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University Degree: Electronic Media Studies

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  1. Illustrate some of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology.

    Technology is the technical means people use to improve their surroundings. It is also knowledge of using tools and machines to do tasks efficiently. (J. Harrington 1991) Technological developments also have wide reaching effects on economic and marketing activities. Consider, for example, the development of computers for commercial purposes in 1951 and their present-day widespread use. New factories, equipment and engineering were needed. New and better-paying jobs resulted and additional marketing facilities and concepts were required to sell, lease and distribute the machines and their associated software.

    • Word count: 2540
  2. The Digital Divide

    Children learn how to type on it, as well as how to use mathematics and science software. Successful educational programs use a game like format that makes students forget they are studying. Classrooms are wired to the Internet. Schools that can afford the latest in computer technology are able to better prepare their students for the future. That advantage, of course goes to students of private schools and to the richest public school districts, thus helping to perpetuate the social inequalities that arise from the chance of birth. Computer will also transform the college atmosphere. Each office and dormitory room and off-campus residence will be connected by fiber-optic cable.

    • Word count: 3643
  3. The Changing Nature of the Family in Australia.

    Technology for the home has advanced so much that with a push of a button the house work can be done. The unexpected result was that roles within families were evenly distributed or in some cases were reversed due to the simplicity of using the technology. Throughout time there has been many inventions, many if which are aimed at women. (See appendix) Although the advertising is aimed at women, men are using the technology as the roles today are much more evenly spread out than in the past.

    • Word count: 1554
  4. Limiting factors that can effect a pilot's ability to operate an aircraft safely.

    Types of stress Acute: Acute stress is caused by a situation resulting in an immediate stress response, such as an in-flight emergency. The limitations imposed on pilot are dependant on training and personality. Chronic: Chronic stress is the result of a recurring situation or ongoing event, such as financial difficulties or domestic problems. The effect on pilot performance could be negligible at first, but over time could eventually decrease capabilities. Areas of stress particular to pilots Control: Pilots have a preference for stability and balance, as well as a concern with a lack of order and continuity or disruption of routine.

    • Word count: 1467
  5. The impact of ICT on the way i do things at home.

    I normally use it at six o' clock in the evening as I watch my T.V. programmes before that. As far as I know this is time when all my friends go online and so do most of the people around the world. So this might cause the line being too busy. Another one of my reasons is to search for pictures of my favourite T.V. programme called 'Yu-Gi-Oh'. I can really get some good pictures of the internet and kazaa. Kazaa is software, which you can download for free from www.kazaalite.tk. By this software you can download anything you want including music.

    • Word count: 3563
  6. The rapid advances and dependence of computers

    A single user would place his head in a visor and experienced riding a motorcycle.6 (Fig B) In 1965, Ivan Sutherland created the first transparent, 3D head-mounted display (HMD). (Fig C) It was so heavy and large it had to be suspended from a ceiling and allowed only crude outline-styled cubes. Sutherland wrote "The fundamental idea behind the three-dimensional display is to present the user with a perspective image which changes as he moves."7 The main difference from its predecessors was there is an element of interactivity and immersion. The user could walk about and feel part of the computer-generated world.

    • Word count: 2552
  7. Cultural and Technological Determinism Advantages and disadvantages as a tool for analysis of development of media.

    The term "technological determinism" was coined by Thorstein Veblen, an economist and sociologist who lived from 1857 to 1929. The most famous exponent of this position is Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan. He sees every medium as an extension of some human faculty. In his words, "The wheel is an extension of the foot. The book is an extension of the eye. The clothing is an extension of the skin and electric circuitry is an extension of the central nervous system".

    • Word count: 1392
  8. The potential benefits and risks of using cloning technology on humans.

    Therefore there would be very little need for anti-rejection drugs, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. (Available from: www.clonaid.com (accessed on 22/11/2002)). Another potential use for human cloning is the use of stem cells, (another type of 'therapeutic cloning'). Stem cells are the basis of nearly every cell in our bodies, and have the ability to change into many different types of cell. They are made by making a cloned embryo of a person and breaking the cells that are dividing into individual cells, not allowing the foetus to ever form.

    • Word count: 1147
  9. Assessment of The Impact of Internet Technology Among Malaysia Business Organizations.

    * What are the most important business objectives of using Internet technology? * To what extent have Malaysia business organizations benefited from the use of Internet technology? * What are the barriers that prevent Malaysia business organizations from using Internet technology in their business? Relationship to previous work Jeanette and Angele (1999) have conducted an empirical study on the factors affecting entry-level Internet technology adoption by business organizations in Australia. The adoption of Internet technologies by business organizations is important to their on-going survival. This study is presented which indicate that perceived lack of business benefit, mistrust of Internet technology industry and lack of time are the main inhibitors to Internet adoption.

    • Word count: 1568
  10. The Relationship between Technology and Culture.

    This is the dilemma we have already faced many times this century. The nuclear industry developed both weapons of mass destruction and engines of energy, and the debate raged about whether one was possible without the other. With hindsight we now know that the two could not be separated [1]. An almost unspoken assumption about technology is that its development is inevitable, and that, for good or bad, we must come to terms with the changes that follow. However, technology does not develop in a vacuum; the direction of its evolution is not a fundamental law of nature.

    • Word count: 1076
  11. Since the beginning of time, humans have been developing their ways of living to make it easier, more enjoyable and more entertaining.

    Reading books, newspapers, articles, magazines and so on helps us increase our knowledge. Other methods include watching, listening, learning and seeking. All these methods of acquiring knowledge have either improved or have been limited through the use of technology. The second method, watching, is helpful when there is an experiment for example, and the outcome of the experiment is useful, making watching a very good method of acquiring the knowledge. Listening is also a very important method of acquiring knowledge, without listening and hearing, we would not be able to be able to take notes of all the important lectures given in class for history, English and so on.

    • Word count: 1090
  12. Is Human Cloning Ethical?

    of risk involved and the high cost of failure as well, as any anomalies or errors could lead to a worldwide ban on such research and procedure. It should also be stated that the word cloning has a broad meaning. The word itself comes from the Latin word klon which means again. The English word means to replicate from an original. The work can be interpreted as either the full copy of a human being, with all the works such as arms, eyes, brains etc.

    • Word count: 2279
  13. Biomedical Technology

    * What are the effects of the development? * Is it beneficial and not harming? These questions are and should be geared toward every issue that arises before an opinion is made. For example, consider animal testing. Is it fair to all? Not exactly, but then again animals don't really have a say. What are the effects of the development? It could possibly cure the diseases that we thought could never be solved. Is it beneficial and not harming? It has been beneficial, but it also has harmed. Therefore, I think the ethics of biomedical technology needs to be determined on the individual issues and not the whole biomedical area.

    • Word count: 698
  14. Computers have had a major impact on society due to a rapid increase in computer use. E-mail - education - e-commerce

    (www.ccs.neu.edu). It can improve family and friend relationships and aid businesses. Better communication between employers and customers will exist coupled with a reduction in paperwork. Businesses not only use the Internet but use databases e.g. for customer details. Encryption is used in the transmission of emails due to insecure networks. As computers are so common security is very important. "Encryption is spreading fast in business. The US Chamber of Commerce surveyed 1600 US business users and found that 17% of companies used encryption for confidentiality in 1995. They expect this figure to rise to 60% by the year 2000."

    • Word count: 1429
  15. Digital Divide

    Why the Digital Divide Exists The digital divide comes from the normally slow diffusion of new technologies. It is the natural and expected result of wealthier people and countries experimenting with and adopting technologies because they have disposable income. Such "divides" have occurred with every major technology including car, radio, television, and telephone. Over time, the divide closes as the technology becomes less expensive and more tested. A map of Internet users and innovators quickly reveals a stark global North-South divide.

    • Word count: 510
  16. "If real world markets can be made to resemble more closely the economists model of perfect competition, economic efficiency will improve"

    Allocative efficiency occurs when resources are used to produce the goods and services that consumer wish to buy. For example a consumer wants to buy a pair of shoes, so the shoes must be available to purchase in the shops. Productive efficiency exists when a production is achieved at the lowest cost. If a firm where to achieve perfect competition is likely to lead to efficiency for a number of reasons, competitive pressures will ensure that the firms produce at the lowest cost, so they are running at productive efficiency.

    • Word count: 931
  17. IT - Key to a Brave New World

    Computer hardware and software continue to evolve rapidly with much of the recent past's state of the art now obsolete or, at best. As this rapid growth continues one must consider how it is affecting us and the world we live in today. People are now living in a consumerist driven world were everything is thrown away and considered obsolete with the arrival of more powerful computers. Computers are today present in all most every possible place one could imagine.

    • Word count: 1397
  18. 'Technological Determinism'

    Innis noted that "the subject of communications... occupies a crucial position in the organization and administration of government and in turn of empires and western civilization" Beneath his discourse on various world chapters, Innis concealed the basics of a model showing how different communications technologies have affected cultures. In another of his famous works, "Bias of Communication", Innis writes that each civilization that has developed across history takes its form from a "bias" created by the prevalence of a type of communication. He divides media according to two such biases: 1.

    • Word count: 2508
  19. Review of 'Moral Kombat and Computer Game Girls'.

    It may even lead to children committing crime in order to get money for the games. It may seem like computer games are only being viewed in a negative way; however there are critics of the negative views, such as Cunningham who claim there are benefits to playing computer games. Some parents believe that it's better for a child to actively play computer games than to passively watch television. According to Cunningham's article, she claimed that there are many parents who she interviewed, that bought computer games consoles for their children, because they believed that an active enthusiasm for computer games would be the first step toward computer literacy.

    • Word count: 964
  20. This corsewok analyses two case studies put forward by Ruth Schwartz Cowan, firstly the industrial revolution in the home and secondonly How the refrigerator got its hum.

    the logical strute of this case study begins by explaing the preindustrial homes and the affect of technological change to a particular middle class families. The proof is provided by the journals that were available to American women who were the potential readers thus changes in the non fictional advertisements gave indications to social and technological changes. The case study suggests from a sociological orthodox perspective that modern women are in trouble because of post industrial revolution that changes family bond as they seach for wealth, the once mercantile self producing molecular family diffuse to a more urban orientated location

    • Word count: 2520
  21. What are the potential and limitations of the internet in promoting civic engagement?

    Critics say that the decline of traditional communities are a travesty for society, yet the masses now rising and forming huge new networks in the virtual world would argue that this is not the case. Conversely, while the breakdown of traditional communities predate the popular use of the internet, the proliferation of the thousands of interest groups online are a welcome reboosting of the world's community spirit. "Many hope that the internet will be a powerful new force capable of transforming existing patterns of social inequality, strengthening linkages between citizens and representatives, facilitating new forms of public engagement and communication, and widening opportunities for the development of a global civic society" (* Norris.P).

    • Word count: 1609
  22. How Does Technology Affect Family Life.

    This time is usually spent alone and not with the rest of the family. With all the technology we have nowadays we don't need to get out of the house anymore, you can do everything from the comfort of your home. Almost everything revolves around technology now. What do most people do when they come back from school? They usually go watch TV, go on the computer or something else like that.

    • Word count: 323
  23. Show How Developments In New Media Technology Have Influenced Lifestyles.

    Nowadays, evenings will be spent in separate rooms. For example son maybe in room playing on the new playstation2 he received for his birthday, sister maybe in her room watching a video, while mum is in the lounge watching the latest episode of Eastenders and dad is in the dining room surfing the net. Technology has fragmented families and split family evenings. As for friends, mobile phones are a key communication aid between youngsters; this has only come in over the past year, to eighteen months or so.

    • Word count: 1519
  24. Internet only retailers have overall competitive advantage over high street retailers.

    The fact the consumer doesn't have direct physical contact with the good is a big disadvantage for Internet retailers because it is consumer preference to view a good before purchase. Opportunity cost applies to the time taken to purchase a good, which is an advantage of Internet shopping because of the shorter time period/ less energy required. The opportunity cost of buying goods off the Internet can be making an undesirable purchase through misidentification because of the non- physical contact, the opportunity cost being a desirable good.

    • Word count: 1308
  25. Computer Technology: the Good and the Bad.

    Lazy? Yes. Ingenious? Definitely. Some people may say that by doing this you are letting a Computer change your life. All it takes is one lose micro-chip, one small error, and before you know it you have been following a path to Castlewellan, rather than Belfast! It is this sort of mishap that causes a few, outspoken, people protest against the over use of Computers. Another invention, which almost every person in Britain has access to is the Internet.

    • Word count: 937

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