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University Degree: Electronic Media Studies

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  1. Managerial and Financial Accounting Report

    There are three basic principals of queuing theory which consist of arrivals and inputs to the system, queue discipline, or the waiting line itself, and customer service. Each of these concepts is independent of one another but each is reflective of the results of waiting in lines such as scheduling of customers and the patterns of the influx of customers. Potentially there are a host of factors that can contribute to waiting in lines. The topic of this proposal is a component of waiting in line.

    • Word count: 909
  2. "Does Technology have an essence? Define what this might be and critically assess how this relates to the key features of the New Media Environment or the Contemporary Media Environment?"

    He attempted to reorient Western philosophy away from metaphysical and epistemological and toward ontological questions. In other words, he worked on questions concerning the meaning of being, or what it means to be, during his long studies in a Catholic family atmosphere and his studies in theology. Although some critised Heidegger as a person who longed nostalgically for a fantasized feudalism through conceptual lenses derived from Catholic scholasticism and who never renounced Nazism, but chose instead to subsume it under a metaphysical reading of history (Bendle, 2001), he is arguably one of the first philosophers to explicitly discuss the implications of a philosophy of technology.

    • Word count: 3225
  3. Create a report that describes four or more ICT technologies open to all members of the community.* Evaluate the extent to which these ICT technologies meet the needs of the community

    THE NEEDS OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: Brent has varying degrees in crime depending on the area in respect. Crimes like sexual offences, robbery, drug offences have gone down since a few years back. But an increase in crimes like crimes against the person (e.g. assault) has considerably risen by the thousands. Other crimes like burglary have increased slightly. Although areas like Stonebridge, Harlesden and Kensal rise have notorious reputations for crime, the truth is the situation is being bettered. By more police presence and patrols and a better police response to crime. The need of the community to reduce the crime rate is that the streets need to be monitored more closely to reduce the more common crimes like assault, in the monitoring of these offices the perpetrators can be identified and hopefully brought to justice.

    • Word count: 2267
  4. "'Contemporary Media Are Characterised By Increasing Convergence.' Discuss."

    The reality television programme, "Big Brother", has been running for four years and is a useful example of the ever-increasing inclusion of convergence in modern media. Every year the programme's producers have become more and more dependent upon audience participation in deciding the direction of the series. In its first series, the show had a very basic format; viewers that watched the hour-long weekly shows could then telephone to vote out the most unpopular contestants. This telephone voting was, essentially, audience interactivity at its most primitive level and has developed to voting by text messaging, due to the ever increasing popularity of the mobile phone.

    • Word count: 1343
  5. According to some, we now live in a Knowledge Age. Do you agree? Support your arguments with suitable data from the web and elsewhere.

    Knowledge is the full utilization of information and data, together with the potential of people's skills, competencies, ideas, intuitions, commitments and motivations. To understand that information is not the same as knowledge, these different terms must first be defined. Data is simply the representation of facts, and as such forms the basis for intelligent actions. Information is data in context, the meaning of data. Knowledge is the awareness and understanding of facts, truths or information gained in the form of experience or learning.

    • Word count: 2315
  6. Censorship and Internet Blocking

    To say that a man is funny or shy describes characteristics of the man, however to say that a man is a murderer, that according to the law he has been found guilty of murder, describes nothing of the man's character. By the same token, to say that a painting depicts a naked couple or an essay deals with the subject of atheism describes the works, but to identify those same works as obscene or blasphemous merely indicates their status under the law of a particular jurisdiction and not the nature of the content (White, 1).

    • Word count: 2357
  7. The most important technology of the last century is . . .?

    Society today seems to view technology in an optimistic way and a pessimistic way, both at the same time. People quickly jump to negative conclusions about the harms of technology, instead of extolling its creation. Society tends to directly blame technology and not its users, hence its creators or founders. Even when technology is celebrated, it is the humans who created the specific technology that are celebrated. Therefore, this essay will attempt to celebrate technology itself and the impacts it has made on society. What better way to do this, than to ask: "What is the most important technology of the last century?"

    • Word count: 1433
  8. Marshall McLuhan is famous for arguing that " The medium is the message." Explore McLuhan's claim with reference to opposing arguments.

    When he made this claim he was referring to all types of media, such as film, telephone, television, the press and more. In explanation to this claim, he meant that the form of communication was what was important, because the properties of the medium can change the way we perceive things, and how we understand. The information itself is not what is important, but how it is given to us makes a difference. If a television is switched on in a family house with as little or bigger audience as possible, the whole room can turn silent.

    • Word count: 1482
  9. Questions of control will be explored, supported by articles written by Postman (1992), Wajcman (1991), Resnik, Andrews, and Nelkin (2002), McLuhan (1969), and Joy (2000). I will also incorporate the movies Jurassic Park

    - McLuhan, Counterblast and the Medium is the Message, (2) This statement given by Marshall McLuhan embodies our relationship with our technologies in the most basic, raw, and unprocessed form. All technology, whether it is something as basic as a chair, or as sophisticated as a jet plane, have direct correlation with the human body making actions easier to accomplish. Therefore, technology changes our physical and social behaviors. If our function patterns are changed by the introduction of new technology into our society, then it can be viewed that technology is in control of the individual human.

    • Word count: 2916
  10. "The Real World of Technology" by: Ursula Franklin

    By doing so, we are falling into the trap in which technology controls and guides our lives. "Feminist Perspectives on Technology" by: J. Wajcman. In the article "Feminist Perspective on Technology", written by J. Wajcman raises a few interesting ideas. According to Wajcman technology has a life of its own. Although humans created technology and are developing it continuously, we have no control over it. She also refers to technology as an irresistible force moving forward. This implies that we are unable to stop technology from growing due to the fact that we became so dependant on it that we became in need of it to live our normal lives.

    • Word count: 2835
  11. Essentially, I am looking at how information technology has developed over the last twenty years, in what ways, the large steps taken in IT now being available to virtually all in more economically developed countries,

    This quote indicates that a new economy has indeed been proliferated and that it has been shaped by IT and new ways of working, involving devices like the internet. Another important, broad term in the question is 'information technologies'. "Any equipment or interconnected system or subsystem of equipment, that is used in the automatic acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, or reception of data or information. The term information technology includes computers, ancillary equipment, software, firmware and similar procedures, services (including support services)

    • Word count: 1996
  12. Is there too much, or too little regulation in the ICT area(s) and why? Discuss with at reference to reasons given for regulations generally, and objections to regulation, in at least three sources. Include both supplier and user perspectives.

    It will take a look at various case studies like content regulation (for example pornography, SPAM i.e. unsolicited deceptive emails etc) and market regulation (for example online music distribution, copyright the etc). Prior to breaking down the structure of this essay it is imperative to define the term regulation. Based on my knowledge Regulation may be defined as a set of rules designed to govern an entity. Firstly, it will explore the general scope of regulation in the ICT's area, whilst focusing on some more specific issues surrounding regulation of internet.

    • Word count: 2724
  13. Internet Addiction: A New Epidemic? Jay David Bolter (1991), the author of the article titled, "The Network Culture", insisted

    Bolter may have some good insights towards technology but is too much of a good thing (like the Internet) a bad thing? This paper will analyze the Internet addiction that exists in society. Internet addiction is like any other addiction. It has become a growing concern in past years. This addiction can have a damaging effect on the families, work sites, personal finances, and social relationships of the afflicted (Sandoz, 2004). What has contributed to this addiction? There are many factors to this.

    • Word count: 932
  14. Plato's Allegory of the Cave may have been written to express ancient Greek culture, but for the most part it still holds true today. Granted, we possess a greater understanding of science and technology

    It would be the same as someone telling us now that everything we see and experience is false; that everything is an illusion and the life we think we've worked so hard for is merely a lie. Most people would take that as an offense, defending their existence with all their worth, to the death if necessary. There are very few people that would be able to fully take into effect everything told to them, and realize the truth; or in the caves metaphorical sense 'turn around' and view the puppet masters casting their shadows.

    • Word count: 1386
  15. Information technology and its impact on Portugese society

    Following, I will try to approach some interpretations of Technology. This will give the reader some background to explore later Technology on the Portuguese Information Society. Background Technology Addressing the Technology meaning on the Information Society is not a simple task. The use of the word promotes an instant mental image of computers, telecommunications, transportation and almost any aspect of modern life. But what does it mean to refer to technology on the Information Society? Some considerations about Technology must be done to figure out the implications of it on societies.

    • Word count: 3532
  16. Newsprint vs Online news

    Having black ink stains on your fingers was a sign that you were informed. Catering mostly to the baby boomers and older generations, as well as academics, the face of newspapers has not changed much since the inception of print media. The structure is still a front page deluged with headlines of what is considered up to date, eye catching stories. Inside the paper are sections devoted to politics, money and business, opinions and editorials. Perhaps on the weekends there is a section included for activities, or comics, or employment pages. However, the basic content of a newspaper will be business, economic and political news.

    • Word count: 1403
  17. College internet case study

    Although, Napier does also allow staff and students within their intranet community to access the Internet through firewall servers; thus to protect the intranet from viruses. Underlying Infrastructure The underlying infrastructure of your network account and the Intranet is mainly JANET (Joint Academic Network). JANET is the main backbone network for the UK university system of academic and research computers. A backbone is a substantial communication line that transmits data collected from the more minor lines that intersect with it.

    • Word count: 2017
  18. Use of Internet Technology In a Hotel Spa

    (Source: Introduction to Hospitality, By John R. Walker) It is obvious that the management role is extremely important and in addition to the above responsibilities managers would spend a high percentage of their time communicating, this makes the communication function doubly important. Interaction with internal and external customers is done on a daily bases and can be done by the following ways: * Telephone * Mail/fax * Memos and other internal/external written communication * Personal face to face meetings * Internet technology Internet technology has many purposes, and the way in which the hotel spa can use this facility to the best of its advantage can be by

    • Word count: 1471
  19. Video Games Don't Murder, Irresponsible Parents Do

    But is it really true that the games industry should be held solely responsible? Actually, it is parents who should take the blame for such tragedies and violent acts instead of the video games industry in Western countries like U.S and U.K. Mostly, parents find it convincing that playing violent video games will inspire teenagers to have violent behaviors, and thus blaming the games industry. They believe that teenagers will "assume the identity of the characters" and imitate their behaviors when they play video games (Kane). In the case of "Manhunt", the murder victim's mother said, "When one looks at what Warren did to Stephan and looks at the brutality and viciousness of the game, one can see links" (Thorsen, "Manhunt").

    • Word count: 1663
  20. The Prominent Trends in Information Technology

    The home computing market has exploded in growth over the years this is primarily due to the use of the Internet. Following are some recent statistics for U. S. usage of the Internet, both at home and in the business environment: Average Web Usage, U.S., June 2003 Home Work Number of Sessions/Visits Per Month 30 63 Number of Domains Visited Per Month 52 95 Time Spent Per Month 25:25:07 74:26:35 Time Spent During Web Visit 00:32:24 00:33:32 Duration of a Web Page Viewed 00:00:54 00:00:57 Active Digital Media Universe 122,435,131 46,014,483 Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 177,547,277 51,035,041 Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

    • Word count: 2290
  21. There are three metaphors that stem from the fates of the Greek mythological characters Prometheus, Pandora and Icarus. Explain how we use these metaphors to refer to the internet today.

    This was Prometheus's hamartia, as the Gods strictly forbade giving fire to the humans. The importance of this is that Zeus's punishment for Prometheus was having an eagle eat his liver out everyday; which would cause him daily pain.1 Though Prometheus's intentions were noble, his hubris of thinking that he could outwit the Gods, led to Zeus punishing mankind by creating Pandora and her box. What Prometheus did and his fate can be related to the internet with the utopian idea of trying to make things better and superior with technology.

    • Word count: 1482
  22. I will be looking at the main form of mass media communication in society today, Television, I will documen

    As increasing demand for television continued, so did developments in the technology, and it was in 1967 when British television reached the colour period. Further improvements were made over the coming years and it was the 1980s that marked the arrival of a new kind of television, this was the introduction of cable and satellite television. This new technology offered the customers not just a few channels but hundreds of different ones, each offering different forms of programming, from news and entertainment to sport and education.

    • Word count: 3216
  23. What is VC?

    (BIS Limited) Impacts of Video Conferencing Social: VC changes the ways of human communication. In the past, written letters and telephone calls are the main communication channels. However, nowadays, human can enjoy sitting in front of the webcam and communicate with others by VC. This face-to-face convenient communication can stronger the relationship of family and friends and also encourage business relationship. In US, a survey finding 66% respondents noted VC has increased the frequency of meetings with remote groups. (Harris Interactive Survey). VC is widely used in Education especially in e-learning/distance learning. Hong Kong students can collaborate with UK students or students from all over the world easily.

    • Word count: 1098
  24. Past and nowadays of China

    In contrary, myth was commonly accepted by people in old days. For example, the poor believed in god as a form of complaining their hard lives, oppressed by the rich and hoping for the good life. They didn't struggle for better life because they though that was their fate, which had been written in the fate book when they were born. There is a saying in China that the official's son is born as an official and the thief's son is born as a thief.

    • Word count: 1219
  25. History of the Internet.

    We discuss the application of this concept of data staging in the Network by a variety of projects, especially an Internet2 research effort, and give examples of how this approach is being used for specific digital collections. As emphasized in our conclusion, the movement towards flexible data staging in the Network is changing the quality of Internet delivery for all users of the Internet, but it is an especially important trend for users accessing content over trans-oceanic links or in bandwidth-poor sections of the global Internet.

    • Word count: 5299

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