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University Degree: Electronic Media Studies

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  1. facebook: communication

    So, how could they lead themselves to do bad things, distractions or others? This statement could be answered from the fact that some of the users tend to be an addict to this social site. Within this addiction, he or she leaves lots of other social and religion responsibilities such as doing assignments, book revisions, praying or reciting zikr and Al-Quran. Based upon researcher's reading on articles by Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman, a lecturer from International Islamic University Malaysia and also an Islamic Jurisprudence Q & A Panel, I-Magazine- regarding Facebook, from Islamic perspectives, do bring six main negative effects towards their users when first, as a place to express the defect of one person, i.e.

    • Word count: 2584
  2. The Future of Journalism. For the first time, more and more people are getting their news online than from traditional ink and paper. So it is believed that print papers will continue to shrink and the Internet will continue to grow, serving the newspape

    It is sad to see so many good newspapers going out of business, and many people are now wondering what the future of the news will be. As younger generations grow up learning to read their news online and as there has been a huge decline in readership among newspapers it is very likely that many newspapers will cut their number of printed papers or in some extreme cases discontinue them altogether. The newspaper industry broadly relies on two sources of revenues: subscription and advertising.

    • Word count: 2336
  3. Cyborg - our advanced technology has brought along with it the cyborga human body and technology intersected, which lead womens image in the world to be further threatened by media. This growing cyborg phenomenon can cause anxieties for future persp

    While the cyborgs Harway refers to are images and dolls of robots that basically have the shape of a human being's body, but instead the skin looks like it is covered or perhaps replaced with metal. Cyborg representations of our bodies, specifically women's bodies, cause a false perception and alter attitudes toward women and sexuality. Allure of the CYBORG At first, the gender of many cyborg dolls or images online was not at all specific. Though, as the cyborgs became more popular they started to represent explicit gender characteristics.

    • Word count: 2213
  4. E-commerce change management

    ("Process models of change") The overall process took longer than expected because of problems with finding an existing change management report of an E-Commerce company. After all the whole process took around two weeks. The report starts with problems within company A and it follows the whole process of change management. Attention is focused on the need for change, the changing process, the diagnosis, the plan to solve the issue(s), implementation and finally the review of the process of changes.

    • Word count: 2623
  5. What is the act of creation?

    Therefore, creation is the human act of creating, to make the existence of things by someone which is completely new and no one has ever seen and heard about it before. Indeed, creation is also a complex term to define since it can be related to any aspect in the world such as religion, philosophy, science, arts, media, architecture and more. It is very interesting to examine the act of creation because it is making something out of nothing (Murphy 2007).

    • Word count: 2420
  6. Nagoya, 2005 Aichi Expo

    There where many critics, environmentalist, and residential problems and issue that needed to be resolved and thought out before major construction of the area get started underway. The 2005 Aichi committee needed to deal with the on-going debate with resident and environmentalist and trying to convince them that by hosting the Aichi Expo event on March 25, 2005. The event would bring good things to the city such as an increase in income, technology and state of the art architecture around the city.2 Rather than brining in any negative aspects and hazards to the resident that could harm them or the environment.

    • Word count: 2970
  7. ICT Report 3D

    The money that they would use would also need to be theirs and not borrowed, to prevent them having to pay interest, which would be a nuisance. New immigrants accumulating towards Brent's amazing multicultural society may have not been as lucky as to have the internet or even a computer in their native countries. So they require a method to take part in the wonders of the internet without having to pay extreme costs (to new immigrants costs of computers equipped with the internet can seem daunting)

    • Word count: 2581
  8. What in your opinion Has made of India an important Research Center?

    They were responsible for great scientific advances of the highest international degree. In the half century since Independence, India has been committed to the task of promoting the spread of science. The key role of technology as an important element of national development is well recognized. The Scientific Policy Resolution of 1958 and the Technology Policy Statement of the 1983 enunciated the principles on which the growth of science and technology in India has been based on over the past several decades.

    • Word count: 2290
  9. Create a report that describes four or more ICT technologies open to all members of the community.* Evaluate the extent to which these ICT technologies meet the needs of the community

    THE NEEDS OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: Brent has varying degrees in crime depending on the area in respect. Crimes like sexual offences, robbery, drug offences have gone down since a few years back. But an increase in crimes like crimes against the person (e.g. assault) has considerably risen by the thousands. Other crimes like burglary have increased slightly. Although areas like Stonebridge, Harlesden and Kensal rise have notorious reputations for crime, the truth is the situation is being bettered. By more police presence and patrols and a better police response to crime. The need of the community to reduce the crime rate is that the streets need to be monitored more closely to reduce the more common crimes like assault, in the monitoring of these offices the perpetrators can be identified and hopefully brought to justice.

    • Word count: 2267
  10. According to some, we now live in a Knowledge Age. Do you agree? Support your arguments with suitable data from the web and elsewhere.

    Knowledge is the full utilization of information and data, together with the potential of people's skills, competencies, ideas, intuitions, commitments and motivations. To understand that information is not the same as knowledge, these different terms must first be defined. Data is simply the representation of facts, and as such forms the basis for intelligent actions. Information is data in context, the meaning of data. Knowledge is the awareness and understanding of facts, truths or information gained in the form of experience or learning.

    • Word count: 2315
  11. Censorship and Internet Blocking

    To say that a man is funny or shy describes characteristics of the man, however to say that a man is a murderer, that according to the law he has been found guilty of murder, describes nothing of the man's character. By the same token, to say that a painting depicts a naked couple or an essay deals with the subject of atheism describes the works, but to identify those same works as obscene or blasphemous merely indicates their status under the law of a particular jurisdiction and not the nature of the content (White, 1).

    • Word count: 2357
  12. Questions of control will be explored, supported by articles written by Postman (1992), Wajcman (1991), Resnik, Andrews, and Nelkin (2002), McLuhan (1969), and Joy (2000). I will also incorporate the movies Jurassic Park

    - McLuhan, Counterblast and the Medium is the Message, (2) This statement given by Marshall McLuhan embodies our relationship with our technologies in the most basic, raw, and unprocessed form. All technology, whether it is something as basic as a chair, or as sophisticated as a jet plane, have direct correlation with the human body making actions easier to accomplish. Therefore, technology changes our physical and social behaviors. If our function patterns are changed by the introduction of new technology into our society, then it can be viewed that technology is in control of the individual human.

    • Word count: 2916
  13. "The Real World of Technology" by: Ursula Franklin

    By doing so, we are falling into the trap in which technology controls and guides our lives. "Feminist Perspectives on Technology" by: J. Wajcman. In the article "Feminist Perspective on Technology", written by J. Wajcman raises a few interesting ideas. According to Wajcman technology has a life of its own. Although humans created technology and are developing it continuously, we have no control over it. She also refers to technology as an irresistible force moving forward. This implies that we are unable to stop technology from growing due to the fact that we became so dependant on it that we became in need of it to live our normal lives.

    • Word count: 2835
  14. Is there too much, or too little regulation in the ICT area(s) and why? Discuss with at reference to reasons given for regulations generally, and objections to regulation, in at least three sources. Include both supplier and user perspectives.

    It will take a look at various case studies like content regulation (for example pornography, SPAM i.e. unsolicited deceptive emails etc) and market regulation (for example online music distribution, copyright the etc). Prior to breaking down the structure of this essay it is imperative to define the term regulation. Based on my knowledge Regulation may be defined as a set of rules designed to govern an entity. Firstly, it will explore the general scope of regulation in the ICT's area, whilst focusing on some more specific issues surrounding regulation of internet.

    • Word count: 2724
  15. College internet case study

    Although, Napier does also allow staff and students within their intranet community to access the Internet through firewall servers; thus to protect the intranet from viruses. Underlying Infrastructure The underlying infrastructure of your network account and the Intranet is mainly JANET (Joint Academic Network). JANET is the main backbone network for the UK university system of academic and research computers. A backbone is a substantial communication line that transmits data collected from the more minor lines that intersect with it.

    • Word count: 2017
  16. The Prominent Trends in Information Technology

    The home computing market has exploded in growth over the years this is primarily due to the use of the Internet. Following are some recent statistics for U. S. usage of the Internet, both at home and in the business environment: Average Web Usage, U.S., June 2003 Home Work Number of Sessions/Visits Per Month 30 63 Number of Domains Visited Per Month 52 95 Time Spent Per Month 25:25:07 74:26:35 Time Spent During Web Visit 00:32:24 00:33:32 Duration of a Web Page Viewed 00:00:54 00:00:57 Active Digital Media Universe 122,435,131 46,014,483 Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 177,547,277 51,035,041 Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

    • Word count: 2290
  17. What is NetSpeak?

    Other new words These are more used in text messaging where the size of the message is limited but can also be used in chatrooms. The following are examples of the type of words used: * GR8 = Great * L8R = Later * 4EVR = Forever. These words are also intended to save time but at the same time it has become "cool", especially with younger children, to use these types of words as diversely and effectively as possible.

    • Word count: 2590
  18. Extensions in modes of communications have had a powerful determining effect on the course of history.

    "During this phase the corporate memory - that is, the knowledge shared by the society - is frequently recorded in poetry or rhythmic prose to facilitate memorization and recall." (McMurdo, 2002) People used visual and thematic memory to recall the stories. When recalling a story, they would memorize the themes in the story and use their imagination to fill in the rest. Why people memorized stories in that manner is due to the lack written evidence, or facts, to explain or recall stories, phenomena's, science or false arguments.

    • Word count: 2649
  19. Make room for Big Brother.

    Read at your own disturbance. Do you have any secrets that you would never want anyone to know? It is a fact that we all have skeletons in our closet, but what if the closet door was not shut as tightly as we thought? Anywhere you go cameras are everywhere, on the inside and outside of buildings. May it be one of those dome cameras in Wal-Mart or a hidden camera in your own home that you don't know about? It was reported by Popular Science writer Mary Treiber 2 Behr that, "There are at least 2,400 outdoor surveillance cameras in Manhattan alone, many of them installed my corporations, according to the New York Civil Liberties Union."

    • Word count: 2003
  20. E-training.

    It may use text, graphics, narration, sound effects, music, video, and animation to enhance the learning experience." PMB Associations Inc (Online). Another definitive answer is provided by Waller(2001), in which he defined e-training as "the effective training process created by combining digitally delivered content with (learning) support and services." Waller and Wilson (2001) also come out with a classification matrix in which training are classified into; types of media, accessibility and learner support which enable any technology based training to be easily identified and understood. However, technology is ever-changing and hence e-training is still-evolving discipline, and what might be considered a good definition today may not even be in the ballpark tomorrow.

    • Word count: 2710
  21. Since the mid-1960's, the dissemination of technology via multinational corporations (MNCs) has accelerated.

    within or between firms across national borders. So the transfer of a technology is supposed to be complete and achieved when all the process is entirely absorbed without any assistance coming from outside and when, above all, it can improve, extend and develop the technology originally transferred (UNCTAD, 1996). A major distinction in the nature of technology has to be underlined, which, as suggested by Peter Dicken (2003, pp.115-116), "is important to understanding the role of space and place in technological diffusion". The transfer and the diffusion of the technology made through firms will differ according to if it is a codifiable or explicit knowledge, such as

    • Word count: 2563
  22. Marshall McLuhan's theories of technology as an extension of the body.

    also, the computer can be thought of as extending our central nervous system, and even more "Man becomes...the sex organs of the machine world, as the bee of the plant world, enabling it to fecundate and to evolve ever new forms." (Understanding Media p. 56) McLuhan was primarily concerned with changes in cultures and societies under the influence of the media. He distinguished three Ages of Man: In the first place - The Preliterate, or Tribal, era of very non-hierarchical, democratic societies, relying on the ear, as opposed to the eye, to keep us "sensitive, hyperaesthetic, and all-inclusive"; the dependence

    • Word count: 2102
  23. Dogmat nowej gospodarki g³osi: najszybsi i wybiegaj¹cymyœl¹ w przysz³oœæ przedstawiciele starej gospodarkibêd¹ wykorzystywaæ

    - "W 1999 r. na zam�wieniach z Sieci zarobilismy 100 mln USD. Przewidujemy, ze w roku 2000 wartosc ta przekroczy miliard". A Joe DeAngelo, dyrektor zarzadzajacy i wiceprezes ds. nowej gospodarki w sp�lce GE Appliances, dodawal, iz nabywcy detaliczni i inwestorzy budowlani zaopatruja sie za posrednictwem witryny internetowej GE Appliances na kwote, co najmniej 2,6 mld USD rocznie. Sa to dane dotyczace tylko sprzedazy. GE twierdzilo, ze realizowanie zaopatrzenia i innych wewnetrznych zadan przez Internet przynosi ogromne oszczednosci. W polowie 2000 roku legendarny prezes i ex-dyrektor generalny Jack Welch w rozmowie z analitykami zapowiedzial, ze w ciagu dw�ch lat koncern GE moze obnizyc koszty og�lne nawet o 10 mld dolar�w.

    • Word count: 2914
  24. Discuss the role and value of communication models across a range of marketing, advertising and communication media.

    There is a picture of a lady who looks like she has just had a shower. This gives the image that the perfume is refreshing and clean. The bottle also has condensation on it which hints that she has been using it. There is also a website which gives the company a chance to receive feedback. This can be used to help monitor the effectiveness of the advert by seeing if, after the advert has been released there are an increased number of visitors to the site.

    • Word count: 2002
  25. Internet, SMS shortly ease pain of SARS.

    They are using e-mail to share the information. Sina.com's news channels have received an increasing number of hits in recent days, due in part to the epidemic, said Daniel Mao, Sina.com's chief executive officer. Sina.com is the country's largest Web portal. "As many people choose to stay at home, the demand for timely news is surging, which is boosting the number of hits at our website," Mao said. "The rise will be more apparent in the coming two months, as SARS headlines have replaced news of the just-concluded war in Iraq."

    • Word count: 2716

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  • To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    "In conclusion, the degree of social power wielded by media technology is dependent on many factors, the audience itself being chief amongst these. The influence it has over its' audience depends on both their social background and experience; how the audience uses the media; and of course the content of the media itself. The same program or report will have different effects on some than on others. The different types of media will also have varying degrees of effectiveness. Some individuals or groups have a greater degree of control over media technology than others. This will inevitably influence the effectiveness of media technology as a tool of social power: A man who owns an on-line journal will have much less social influence than a man who owns a television network. It is impossible to measure the effects of media technology, but it would be fair to say that the media will at sometimes affect our actions and opinions. It would also be fair to say that some are more vulnerable to the influence of media than others. (Frank Webster) Theories of the information society. 1995. (Robin Roy, Nigel Cross) Technology and society. 1975 (Stanley A. Hetzler) Technological growth and social change : achieving modernization. 1969. (Esther Dyson) Release 2.1: A design for living in the digital age. 1995 FSS 122 essay Paul Shepherd FC137640 BABJ1"

  • To what extent and for whom does media technology serve as a source of social power?

    "In conclusion, the degree of social power wielded by media technology is dependent on many factors, the audience itself being chief amongst these. The influence it has over its' audience depends on both the social background and the experience of the audience, how the audience uses the media, and of course the content of the media itself. The same program or report will have different effects on some than on others. The different types of media will also have varying degrees of effectiveness. The effectiveness of media technology as a tool of social power is different for all those who use it as such as some groups or individuals have a greater degree of control over it than others. It is impossible to quantify the effects of media technology, but it would be fair to say that the media will at sometimes affect our actions and opinions. It would also be fair to say that some are more vulnerable to the influence of media than others."

  • Discuss the functions and ethics of identification and tracking computing technology embedded in everyday products.

    "So in my concussion to the argument I would agree with the arguments against the tagging process, I think that the public are being miss lead into the process. The public need to know about the tagging for it to be justified, maybe if the company were to change the way they manufactured their chips, it would make them better if they had a limited life. Also if the company were to advertise their chips, letting the public now about them, as they might not be as cautious about using there products, But with respect to the shopping technology which lets you walk out of the shop with out paying and you get sent a bill to your home address, I am completely agree with this type of technology because I think it would revolutionise the way in which we shop to this date. I agree with the process of the human electronic tagging and the ethics behind that type of technology, depending on which crime has been committed, and if it was a smaller crime then these criminals would be allowed to be moved out of the jails and put on this electronic tagging system, which would free up jail space for the bigger criminals."

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