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Internet Security and Privacy ThreatsIntroductionIn this day and age technology plays a part in our everyday lives

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Running Head: Internet Security and Privacy Threats Internet Security and Privacy Threats University of Phoenix Tiffany York E-Bus 400 Mark Merkow 06/15/2005 Internet Security and Privacy Threats Introduction In this day and age technology plays a part in our everyday lives. It's a wonder how we functioned without the internet, or the debit card, or cell phones. These are everyday conviences that have truly helped to make our lives better. But with all of this "convience" there comes a price to pay. With us being so connected we also become more vulnerable. In this paper I will discusses some of the newest internet security concerns for both consumers and buinesses as well as discuss some privacy concerns as it pertains to online banking. Phishing and Pharming Identity theft from phishing and pharming attacks is one of the biggest problems computer users face. It can take ID theft victims four or five years to repair the damage, according to financial consultants. ...read more.


Computer systems that are already compromised continue to be used to carry out new directions and overtake other unprotected computers. Some Internet security experts said the best way to defend against these threats is to adopt a layered security approach. Layering protection protects five key access levels within an IT environment. These include the perimeter, the network hub, the host file, the network application and the stored data. Within an enterprise environment, protection should include intrusion detection and prevention (IPS) software, as well as vulnerability management software. Another essential security component, according to experts, is an endpoint compliance policy used in conjunction with a hardware firewall, antivirus software and a Virtual Private Network. Privacy Concerns For Consumers Internet banking has grown steadily since it became an option for household banking customers 10 years ago. The 10 biggest U.S. banks alone had more than 34 million customers turning to the Internet at the beginning of this year, a more than 50 percent increase from last year. ...read more.


What could go wrong? If your Internet bank account is compromised, here are some ways you could be defrauded: Unauthorized withdrawals: A thief could log on and initiate a wire transfer or use an online bill-paying service to issue checks. Identity theft: Someone could use details gleaned from your online bank account to set up new credit accounts in your name. Details commonly viewable on online accounts include name, address and phone number. Check images might include a driver's license number or Social Security number. Online accounts also might contain payment details revealing who your employer is and what credit cards you hold. Check fraud: Combining offline and online theft, a criminal can get check images from your online account and use them to create new checks in your name. Conclusion In conclusion, the best advice that I can arm anyone with to combat those relentless theives and hackers is to be aware and be smart! Make it a point to stay up on new ways to protect yourselves. Your identity is worth protecting. ?? ?? ?? ?? Internet 1 ...read more.

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