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"How will information technology affect my life in the next 15 years?"

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"How will information technology affect my life in the next 15 years?" This essay is about how information technology will affect my life in the next 15 years. Modern world is going through an 'information revolution and IT affect everyone in daily life. Its impact will be further extended in the next 15 years. Information technology will affect the method of communication. People will tend to use email, net meeting, ICQ or MSM, instead of writing letter for communication. In the next 15 year, this situation will become intensify. By using this kind of technology, I can communicate with others in a more efficient way. ...read more.


I may not have to buy textbook anymore and may be I even do not have to go to school because I can have on-line lessons and exercises. In fact, I can search information more easily because of the information technology, what I have to do is to type the keywords in the internet and then I will get all the relevant websites. In the next 15 years, people will depend on the internet and the World Wide Web more and there will be a rapid growth of the WWW as an information tool. Informative technology has also led to globalization. In the next 15 years, there will be more on-line shopping sites and I do not have to go out in order to foods, clothes, etc. ...read more.


I may not have to go shopping as I can buy anything I want from the internet. I may not have to go to the bank and can have the money transfer through the banking web sites. All these will save my time so that I can work more efficiently and effectively. I can receive and spread information more rapidly and I can receive up-to-date information. I can know things around the world, even the developing world, which is less assessable. This may arouse my awareness to the problems in the less developed countries. To conclude, in the next 15 years, people will be more relying on the informative technology and we can no longer avoid it. (600 words) ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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