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Mass Medium: The new(TM) versus the Old(TM).

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  • Essay length: 3155 words
  • Submitted: 16/08/2009
University Degree Paper-based media studies

An extract from this essay...

Kiegan Vallely 07839062

Mass Medium: 'The new' versus 'the Old'.

My intention is to probe into the world of media and discuss various theoretical and conceptual frameworks used across media and cultural studies. I will explore work of different key theorists in media and cultural studies. I shall also examine the different approaches to textual and audience analysis and study how sport is represented through the media, as well as looking at the cultural and ideological issues that operate through these representations. I shall summarise key points of my chosen title and implement current issues/theories into my selected sport - football adjacent to the theme 'The champions League so far'.

It is apparent that sport and the mass media have a particularly strong association going back to the eighteenth century (Rowe 2004). Horne (2006, pg 41) states how the media helped to construct what is sport, and how governing bodies for various sport came into effect after newspapers started publishing league tables during the late 19th century. Sport and media was further strengthened during mid 20th century by the arrival of televisions and today it is quite difficult to imagine sport without television. But, what is Sport? Nicholson.M (2007, p.4) notes that sport is best understood as having three core dimensions (Guttman 1978). First, it has a physical dimension Second, it is competitive. Third and finally, it must be structured and rule bound and Nicholson. M (2007, p.4) further adds "that it is worth nothing because mediated sport is almost exclusively highly structured highly competitive and very physical. In fact, sports such as football, which empathise, if not exaggerate sport's tripartite definition, tend to dominate media coverage generally and television coverage in particular." Nicholson (2007, p.10) also states "A cumulative total of 28,800 million people through-out 213 countries watched the 2002 tournament in Korea and Japan." From this we can establish that masses of people are consuming masses of products within sport.

A staggering 28,8000 million throughout the world watching the media, this is where I begin my exploration into how the media is represented and perceived by such a substantial audience. It should be noted that studying media is not a homogenous subject. Rowe (2004,p.65) ' the media are both the driving economic and cultural force in sport because they provide (or attract) most of the capital that in turn creates and

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