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University Degree: Electronic Media Studies

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  1. Video game violence. Violent video games seem to become the target of the blame game, from school shootings (Columbine, Virginia Tech), to an increase in bullying and violence towards women. Researchers argue that violent games would reduce players to

    In other words, interaction with others enables children to constantly redefine roles and expectations. Thus, their concept of self is based in large measure on their interpretations of the interactions they have with others. The self that is developed through the on-going interactions is not unique to a given situation, but, instead affects the outcomes of subsequent situations. Thus, the gender identity that is established by the child has consequences for the rest of the statuses and identities of that individual.

    • Word count: 1546
  2. Cinema Evolved

    In Scarface and in Little Caesar, Tony Camonte (Paul Muni) and Rico "Little Caesar" Bandello (Edward G Robinson) both rise to the top with ease of access into the physical spaces of legitimate society and of the rich with no acknowledgment to the boundaries of the fixed social structures. Warshow states, "the gangster's activity is actually a form of rational enterprise, involving fairly definite goals and various techniques for achieving them" (14). Moreover, a sensible drive for success is made clear through the eyes of Rico and Tony.

    • Word count: 1424
  3. Why does all this copyright reform stuff matter, anyway? What's at stake? (Doctorow, 2008). With reference to arguments from those for and against copyright reform attempt to answer Doctorows question.

    The Copyright (Computer Programs) Regulations 1992 extended the rules covering literary works to include computer programs. Sound Recordings and broadcasts 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the last remaining author of the work dies, or the work is made available to the public, by authorised release, performance, broadcast, etc. Films 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the last principal director, author or composer dies, or the work is made available to the public, by authorised performance, broadcast, exhibition, etc.

    • Word count: 1813
  4. Free essay

    Music Distribution in the Digital Age

    This is no longer the only system of distribution due to the advent of the digital age. There is conflict between such traditional methods of distribution and those of digital means, as the standard means of distribution has been impinged on by technological innovation. With the rise of the internet and peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, the foundation for vast media file-sharing online was established, leading to the creation of online business models. P2P networks connect online users with one another and allow them to share files while also being connected directly to artists.

    • Word count: 1684
  5. Research Proposal on Database Usability Issues

    It is better to write about something that you enjoy, so then the reader can feel the confidence in the review. It was also a topic I wanted to look further into especially the HCI factor. Within this initial literature review I have looked at a number of books and websites that I feel would help me in findings definitions for all usability features. I also looked at what applications use Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction and Graphical User Interface.

    • Word count: 1757
  6. What are the Values of Web 2.0 Technologies to a Student of Media and Communications?

    This can be particularly effective if both tutors and peers partake. Blogs can also be efficient to a student of media and communications as they allow one to develop skills for expressing ideas, which is essential regarding coursework and also jobs relating to all aspects of the media. Weblogs are very significant because teachers and students can incorporate them into both classrooms and practice. However, the tools for searching for blogs and for helping make communication between blogs possible can still lack superiority when compared with forums or web 2.0 websites such as youTube (which enables members to upload and

    • Word count: 1636
  7. Information Technologies

    Computers were used in these environments as a tool - a typewriter, calculator or storage device. The relative expense of computers prevented many people from using them in their homes, when a typewriter would perform the same task at a fraction of the cost. The advent of email triggered a gradual change in the perception of computers merely as a 'glorified typewriter'. Computers now began to have some of the qualities of a communication medium as email was more widely embraced. With the subsequent development and expansion of the Internet, computers came to be seen as 'media'.

    • Word count: 1580
  8. report for ICT systems used in personal communications

    How it meets their needs: It is easy to carry around as it is becoming smaller and thinner as new game consoles are made, it allows user to download games, it holds a lot of data due to blu-ray disc, As technology improves there are new parts and pieces of technology which can be used on game console and plugged into the game console making it more fun to play with, and it can help you become fit as new technology makes you move around more whilst using the game console.

    • Word count: 1633
  9. The Necessity of Technology in Sport

    For example if we start using technology like intelligent cameras in football, it will reduce the number of mistakes that the referee makes and will mean that penalties, free-kicks and corners are only given out to players that deserve it and will also mean that payers will not try to dive to get any of these. It will make sure the players that foul will get what they deserve- a red or yellow card. However some sports fans will yet again debate that football should depend entirely on the hands of the referee and not involve complex technology which is also quite expensive.

    • Word count: 1118
  10. "'Contemporary Media Are Characterised By Increasing Convergence.' Discuss."

    The reality television programme, "Big Brother", has been running for four years and is a useful example of the ever-increasing inclusion of convergence in modern media. Every year the programme's producers have become more and more dependent upon audience participation in deciding the direction of the series. In its first series, the show had a very basic format; viewers that watched the hour-long weekly shows could then telephone to vote out the most unpopular contestants. This telephone voting was, essentially, audience interactivity at its most primitive level and has developed to voting by text messaging, due to the ever increasing popularity of the mobile phone.

    • Word count: 1343
  11. The most important technology of the last century is . . .?

    Society today seems to view technology in an optimistic way and a pessimistic way, both at the same time. People quickly jump to negative conclusions about the harms of technology, instead of extolling its creation. Society tends to directly blame technology and not its users, hence its creators or founders. Even when technology is celebrated, it is the humans who created the specific technology that are celebrated. Therefore, this essay will attempt to celebrate technology itself and the impacts it has made on society. What better way to do this, than to ask: "What is the most important technology of the last century?"

    • Word count: 1433
  12. Marshall McLuhan is famous for arguing that " The medium is the message." Explore McLuhan's claim with reference to opposing arguments.

    When he made this claim he was referring to all types of media, such as film, telephone, television, the press and more. In explanation to this claim, he meant that the form of communication was what was important, because the properties of the medium can change the way we perceive things, and how we understand. The information itself is not what is important, but how it is given to us makes a difference. If a television is switched on in a family house with as little or bigger audience as possible, the whole room can turn silent.

    • Word count: 1482
  13. Essentially, I am looking at how information technology has developed over the last twenty years, in what ways, the large steps taken in IT now being available to virtually all in more economically developed countries,

    This quote indicates that a new economy has indeed been proliferated and that it has been shaped by IT and new ways of working, involving devices like the internet. Another important, broad term in the question is 'information technologies'. "Any equipment or interconnected system or subsystem of equipment, that is used in the automatic acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, or reception of data or information. The term information technology includes computers, ancillary equipment, software, firmware and similar procedures, services (including support services)

    • Word count: 1996
  14. Plato's Allegory of the Cave may have been written to express ancient Greek culture, but for the most part it still holds true today. Granted, we possess a greater understanding of science and technology

    It would be the same as someone telling us now that everything we see and experience is false; that everything is an illusion and the life we think we've worked so hard for is merely a lie. Most people would take that as an offense, defending their existence with all their worth, to the death if necessary. There are very few people that would be able to fully take into effect everything told to them, and realize the truth; or in the caves metaphorical sense 'turn around' and view the puppet masters casting their shadows.

    • Word count: 1386
  15. Newsprint vs Online news

    Having black ink stains on your fingers was a sign that you were informed. Catering mostly to the baby boomers and older generations, as well as academics, the face of newspapers has not changed much since the inception of print media. The structure is still a front page deluged with headlines of what is considered up to date, eye catching stories. Inside the paper are sections devoted to politics, money and business, opinions and editorials. Perhaps on the weekends there is a section included for activities, or comics, or employment pages. However, the basic content of a newspaper will be business, economic and political news.

    • Word count: 1403
  16. Use of Internet Technology In a Hotel Spa

    (Source: Introduction to Hospitality, By John R. Walker) It is obvious that the management role is extremely important and in addition to the above responsibilities managers would spend a high percentage of their time communicating, this makes the communication function doubly important. Interaction with internal and external customers is done on a daily bases and can be done by the following ways: * Telephone * Mail/fax * Memos and other internal/external written communication * Personal face to face meetings * Internet technology Internet technology has many purposes, and the way in which the hotel spa can use this facility to the best of its advantage can be by

    • Word count: 1471
  17. Video Games Don't Murder, Irresponsible Parents Do

    But is it really true that the games industry should be held solely responsible? Actually, it is parents who should take the blame for such tragedies and violent acts instead of the video games industry in Western countries like U.S and U.K. Mostly, parents find it convincing that playing violent video games will inspire teenagers to have violent behaviors, and thus blaming the games industry. They believe that teenagers will "assume the identity of the characters" and imitate their behaviors when they play video games (Kane). In the case of "Manhunt", the murder victim's mother said, "When one looks at what Warren did to Stephan and looks at the brutality and viciousness of the game, one can see links" (Thorsen, "Manhunt").

    • Word count: 1663
  18. There are three metaphors that stem from the fates of the Greek mythological characters Prometheus, Pandora and Icarus. Explain how we use these metaphors to refer to the internet today.

    This was Prometheus's hamartia, as the Gods strictly forbade giving fire to the humans. The importance of this is that Zeus's punishment for Prometheus was having an eagle eat his liver out everyday; which would cause him daily pain.1 Though Prometheus's intentions were noble, his hubris of thinking that he could outwit the Gods, led to Zeus punishing mankind by creating Pandora and her box. What Prometheus did and his fate can be related to the internet with the utopian idea of trying to make things better and superior with technology.

    • Word count: 1482
  19. What is VC?

    (BIS Limited) Impacts of Video Conferencing Social: VC changes the ways of human communication. In the past, written letters and telephone calls are the main communication channels. However, nowadays, human can enjoy sitting in front of the webcam and communicate with others by VC. This face-to-face convenient communication can stronger the relationship of family and friends and also encourage business relationship. In US, a survey finding 66% respondents noted VC has increased the frequency of meetings with remote groups. (Harris Interactive Survey). VC is widely used in Education especially in e-learning/distance learning. Hong Kong students can collaborate with UK students or students from all over the world easily.

    • Word count: 1098
  20. Past and nowadays of China

    In contrary, myth was commonly accepted by people in old days. For example, the poor believed in god as a form of complaining their hard lives, oppressed by the rich and hoping for the good life. They didn't struggle for better life because they though that was their fate, which had been written in the fate book when they were born. There is a saying in China that the official's son is born as an official and the thief's son is born as a thief.

    • Word count: 1219
  21. The Labour Party now in government is committed to deliver digital broadcasting for 95% of British people by the end of this decade. How important is this goal for our society?

    One of the most rapidly increasing forms of digitalised media is television. At present, the UK is the world leader in digital television, with over 50% of all UK homes accessing these services - a higher percentage than any other country and twice the European average. One quarter of the country's population currently cannot receive digital television. Therefore once this problem has been solved, i.e. when we have an analogue switch off, this figure could potentially rise to up to 75%.

    • Word count: 1772
  22. Internet Security and Privacy ThreatsIntroductionIn this day and age technology plays a part in our everyday lives

    It can take ID theft victims four or five years to repair the damage, according to financial consultants. Business analysts estimate that U.S. consumers lost US$2.4 billion from online fraud scams in 2003, with most fraud carried out by people obtaining access to account numbers and passwords. One major corporation reported receiving more than 1,400 phishing attacks in June 2004. Other surveys report that more than 57 million consumers think they received phishing e-mails last year. Phishing is a scam designed to get e-mail recipients to disclose sensitive personal information such as log-on details and account numbers. When users respond with the requested information, attackers can use it to gain access to the accounts.

    • Word count: 1075
  23. Michael Jordan.

    His "swooping, driving, leaping, and soaring style of play" has made him the games most "astounding" player. Michael and Wilt Chamberlain are the only players ever to score 3,000 points in a season and to lead the league in scoring for at least six years. His personal trademark is his protruding tongue, which flashes every time he drives to the basket. He is his team's leader and insists that they work hard. His coach John Bach once said, "He is like hell turned loose on defense; when we want to shut down the opposition, we assign Michael."2 > From the

    • Word count: 1384
  24. The rapidly growing field of Media Literacy is now emerging and expanding in schools and in other community settings to look at the role media potentially or actually play in our lives, in our ideas and actions.

    . And it can be fun too, as in entertainment. One way or the other we use and see media products on daily bases, we can't protect ourselves from all the messages but we empower them to be critical and relevant to our lives. According to the Aspen Institute Leadership Forum on Media Literacy (1992) and the Canadian Association for Media Literacy, media Literacy/studies is the ability to "access, analyze, evaluate and produce communication in a variety of forms."

    • Word count: 1168
  25. To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    The press now has the right to print what they like within the boundaries of libel and blasphemy and anyone is free to publish, although in practise it is still restricted to those who have huge financial resources. The BBC pioneered both television and radio broadcasting in this country. In it's infancy it was a monopoly under government control. BBC radio broadcasts began in 1922, initially providing entertainment only due to press demands that it broadcast no news before 7 p.m.

    • Word count: 1653

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    "In conclusion, the degree of social power wielded by media technology is dependent on many factors, the audience itself being chief amongst these. The influence it has over its' audience depends on both their social background and experience; how the audience uses the media; and of course the content of the media itself. The same program or report will have different effects on some than on others. The different types of media will also have varying degrees of effectiveness. Some individuals or groups have a greater degree of control over media technology than others. This will inevitably influence the effectiveness of media technology as a tool of social power: A man who owns an on-line journal will have much less social influence than a man who owns a television network. It is impossible to measure the effects of media technology, but it would be fair to say that the media will at sometimes affect our actions and opinions. It would also be fair to say that some are more vulnerable to the influence of media than others. (Frank Webster) Theories of the information society. 1995. (Robin Roy, Nigel Cross) Technology and society. 1975 (Stanley A. Hetzler) Technological growth and social change : achieving modernization. 1969. (Esther Dyson) Release 2.1: A design for living in the digital age. 1995 FSS 122 essay Paul Shepherd FC137640 BABJ1"

  • To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    "In conclusion, the degree of social power wielded by media technology is dependent on many factors, the audience itself being chief amongst these. The influence it has over its' audience depends on both the social background and the experience of the audience, how the audience uses the media, and of course the content of the media itself. The same program or report will have different effects on some than on others. The different types of media will also have varying degrees of effectiveness. The effectiveness of media technology as a tool of social power is different for all those who use it as such as some groups or individuals have a greater degree of control over it than others. It is impossible to quantify the effects of media technology, but it would be fair to say that the media will at sometimes affect our actions and opinions. It would also be fair to say that some are more vulnerable to the influence of media than others."

  • Discuss the functions and ethics of identification and tracking computing technology embedded in everyday products.

    "So in my concussion to the argument I would agree with the arguments against the tagging process, I think that the public are being miss lead into the process. The public need to know about the tagging for it to be justified, maybe if the company were to change the way they manufactured their chips, it would make them better if they had a limited life. Also if the company were to advertise their chips, letting the public now about them, as they might not be as cautious about using there products, But with respect to the shopping technology which lets you walk out of the shop with out paying and you get sent a bill to your home address, I am completely agree with this type of technology because I think it would revolutionise the way in which we shop to this date. I agree with the process of the human electronic tagging and the ethics behind that type of technology, depending on which crime has been committed, and if it was a smaller crime then these criminals would be allowed to be moved out of the jails and put on this electronic tagging system, which would free up jail space for the bigger criminals."

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