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University Degree: Electronic Media Studies

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  1. Imagine That You Have Been Hired as a Consultant for a Firm That Plans to Develop Surveys That Are Presented on the Internet, on Websites. They Want to Obtain Accurate Information About People's Beliefs and Attitudes from These Surveys.

    The Internet offers the opportunity to enlist subjects that are demographically and culturally diverse on a scale previously unthinkable. Traditionally, samples used in such surveys have suffered the problem of being unrepresentative, and therefore it has been difficult to suggest that the results are generalisable. In particular, it has often been the case that researchers have used university students (particularly Psychology students) who take part for course credit or due to some incentive such as economic compensation (Epstein et al, 2001).

    • Word count: 2780
  2. Bluetooth technology continues to develop and evolve into many network and communication systems. Discuss the areas of future development of this technology and provide evidence of research to support your viewpoints from a wide range of sources.

    Bluetooth has come on a long way since it first came to market so far it has hit the targets and specifications that it aimed to meet by this time. It was thought that Bluetooth would "answer all our communication problems, whether it is in the office, car or home. Three years later some truly valuable Bluetooth business applications are being bought to market." (Ostergaard, 2002) With this wireless technology there are more competitors appearing on the market that are becoming bigger competitors such as IEEE 802.11, WI FI and UWB (UltraWideband).

    • Word count: 2781
  3. What are the implications for individual identity in relation to the rise in Internet cultures?

    In this way, humanities greatest asset - the imagination is used to the full to transform the text on a screen into an all-encompassing new environment. Is this therefore, any less of a valid experience than that of reading a book or watching a film, where the user loses themselves in the plot, the advantage of the internet is that rather than the activity being solitary, the user is actually interacting with people across the globe. The rise in the use of the internet means that there are vastly more possibilities for communication.

    • Word count: 2054
  4. Account for the association of technology with masculine culture. How is this culture affected by the development of Information and Communications Technologies - ICT's?

    This slow transition left the employment market filled with jobs that were more suited to women and left men with no area that they could go into, which would be accepted as a normal route for them into employment. However, an employment sector that was more appropriate to their nature proved to be not too far away. This change left men with no real working speciality of their own and then came along their salvation: Information Technology. Throughout history men have usually been the one's who have come up with new inventions and technologies.

    • Word count: 2916
  5. Report To the Multiple Sclerosis Trust On Spritely Mobile Robot.

    All technological applications require testing to ensure it operates to the manufacturers guidelines, with robots integrating with humans this has to be more rigorous to ensure that harm is not inflicted on the recipient. therefore, safety is another issue. Another technical issue that needs to be further investigated is capacity and cost, as this will have a bearing on the take up of the robot. Introduction of robots into the home will bring about dependency on their ability to take on daily chores for the disabled, therefore reliability in use is a key factor which will determine not only continued use but also instil confidence in their user.

    • Word count: 2470
  6. Impact of Internet On Society With Special Review On Home-Shopping (E-Commerce).

    The Internet began as a U.S military experiment called DoD ARPA net (Department of Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) over 20 years ago. Because of the potential for nuclear war, and the fact that more and more aspects of national defence relied on computers, the decision was made to create a completely fault- tolerant computer network. A fault-tolerant network was the goal because such a network would allow for the loss of certain segments of the network. For example, in a fault-tolerant network a computer in Kansas City could be destroyed without cutting off communications between Washington D.C and Los Angeles.

    • Word count: 2456
  7. Contemporary advertising has been formed with the development of mass communication media.

    Dentsu has started to estimate internet advertising expenditure only 5 years ago. But new medium always grows quickly. We can confirm from the fact when radio and broadcast TV started. source:Advertising Expenditure in Japan, Dentsu Inc. 2001 Note: Radio started in 1951, Broadcast TV started in 1953, Satellite media (originally called as new media) estimation started in 1985, Internet estimation started in 1996. In Japan, the expansion rate of broadcast TV advertising expenditure was notable in its first 10 years.

    • Word count: 2231
  8. Give reasons (with examples) why you think the Internet should, or should not, be regulated.

    Obviously different countries have different laws and one country's laws are often not compatible with other country's laws. As a result there have been many debates over which country's laws should apply to many of the disputes that occur on the Internet. Langford gives us the example of a situation describing a U.S bookseller that sells books over the Internet and an Australian book purchaser that purchases a book over the Internet from the U.S book seller. If the purchaser and book seller have a dispute, then whose law is applicable to the situation? The U.S laws or the Australian laws?

    • Word count: 2721
  9. The rapid development and utilisation of information and communication technologies has dismantled gender hierarchies in the workplace. Discuss.

    They particularly influence relationships between men and women. As a basis for this essay, it would be relevant to provide an examination as to how technology can be incorporated into the working environment, hence changing the way work is being performed. As we move towards the distant future, our society is constantly changing within a changing global context. Many major business corporations including government, public and private sectors, are moving at a rapid pace to get a piece of the latest computer technology, in order to increase flexibility and effectiveness in this climate of change and to stay ahead of the competition.

    • Word count: 2119
  10. "How do different media communicate information and other messages to their audiences?"

    Within mass society national relations are the main focus, they are centralised. Governments in general have become more powerful as they play more influence in people's lives. Due to this, intermediate relations such as trade unions got weaker. The relationship between the government and the country's people declined. And finally in turn, primary relations started to become totally isolated. One of the oldest forms of mass media is the 'newspaper'; it is also one of the most popular mediums. Newspapers are targeted at one gigantic mass audience and gives out bulk information to all its readers simultaneously.

    • Word count: 2086
  11. Digital Film-making and D-Cinema

    In article three, the author explains the software has been used as a tool for the film per-production. Final Draft is currently the market leader in the script-formatting field with second place going to Movie Magic. Second feature is the best spell checker and thesaurus of the several other formatting products. Questionable spelling is underlined in red as user's type. There is also a database of 90,000 names to help users christen their characters By far the most unique feature in Final Draft is Script Reader.

    • Word count: 2918
  12. Online purchasing continues to grow in size and has a significant impact on the commercial environment. This project explores the factors influencing internet purchases of goods.

    Also brand loyalty correlates consumers purchasing on the Internet. If consumers emphasize brand loyalty, it will increase proportion of they purchase goods online in the future. Finally, the consumers perceive higher level that they are in control during shopping online, and they are willing to enhance purchasing online. The study of consumer online behavior has shown that attitudes toward the Internet are related to online purchasing (Goldsmith 2000). The positive relationships exist between consumer purchasing on the Internet and five independent variables.

    • Word count: 2099
  13. New glogal communication technologies

    Communication networks that facilitate the transmission of media and other information have come to prominence. The optimistic view concedes that open communication between cultures will promote more understanding of diversity and a more globally conscious community. Through new technology, the plight of previously ignored, exploited or endangered cultures can be transmitted to a wider audience. Previously marginalised societies can partake in trade, giving them a greater economic or cultural power. Patterns in culture and society are evident, but the accelerating pace of change means that we are yet to make solid conclusions on the long-term ramifications of a revolutionised world of technology and interconnectedness.

    • Word count: 2807
  14. Illustrate some of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology.

    Technology is the technical means people use to improve their surroundings. It is also knowledge of using tools and machines to do tasks efficiently. (J. Harrington 1991) Technological developments also have wide reaching effects on economic and marketing activities. Consider, for example, the development of computers for commercial purposes in 1951 and their present-day widespread use. New factories, equipment and engineering were needed. New and better-paying jobs resulted and additional marketing facilities and concepts were required to sell, lease and distribute the machines and their associated software.

    • Word count: 2540
  15. The rapid advances and dependence of computers

    A single user would place his head in a visor and experienced riding a motorcycle.6 (Fig B) In 1965, Ivan Sutherland created the first transparent, 3D head-mounted display (HMD). (Fig C) It was so heavy and large it had to be suspended from a ceiling and allowed only crude outline-styled cubes. Sutherland wrote "The fundamental idea behind the three-dimensional display is to present the user with a perspective image which changes as he moves."7 The main difference from its predecessors was there is an element of interactivity and immersion. The user could walk about and feel part of the computer-generated world.

    • Word count: 2552
  16. Is Human Cloning Ethical?

    of risk involved and the high cost of failure as well, as any anomalies or errors could lead to a worldwide ban on such research and procedure. It should also be stated that the word cloning has a broad meaning. The word itself comes from the Latin word klon which means again. The English word means to replicate from an original. The work can be interpreted as either the full copy of a human being, with all the works such as arms, eyes, brains etc.

    • Word count: 2279
  17. 'Technological Determinism'

    Innis noted that "the subject of communications... occupies a crucial position in the organization and administration of government and in turn of empires and western civilization" Beneath his discourse on various world chapters, Innis concealed the basics of a model showing how different communications technologies have affected cultures. In another of his famous works, "Bias of Communication", Innis writes that each civilization that has developed across history takes its form from a "bias" created by the prevalence of a type of communication. He divides media according to two such biases: 1.

    • Word count: 2508
  18. This corsewok analyses two case studies put forward by Ruth Schwartz Cowan, firstly the industrial revolution in the home and secondonly How the refrigerator got its hum.

    the logical strute of this case study begins by explaing the preindustrial homes and the affect of technological change to a particular middle class families. The proof is provided by the journals that were available to American women who were the potential readers thus changes in the non fictional advertisements gave indications to social and technological changes. The case study suggests from a sociological orthodox perspective that modern women are in trouble because of post industrial revolution that changes family bond as they seach for wealth, the once mercantile self producing molecular family diffuse to a more urban orientated location

    • Word count: 2520
  19. Digital networks like the internet have extended State and Corporate control to unprecedented levels. Discuss

    To sum up the internet is a post-modern tool providing meaning and identity to individual lives beyond organisational control and should be embraced as a force of social and political change in society today. The issue of state control and technological advancements represents an important link exploring the role and power of the internet as a democratic tool. Certainly state surveillance over individual life has evolved into a complex issue struggling between maintaining public safety against national threats and the invasion of our personal lives to do so (Yar, 2013).

    • Word count: 2310
  20. Evaluting My Media Detox

    This was the first and last time I did any of these activities during my Easter Break. If it weren?t for the media fast, I would have probably just be watching television and eating junk food all day long. And the strange thing is I would be watching TV not for the sake of entertainment but just to pass the time. While doing all these activities, I always wanted to use ?Google?. We as a society have become extremely dependent on it that we no longer commit to storing information nor do we remember the skills we have just learned (Carr, 2010).

    • Word count: 2632
  21. Social networking and computer mediated communication

    Recently, small business have grown rapidly due to the increasing use of the Internet. It allows them to be easily accessible, for example ASOS has grown in the last ten years thanks to online shopping. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are the three most commonly visited websites, which are increasingly being used for advertisement purposes by a range of businesses from big brands such as Gucci to local salons. Jobs are advertised on social networking sites as well and social media skills are becoming required for jobs nowadays. Social media has spread not just to teenagers but to all age groups of the population of this generation and has become increasingly popular for advertising products, events, charities and businesses.

    • Word count: 2549

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