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University Degree: Electronic Media Studies

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  1. 'We are all cyborgs now.' Discuss with regard to sexual identity and practise.

    "Unlike the hopes of Frankenstein's monster, the cyborg does not expect its father to save it through restoration of the garden; that is through the fabrication of the heterosexual mate...The cyborg would not recognise the Garden of Eden; it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust." (Haraway 1991:151). One of the most famous in the field of cyborg study is Donna Haraway, and in this essay I will mainly refer to the chapter "A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century," in Simians, Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature.

    • Word count: 3836
  2. The Digital Divide

    Children learn how to type on it, as well as how to use mathematics and science software. Successful educational programs use a game like format that makes students forget they are studying. Classrooms are wired to the Internet. Schools that can afford the latest in computer technology are able to better prepare their students for the future. That advantage, of course goes to students of private schools and to the richest public school districts, thus helping to perpetuate the social inequalities that arise from the chance of birth. Computer will also transform the college atmosphere. Each office and dormitory room and off-campus residence will be connected by fiber-optic cable.

    • Word count: 3643
  3. The impact of ICT on the way i do things at home.

    I normally use it at six o' clock in the evening as I watch my T.V. programmes before that. As far as I know this is time when all my friends go online and so do most of the people around the world. So this might cause the line being too busy. Another one of my reasons is to search for pictures of my favourite T.V. programme called 'Yu-Gi-Oh'. I can really get some good pictures of the internet and kazaa. Kazaa is software, which you can download for free from www.kazaalite.tk. By this software you can download anything you want including music.

    • Word count: 3563
  4. The Psychological Effects Acquired from Video Games and How They Weaken the Minds of Adolescents

    Section 3 focuses on the different psychological effects that one may acquire from the various contents that different video games have and why it should be seen as a threat to them. 1 NEW FORM ON ENTERTAINMENT Due to the emergence of technology, playing video games became a popular entertainment for individuals worldwide. In general, video game is defined as a type of game played by manipulating the images created by the computer or console that an individual sees in the television or screen. However, video games in this generation are seen in different ways based on the individual?s perspective.

    • Word count: 3071
  5. What in your view, are the main problems involved in attempting to produce policies and regulations for the Internet and other new media?

    DEUS EX MACHINA Traditionally, the media has reflected and reinforced the material base, social relationships, symbolic expressions and practices of the community which it serves, helping to shape an homogenous view of society as defined by those who Hall (1979) refers to as ??those who have privileged access, as of right, to the media as ?accredited sources.? and acting as what White (1950) termed as the ?gatekeeper? seeking, by giving to the widest possible mass that which the media thinks it should have, the development of a consensual society with a ??common stock of cultural knowledge [?] the same ?maps? of meaning.? (Hall, 1979).

    • Word count: 4519
  6. Tate Modern Case Study. The purpose of this research is to analyze the use of museum websites by the visitors and how important is the presence on the Web to offer the audience a satisfying experience.

    Explore the benefit from the use of the website. LITERATURE REVIEW Audience development is a planned and targeted management process, which involves almost all areas of a museum, working together to deliver the organisation's overall aims and objectives to high quality standards. For Hans Christian Anderson audience development means ?enriching the experience of your visitors by helping them to learn more and deepening their enjoyment of what you have to offer? (cited by Waltl, 2006). It therefore combines the aims of the curator, educator and marketer, which have to ensure that museums continue to be relevant to all the different community groups.

    • Word count: 3914
  7. COICA. The Role of the US Government and Online Piracy

    In 2005 the estimated total loss due to pirating is around $22 Billion (Castro, 1). This loss in revenue impacts everybody from actors to technicians to consumers. Because in order to compensate for money lost due to pirating, legitimate legal companies must charge more for the use of their products. So even though someone who downloads a movie illegally may not have to pay for the film directly, he/she is helping to bring down the economy piece by piece and will eventually become monetarily affected by his/her own choice at some point down the line.

    • Word count: 3203

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