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Position Paper - The movie 1900 by director BernardoBertolucci.

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Calin Costea 2935079 Position Paper The main theme that we see so far in the movie 1900 by director Bernardo Bertolucci is that slowly and slowly the old way of life is dieing. We are shown the brith of Alfredo who is the grandson of the rich landowner and of Olmo who is the son of the peasants who work for the landowner. Back in those days the landowner and the peasants live together well and we see this when the landowner and the peasant celebrate the brith of their children and he brings out champagne for each of the working peasants. They drink together on the field. At the same time the birth of the children represents the fading away of the old way of life. Years have passed by and now the children are about 10 years old, Alfredo's grandfather is no longer in charge of the land. Giovanni is the new landowner and he does not respect the old ways in which business was handeled. He tells the peasants that in that year only there is only half the crops so he is going to pay them at only half the weiger. ...read more.


The train is full of kids going to school in town to learn about communism. Alfredo is representant of the capitalists and the message behind this all is that the train that is filled with communists will fight to take down the capitalists. Another example of communists trying to take down the capitalist system is when the landlord wants to kick out the peasants and he gets the police involved. The women lie down on the road in the hope they will have a roof over their heads for one more night. The police represent the capitalists and the women represent the communists. It shows that the capitalists are not strong enough to get rid of the communists. It also tells us the communists are ready for a revolution and they are not willing to give up. Another thing we see in the movie is the comparison between Olmo and Alfredo representing the battle between evil and good. When the school where Anita teaches is set on fire Olmo rushes to help out as other people do so as well but Alfredo stays back and tries to seduce Ada and tries to have sex with her. ...read more.


We see Attila comiting all those crimes which are symbolic to the fact that the people that he kills stand a threat in the way of capitalism and there is no other way but to disppose of them. The capitalists want to have order and control if not they will get rid of you. Towards the end of the movie we have Alfredo the landowner giving up because he can't take it anymore. His wife Ada left him because she told him he was just like the rest of the landowners before him. It symbolizes that the comunists have won the battle and that the capitalists have been taken down. We are also shown that Attila is being chased down and it makes relevance to a exact scene earlier in the movie as to tell us that the capitalists have been taken down and freedom is ahead. We are shown this again when we see Olmo chasing down Alfredo through the fields while peasants are working away in freedom and they way that they chase eachother makes reference to when they were kids and everything was good. ...read more.

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