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Marketing a Pop Group

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Evaluation Media Essay The Media assignment that was set to my group was to be able to successfully market a pop group. Our group consisted of Andrew Payne, Jack Hicks and Lewis Irvine. During this assignment we had to form specific practical assignment, in the space of 7 weeks. The aim of the project was to show our group could work as professionals in order to market a fictitious band. The documents that had to be created by us were: 1. CD Cover 2. Magazine Advert 3. Magazine Article (including band interview) 4. Tabloid Newspaper Article 5. Flyer 6. Publicity Schedule 7. Promotional Photographs 8. Tour Publicity 9. Press Release Subsequently, we then had to form an essay that discussed and displayed our opinions and recommendations. This was so that we could show why we decided to use preference specific thoughts in the promotion of the band. As this was a group project, we had to delegate different tasks to each member of our group. Between us, I in turn resulted in completing the CD Cover, Magazine Article and Magazine Advert. I also formed an article on tour dates for the British Isles region as well. The aim of this essay is to present reasons and explanation on why I decided to materialise the practical pieces in the way in which they were made. ...read more.


That involved the group having to find research on our tasks. I had to specifically obtain information on R&B CD's and various examples of magazine articles and adverts. I also had to look for different styles of tour schedules. To do this I looked at magazines such as 'The Source', 'Word-up', 'BlackBeat', and 'Right on' From these magazines I was able to see what language was being used in the articles and adapt to my needs within the band interview article. For the magazine article, I decided that it was necessary for me to try and make the reader believe that the advert was from a genuine R&B publication. I tried to do this by using easy, coherent language that would I believed the reader would understand. I did decide that I thought it would be necessary for this article to be published within NME Music Magazine. Although the group would be trying to attract listeners who liked R&B, I though that it would be good for the group if they appeal to readers who didn't expect to find an article about the group in a multi-cultural music magazine. For the CD cover, the production of it was a joint performance from Andrew and I. I obtained the promotional photographs and arranged the CD layout. Andrew was responsible for the construction of the CD Cover and in turn we both discussed why we though certain things needed to be added in or taken out at any given stage. ...read more.


I found this to be very effective, as it would let the reader to feel they knew a lot about each person. Andrew also produced the tabloid newspaper article. He used a letterhead taken from The Sun newspaper. This was effective, as The Sun is widely known for their outrageous newspaper headlines. Andrew used simple language to put across his point even though I wouldn't have agreed with it! Lewis and Jack produced the tour dates, publicity schedule and the flyer. The flyer showed the manager and the singers embodied in white clothing. This was to imply that the boys had innocent and reliable personalities. The tour dates showed the exact whereabouts of the band across the globe. The background picture showed an aeroplane, which seemed appropriate to the production due to travel. The other tour dates showed the group upon a descending white to brown background with tours around the British Isles. The work that was produced by the group was, in my opinion, of good standard. However, I do believe that there was room for improvement if we had all managed our time wisely. We had intended to film a music video to go with our promotion but again time was against us. I felt Andrew's press release was effective as well as my magazine article and Lewis's tour dates. I enjoyed the task of promoting a band but I do feel that it is not an easy job as it does take lots of time and commitment Media Studies Practical Production 2001 Liam Gordon 11LA ...read more.

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