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ICT 3a Evaluation

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3a EVALUATION Computer 1. Describe how you use the technology personally I use a computer personally when I want to type up my work. I also do my English homework on my computer and a lot other home works and course works. I research information for my course works and I also research information for anything else I need. I can find pictures and other items I want from the Internet for my work to brighten it up. When a teacher tells me to make a poster I sometimes make it on the computer to make it neat and eye catching. I don't need to colour the pictures with hand if I am making a poster at home I can just instead get pictures off the internet and paste them into Microsoft Paint and if they are black and white I can add a lot of colour to them. I burn music to my CDs if the music I want if it is on the computer and I also can put music on my MP3 player. I can use the calculator on the computer if I can't find my calculator at home and I can do my math homework. Microsoft Power Point allows me to make presentations for lessons that I need to make a presentation. I use a computer when I am bored and I can plays games on my computer because when I bought my computer it had already got a few games downloaded on. I can also download games or buy games from different places. I use Microsoft Excel when I need to make a grid with different working-outs. I use a computer when I need to make a leaflet or anything else on different programs. I can put my music on different play lists to make them according to what year they came out to make them in a neat list. ...read more.


I can print out pictures for my bedroom to brighten up my bedroom and I can print out my homework from the school website. 3a EVALUATION Interactive White board Describe how you use the technology socially? I can use it socially when I have to show my presentation to the class or when I need to measure angles to prove them wrong or to show them the answer. I can draw different shapes to show them what are the different shapes and how many sides they have and what they look like. I can time every one while they are doing a test or when they are answering a question. I can draw different graphs and show them how you should use them. I can measure lines with it because it has its own little ruler (massive ruler). I can practically do most the stuff I can do with a mouse and a keyboard with a computer or laptop on the Interactive white board. Does the technology really meet your social needs, if so how and if not why not? An interactive white board meets my needs when my teacher wants to show us something and it makes life much easier if my teacher wants to show the class or me something we do not have to look at her tiny laptop screen. An interactive board has a pen, which only works when the interactive white board is on and working. The pen meets my needs because I can write on the interactive white board and if I change the slide something else comes with none of my writing. If I bring the slide back my writing is on the slide that I wrote on. With the pen I can click and select on hyperlinks displayed on the board by the projector. What are the disadvantages in using the technology socially? (Law) The disadvantage of an interactive board is that it ruins my eyes and if I loose the special pen for it I would have to order a new one, which would cost quite a lot. ...read more.


So there are a lot of consequences for me to face if I just sit in front of the television instead of going out side getting fresh air. What alternatives are there for the technology? (They may not be ICT) Instead of a television I can read the newspaper to see what the news is and read the newspaper to get the weather forecast. If I don't have a television I cant play with my play station so instead I can play with my Nintendo DS or Game Boy Advance because they don't require a television for me to play with them. I can also play with my PSP if I want. If I want to watch a video there is no other way to watch a video if I don't have a television. If I have a DVD I want to watch I can insert it in the computer to watch the DVD. I cant have the teletext but I can go to the shop to get a magazine showing what programs would be on and the teletext has the winning lottery numbers and I can check on the computer or I can go to a shop which provides lotteries and I can get the lottery numbers from there. I cannot watch sky, satellite or NTL World if I don't have a television. I can also listen to the news from the radio or the radio on my MP3 player. I can even hear the weather if I want to know what the weather would be later on the day and I can listen to that from my MP3 player. Could you do without the technology? If not WHY? I can do without a television because I can do most stuff I want to do on a television on other technologies. All I need from a television is the video player but I can instead get all the videos put on a DVD so I can play it on a computer so that is alright. ...read more.

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