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'Full analysis of 'Thriller genre' films'.

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'Full analysis of 'Thriller genre' films' Thriller genre films can be organised under three main sub genres which are mystery, suspense and detective thrillers. Thriller films originate from the modern expressions of literary traditions that are entrenched in the history of dark deeds and reprisal and aim to promote intense excitement, suspense, high levels of expectancy, increased expectations, ambiguity, anxiety and tension. A thriller genre has a narrative aim to pursue a single minded goal of thrills towards the audience as well as tension to keep the audience on the 'edge of their seats.' Throughout this analysis I will sympose about the background of thriller genres. As mystery classifies under a 'thriller' genre, mystery involves the narrative of a susceptible character who is drawn into a mysterious situation which is dangerous to their contemporary lifestyle. A mystery film's narrative unfolds through a series of revelations which build up to the conclusion of the film. The narrative contains persistence, resourcefulness and luck towards the hero or heroine who manage to over command the sinister anti-hero, resolving the film's narrative. ...read more.


The narrative conventions of a courtroom drama or action taking place in a 'police station' are widespread to these films. In relation to the origins of thriller films, the first Hollywood films such as Westerns were based around inexplicable murders and strange happenings and these augmented the need to keep audiences engrossed in the narrative, which was failing to do so in the 1900s, as vaudeville and theatre takings in Hollywood dropped. Hence, the ability of the director of photography as well as the producer to create visually and scripted based tension, suspense, respectively, gave rise to the thriller genre. This together with the Victorians increasing fascination with the explanations of the unknown and ghosts produced a thriller genre. Generalising, all three sub genres collated, give a narrative of a character whose life is threatened and where escape seems impossible. The tension and suspense created usually derives from the main protagonist inadvertently involved in a dangerous plot. However, resolution is always the key of the directors mind, where the anti-hero is sentenced in the form of death or imprisonment and hence, a structure theory is sustained. ...read more.


Thus, we can affirm thriller films help to make audiences mentally implicated in the narrative, with the key successful codes of an opening sequence. These key codes are shock and surprise, presenting a problem e.g.. murder, asking a question e.g.. whose the killer? and typical generic conventions as below. These conventions involve a battle, chase, murder, guns, knives, loud, fast pace musical beats, masks and black colours to connotate depression and tension towards the audience. Throughout the last twenty years in the Hollywood industry, the success of thriller films has risen with the 'hit' films such as 'Face Off' (1998), Se7en (1995), Along came a spider (2000) and many others. Having done this research, I feel that I am in a strong position to fulfil the brief as I have discovered what the typical narrative of a thriller is and how to create tension and shock; the single minded goal of a thriller, towards the audience which is executed by the use of conventions. I feel that I can assertively create a thriller opening sequence, established on the structure theory and this research. ...read more.

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