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Michael Jordan.

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Ace 161 Tuesday 1:00-2:50 Val Rogalla MICHAEL JORDAN May 7, 2007 1. State the topic you have selected for your project. The topic that I have selected is MICHAEL JORDAN. 2. Explain the process you followed in determining your topic. > In order to chose my topic, I thought about all the things that interest me most. I knew that I wanted a subject that had a lot of information available and that also had a lot of statistical information. As a result, I chose MICHAEL JORDAN because I love basketball and, he is my favorite player. 3. Identify at least three other published sources (other than the WWW) of information related to this topic. Give complete citations. Write at least three paragraphs detailing these other sources of necessary information. > David Falk, Michael's long time agent, first coined the phrase "Air Jordan" while discussing a Nike shoe deal in 1984. The first Jordan's were banned by the NBA and by the Bulls because they failed to match the uniforms. Jordan's picture perfect image became flawed after a series of events. The controversial book The Jordan Rules was published, he snubbed the president during a trip to the White House, and he failed to obey the league's choice of golf partners at an outing.1 > MICHAEL JORDAN is the most visible athlete in the world. ...read more.


It also enables individuals to chat with Michael each month. Before the computer, all this information would have had to be found in a library, and even then all the clips may not have been accessible. Another aspect of Michael's life that is impacted by the computer, is that his internet site sells all his clothing apparel. This means of advertisement increases his sales tremendously. 5. Find at least three web sites related to your topic. Give proper citation for the web sites. Write at least one full paragraph for each site explaining what you learned from that site. (Do not copy and paste from the site!) > On September 27th MICHAEL JORDAN declared he would come back for his second season as a wizard. He feels that he is in great shape and is strong enough to compete. He said that he was "Excited about the upcoming season and that he felt the team was moving in the right direction." He went on the say that "He didn't know his roll in the upcoming season, however after training camp he will know more."4 > Michael's father, James, was killed during a robbery in 1993. Shortly afterwards Michael retired form basketball for the first time and went on to play for the White Sox. ...read more.


They were nothing before he got there, and they are going to be nothing when he leaves."6 7. Indicate the type of data you plan on using for your project. Year Games FGM-A FG % Points PPG 84-85 82 837-1,625 38.3 2,313 28.2 85-86 18 150-328 25.1 408 22.7 86-87 82 1,098-2,279 40.0 3,041 37.1 87-88 82 1,069-1,998 40.4 2,868 35.0 88-89 81 966-1,795 40.2 2,633 32.5 89-90 82 1,034-1,964 39.0 2,753 33.6 90-91 82 990-1,837 37.0 2,580 31.5 91-92 80 943-1,818 38.8 2,404 30.1 92-93 78 992-2,003 39.3 2,541 32.6 94-95 17 166-404 37.7 457 26.9 95-96 82 916-1,850 37.9 2,491 30.4 96-97 82 920-1,892 38.8 2,431 29.6 97-98 82 881-1,893 38.8 2,868 28.7 01-02 60 551-1,324 34.9 1,375 22.9 1 Beckett, Dr. James. Michael Jordan: An illustrated Tribute to The World's Greatest Athlete. Dallas, TX. Beckett Publications. 1997. 2 Clay, Jack. The NBA: Today's Stars, Tomorrow's Legends. Greenwich, CT. Brompton Books Corp. 1992. 3 "Wizards." NBA Media Ventures. 2002. NBA.com. 4 October 2002 <http://www.nba.com/wizards/>. 4 "Michael Jordan: Official Website." CBS SportsLine. 2002. SportsLine.com. 4 October 2002 <http://jordan.sportsline.com/>. 5 "Air Jordan." Larry Brooks. 4 October 2002 <http://www.unc.edu/~lbrooks2jordan/.html>. 6 "Wizards." NBA Media Ventures. 2002. NBA.com. 4 October 2002 <http://www.nba.com/wizards/>. 4 Beckett, Dr. James. Michael Jordan: An illustrated Tribute to The World's Greatest Athlete. Dallas, TX. Beckett Publications. 1997. ?? ?? ?? ?? Air Jordan Michael Jordan Ace 161 4 Ace 161 1 ...read more.

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