 1975 (Stanley A. Hetzler) Technological growth and social change : achieving modernization. 1969. (Esther Dyson) Release 2.1: A design for living in the digital age. 1995 FSS 122 essay Paul Shepherd FC137640 BABJ1"

  • To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    "In conclusion, the degree of social power wielded by media technology is dependent on many factors, the audience itself being chief amongst these. The influence it has over its' audience depends on both the social background and the experience of the audience, how the audience uses the media, and of course the content of the media itself. The same program or report will have different effects on some than on others. The different types of media will also have varying degrees of effectiveness. The effectiveness of media technology as a tool of social power is different for all those who use it as such as some groups or individuals have a greater degree of control over it than others. It is impossible to quantify the effects of media technology, but it would be fair to say that the media will at sometimes affect our actions and opinions. It would also be fair to say that some are more vulnerable to the influence of media than others."

  • Discuss the functions and ethics of identification and tracking computing technology embedded in everyday products.

    "So in my concussion to the argument I would agree with the arguments against the tagging process, I think that the public are being miss lead into the process. The public need to know about the tagging for it to be justified, maybe if the company were to change the way they manufactured their chips, it would make them better if they had a limited life. Also if the company were to advertise their chips, letting the public now about them, as they might not be as cautious about using there products, But with respect to the shopping technology which lets you walk out of the shop with out paying and you get sent a bill to your home address, I am completely agree with this type of technology because I think it would revolutionise the way in which we shop to this date. I agree with the process of the human electronic tagging and the ethics behind that type of technology, depending on which crime has been committed, and if it was a smaller crime then these criminals would be allowed to be moved out of the jails and put on this electronic tagging system, which would free up jail space for the bigger criminals."

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